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Supreme Court Decision Brings Shame upon the Nation

July 21, 2015

By John K Rooney

Recently, the US Supreme Court stooped to new lows when activist justices Ginsberg, Breyer, Kagan, Kennedy and Sotomayer voted to cram homosexual marriage down the throats of the states. A practice that has, from the beginning of America’s history, been considered deeply immoral and illegal was recently celebrated with rainbow colors across the taxpayer-funded White House.

Not only did the court bring shame upon the United States, for which the whole world is witness, it again trampled over the US Constitution as if it were a piece of trash.  Nowhere in the document is there a provision enumerating the power to the US government to even touch the issue of the family or marriage.  Yet, in the wisdom of 5 ideologues, they found the nerve to advance the cultural Marxists’ goal to upend society as we have known it. Emerging from the Jewish dominated Frankfurt School on the 1920s, cultural Marxists (communists) merged the ideas of Marx and Freud into a scheme that might successfully bring the “workers’ revolution” to the US.  They believe cultural upheaval will precipitate the totalitarian takeover in which they have dreamed.

If the states do not nullify the court’s decision, and if Americans do not begin to take a stand for basic, common-sense morality, this will not end well. It cannot.  Partially at fault is the church in general, which to a large extent, has been relatively mute on the issue.  In an effort to gain earthly success, many pastors adopting a seeker-sensitive approach, have refused to proclaim the full counsel of God, expecting the Holy Spirit to do all the work.  Deluged under a tidal wave of pro-gay propaganda and entertainment, Christians have been cowed into going into their closets by the millions, fearing any talk against perversion might offend people. While the church hides in their closets, millions of sexually confused and demonically-enslaved homosexuals are coming out of theirs. Unfortunately, many who have resisted temptations here and there will decide to experiment, just to see if they like it. 

Special thanks must go to those African American churches that overwhelmingly supported Obama, regardless of his position on abortion and fondness toward aberrant lifestyles.  A quick search of Larry Sinclair and Obama should provide sound warning, however, it’s like the old 70’s song by Steely Dan, they’ll “go back jack and do it again.”  As much as I love the black churches, many have sponsored an incredible amount of evil upon the land in recent days.  Am I implying they should vote Republican?  Really, neither party deserves our commitment, and what I mean to say is exactly what I said. I only vote for oddball candidates outside the establishment, whom I think are truthful and committed to the Constitution and limited government, period.  In other words, in a majority of instances, I do not vote. There are brilliant black thinkers, top leaders in the liberty movement such as Walter E Williams and Thomas Sowell who should be followed, should be presidents, but they are wrongly portrayed as “Uncle Toms,” thus squandering the potential benefits of such great minds.

It is law that when a judge has a conflict of interest or bias, he or she must recuse themselves from the case. Two justices, Kagan and Ginsberg, had previously officiated over a same-sex marriages and should have recused themselves. It might also be of interest that 3 of the 5 voting for SS marriage are of a similar ethnic background.  Correlations like this are important in order to identify ideological agendas that may be un-American.

Finally, the court’s decision will encourage the brazenness of homosexuals, instead of encouraging them to repent from what was, until 1974, clinically labeled as a mental disorder.  Just a few days ago, a young man contacted me about a diamond ring that I had for sale.  In his inquiry, he mentioned that he might offer his body for the ring. I didn’t quite understand, this was the first time I’d heard such a thing. Then he asked me by text if I was into guys!  Folks, it will only get worse.  Be assured, there is no hatred here for the man. He is a victim of a deteriorating and ungodly society.  I kindly encouraged him to seek Jesus for deliverance and he confessed he had been considering this very thing.  This is just a small example of how destructive the SCOTUS decision was, including the following celebration at the White House.  Finally, pray especially for young people like the man I mentioned and shine your light!  Light is more powerful than darkness, so let it shine.  Let Congress, state reps and others know, we cannot tolerate government approval of perversions such as homosexual marriage.

John K Rooney

Tri-Cities Liberty Alliance


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