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Cut DC is a research arm of the Tri-Cities Liberty Alliance, a cutting edge tea party group, located in Petersburg, Virgina.  We are actively contending to restore the liberty that has been slipping through our fingers with each passing day and the promotion of the idea of scaling back government is an important part of the solution .  One thing that differentiates us from some organizations is that most of us chose not to blindly follow large institutional leaders, because we desire to remain unco-opted by political party loyalists.  This allows us to provide unfettered research and observations without the usual establishment “spin” normally streaming from TV, radio, and other mainstream sources.  Consequently, some of the content may seem controversial.  I encourage you not to fear, because we need to face the nation’s demons instead of sweeping them under the rug.  One thing you may discover from this site is the incredible magnitude of the corruption endemic with public service, banking powerhouses and corporate oligopolies.  Only by addressing these realities, can we begin to unravel the tangled mess the statists have spun and effectively pressure corrupt politicians (of both parties) to do the right things.

The government and it’s mass media lap-dogs have been deceiving Americans for a long time, and the liberal outlets are not the only guilty parties.  Surprisingly, what most of us recognize as “conservative” is far removed from the authentic grass-roots conservatism that rose up in the 1930’s to stop FDR.  We have all been soaking contentedly in a socialist marinade of big government programs and creeping militarism and finally, many have realized the road ahead may be fraught with peril.  How do we reverse course?  Will Obama’s ouster save the day?  It certainly wouldn’t hurt, but it was much more than he that brought us to this point.

Watch Behind the Big News, a powerful John Birch documentary revealing the deceitful propaganda generated by news networks that are controlled by the collectivist organization called the Counsel on Foreign Relations.  Rupert Murdock of News Corp. and Fox News is also a CFR member.

Like seeing the distant light of an oncoming train in the night, Americans have been alerted to the impending danger of an economic catastrophe caused by decades of wreck-less spending by federal and state governments.  We now find ourselves in a massive debt pit, while the privately run Federal Reserve continues to create trillions of dollars from thin air to buy more government debt, further deepening the financial hole.  Advancing with great rapidity, the once distant moan of the siren is now a roar, and the onrushing headlight of reality calls for decisive action to ward off the coming collision.  Obviously, continuing with the status quo would be unwise.

The primary solution is to enact meaningful and sizable cuts to federal and state governments.  As pertaining to Washington, I’m talking about at least a 50% cut in size and spending, implemented in stages.  To be effective, these cuts must be accompanied by commensurate tax cuts, not tax increases!  Tax reductions will allow organic growth of businesses to flourish, thereby helping to create employment opportunities for those having been terminated from the bloated public sector.  Eventually, we could realistically eliminate all income taxes, without the need for a flat or “fair tax.”  Make sure you read the report about this achievable and powerful concept to restore classic Americanism and you’ll probably want to enjoy this wonderful, little 9 minute video called Take Your Money Back.  Just click to watch and feel free to pass it on.

The other critically important component of the solution is you.  If you value freedom and prosperity for your children and fellow Americans, you must become a voice.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease, therefore, you must discover your “voice” and begin to influence Washington to do the right thing.  Don’t count on others to do your part!  Learn, then start squeaking. Big government politicians from both parties will continue to kick the can down the road, despite their claims to the contrary, but they will respond when enough of us show them we mean business!  Please read and absorb the reports contained on this site.  They deal with many different issues, however, they are all related to the overall effort to bring the USA into a global, totalitarian system of governance.

This site is also designed to help deprogram citizens from the massive brainwashing campaign taking place here in the good old USA.  Take some time and absorb the material.  Study the documents, watch the videos, and consider the evidence.  Think for yourself, and please don’t be a ditto-head!  Not only is the information fascinating, most of it is of national interest.  You’ll be surprised to discover that many important truths are hidden in plain sight! Knowledge is power and education is a primary goal of TC Liberty Alliance.  It was Jesus who said, “you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”  Cut DC is also here to help provide real solutions to the challenges we face.

We at TCLA endeavor to adhere to the Constitution in our political views, after all, it is the law of the land.  I have a firm belief that God is smarter than me, therefore, I should listen to Him.  I also trust that our founding fathers were wiser than us and it would behoove us to follow their lead, instead of CFR member pundits, shaping public opinion on Fox or CNN.  Some of our positions may even be contrary to the views of some “establishment tea party” luminaries.  In such cases, where they seem to violate the Constitution, we hope to remain loyal to the founding documents.

John K Rooney – Founder/Organizer

Tri-Cities Liberty Alliance

About John K Rooney

John Rooney has worked in the financial services industry for 17 years.  He graduated from the College of Business and Public Administration at Old Dominion University under the Financial Planning Program.  As such, John holds the Professional Financial Planner designation from ODU and has previously been a Certified Financial Planner for 10 years.  Mr. Rooney offers no financial advice through this site.

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  1. Rick Ryan permalink
    April 11, 2011 9:46 am

    US Congressional Representatives, don’t raise the debt limit. Does this not achieve some of our goals:

    1. Limit government, and

    2. Spend not more than the government income.

    The President has much discretion in a slow down and Obama may cut punitively to hurt conservatives. But, are there any cuts, which hurt conservatives? Cut corporate welfare. Fine with me. Cut big ag ( e.g., ethanol subsidy ). Great. Cut defense ( end misadventure in Afghanistan and the two oil wars ). Great again.

    Conservatives take care of themselves. They do not need government largess.

  2. April 13, 2011 12:32 am

    Good points Rick. Freezing the debt limit is certainly a big part of the solution and this would force Washington to deal with the $1.6 trillion deficit, because no further debt could be added. They would be forced to cut in a huge way, would they not? We would still have the $14 trillion in debt overhanging the US. I percieve the need for huge spending cuts with big tax cuts to fuel economic growth.

    Conservatives, in my opinion, should not worry about political risk. I think they should use their leverage, as they control the purse, and just do what needs to be done while there still is a chance to bring a remedy.
    A major issue is the opportunity to lay an axe to the malignancy of the socialist structure through this current financial crisis. Cutting out these programs will help prolong the existence of what freedoms remain here. Thanks for the comment.

  3. jamie permalink
    October 7, 2011 7:56 pm

    Hi John Jamie You might want to get in contact with a guy Iraqi war vet Nathan Cox I hear he’s on face book he’s a local political activist around Richmond that you might want to hook up with .

  4. January 23, 2012 1:31 am


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