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10 Reasons Why You Should Oppose TTP and TTIP – Freedom Act Passes, Freedom Dies – Untold Dark Story of Transgenderism Bilderberg Attendee List – Kenneth Hagin: Love is the Way to Victory – How to Deal With Traffic Stops – Guy Martin Isle of Man

June 9, 2015

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A Cat Lady Culture







Monday, 08 June 2015

Senator Sessions to Obama: Stop Fast Track Push, Release Secret Trade Documents

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Today, U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), chairman of the Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, publicly released a letter he had sent to President Obama on June 5, demanding answers to questions he had asked in a similar letter a month earlier, as well as requesting information about the new global governance structure to be created under the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) treaty. Senator Sessions has been one of the leading Republican voices in Congress opposing not only President Obama, but also the leadership of his own party, with regard to the radical ObamaTrade agenda. (See: “GOP Senators Isakson and Sessions Duel Over TPP ‘Trade’ Scheme.”)

“On May 6th of this year, I sent you a letter (enclosed) regarding your request for Congress to grant you fast-track executive authority,” Senator Sessions reminds in his new letter to President Obama. “Under fast-track, Congress transfers its authority to the executive and agrees to give up several of its most basic powers. These concessions include: the power to write legislation, the power to amend legislation, the power to fully consider legislation on the floor, the power to keep debate open until Senate cloture is invoked, and the constitutional requirement that treaties receive a two-thirds vote.”

This latter point is especially important, the senator notes, “since, having been to the closed room to review the secret text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, it is clear it more closely resembles a treaty than a trade deal. In other words, through fast-track, Congress would be pre-clearing a political and economic union before a word of that arrangement has been made available to a single private citizen.”

The senator’s May 6 letter, to which Obama has not replied, asked several fundamental questions that Sessions says, “Congress ought to have answered before even considering whether to grant the executive such broad new powers.”

Nevertheless, when the GOP-led Senate voted 62-37 on May 22 to pass TPA, only four other Republican senators joined Senator Sessions to break ranks with the Obama-aligned Republican leadership by voting nay — Susan Collins (Maine), Mike Lee (Utah), Rand Paul (Ky.), and Richard C. Shelby (Ala.). The full Senate roll call for the May 22 vote on Trade Promotion Authority (“Fast Track”) can be viewed here.

New EU-style TPP “Governance Commission”
In his June 5 missive to Obama, Sessions reminds the president of his earlier unacknowledged requests: “I asked that you make public the section of the TPP that creates a new transnational governance structure known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership Commission. The details of this new governance commission are extremely broad and have the hallmarks of a nascent European Union, with many similarities.”
Senator Sessions’ latest letter underscores one of the most offensive aspects of the TPP (and its sister agreements, the TTIP and TISA): the secrecy with which they are being negotiated and the withholding of the documents from the American public and elected members of Congress, whose constitutional duty it is to regulate commerce with foreign nations, and, more importantly, to protect our constitutional Republic from threats such as those posed by TPP/TTIP/TISA.

Open-ended “Living Agreement”
“Reviewing the secret text, plus the secret guidance document that accompanies it,” says Sessions, “reveals that this new transnational commission — chartered with a ‘Living Agreement’ clause — would have the authority to amend the agreement after its adoption, to add new members, and to issue regulations impacting labor, immigration, environmental, and commercial policy. Under this new commission, the Sultan of Brunei would have an equal vote to that of the United States.”

President Obama and his Republican allies never tire of making appeals to, and boasts of commitment to, transparency and openness. Senator Sessions is trying to hold their feet to the fire on this matter, with a straightforward appeal to bring the TPP out of the shadows and into the light — rather than trying to slam it through Congress on Fast Track, before Congress and the American people can thoroughly examine and debate it.

“The implications of this new Pacific Union are extraordinary and ought to be discussed in full, in public,” Sessions wrote, “before Congress even contemplates fast-tracking its creation and pre-surrendering its power to apply the constitutional two-thirds treaty vote. In effect, to adopt fast-track is to agree to remove the constitutional protections against the creation of global governance structures before those structures are even made public.”

What Law Justifies This Secrecy?
Senator Sessions concludes his letter by challenging President Obama to “provide to me the legal and constitutional basis for keeping this information from the public and explain why I cannot share the details of what I have read with the American people. Congress should not even consider fast-tracking the transfer of sovereign power to a transnational structure before the details of that new structure are made fully available for public review.”

Will Senator Sessions — and, perhaps, other members of Congress, too — summon the courage to make good on their oaths of office and defy the outrageous and unconstitutional secrecy that has been clamped on the subversive TPP/TTIP/TISA process? Does even one member of Congress have the mettle to dare being arrested for the “crime” of telling his constituents what schemes are being devised behind closed doors by government officials and powerful special interests? Does even one member of Congress have the fortitude to call Obama’s hand on this issue, and to stand against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner on this existential threat to our sovereignty and our liberty? The many dangers we already know about in these pseudo-free trade agreements have been revealed almost completely through unauthorized leaks. Perhaps with sufficient urging, some Senator or Representative (or a group of the same) will step up to the plate and directly challenge this new form of secret oligarchical rule by boldly revealing what is in the “trade agreements” that we, the American people, are not supposed to see.

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Untold dark story of transgenderism

10 years after? Mental difficulties, and then it gets worse

Published: 3 hours ago

Unfortunately, the tragedy of sexual-reassignment surgery has a sordid history.

The heinous idea of all of this began with well-known sexual-perversion advocate Dr. Alfred Kinsey. He contended that we are “sexual from birth” by experimenting on babies during World War II. His legacy stands largely unchallenged today by the American Medical Association, despite his advocacy of bestiality, pedophilia, sadomasochism, incest and more.

“Kinsey has given the sexual revolutionists their license to sexually pervert our culture,” said Judith Reisman, author of “Kinsey, Crimes and Consequences” and current director of the Liberty School for Child Protection.

In an interview with WND, she added, “We have a sexual revolution brought about by sexual revolutionaries.”

Walt Heyer, author of “Paper Genders” & “Gender, Lies and Suicide,” tells the secret that the medical journals are not telling, and that news media today are largely ignoring in glorifying sexual reassignment and transsexualism.

Following Kinsey and his understudy, Harry Benjamin, Dr. John Money took up the sexual revolutionary mantle. In 1967, he was asked by a set of broken-hearted parents to simply repair a botched circumcision on their baby (one of twins). Money convinced the trusting and distraught couple to raise the boy as a girl due to his “damaged” gender. He removed his genitalia when David was a baby, and David was raised as “Brenda.”

Read the first person story of someone who doesn’t exist – at least according to “gay” advocates. Janet Boynes has written “Called Out: A Former Lesbian’s Discovery of Freedom” about her departure from a 14-year walk in same-sex relationships.

Glowing medical journal reports that followed (and are still cited today) were nothing more than the medical industry circling wagons.

By age 12, David was severely depressed. By 14, his parents told him about the surgery and he begged to be made whole again. He underwent yet another surgery to try to reverse the damage done to him by Dr. Money and his Kinseyan colleagues, but continued to be haunted by it all.

It was later reported that Dr. Money had, in fact, sexually molested both of the twin boys the during “exam” procedures, and he forced them to have incestuous sexual activities with one another, at the tender age of 7.

Ultimately, both brothers committed suicide within months of one another.

Though tragic, this isn’t the only story like it. Dr. Paul McHugh, a former psychiatrist in chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital and author of “Try to Remember: Psychiatry’s Clash over Meaning, Memory, and Mind,” says that the heart of the problem is confusion over the nature of the transgendered.

In a Wall Street Journal commentary, McHugh calls a sex change “biologically impossible.”

He cites a 2011 study at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden that followed 324 people who had sex-reassignment surgery for up to 30 years. The study showed that about 10 years after the surgery, transgendered people began to have increased mental difficulties. As they progressed through life, their suicide mortality rose almost 20 times above the comparable nontransgender population. McHugh points to the data as evidence that the high suicide rate trumps the typical surgery prescription propagated by many as the answer to gender confusion.

What do YOU think? Is transgenderism still a mental illness? Sound of fin today’s WND poll

McHugh points his finger at the “everything is normal” movement for allowing, even advocating for this tragedy exacted on the transgendered population, now cluttered with casualties of this sexual revolution. He says that the transgendered suffer assumption disorder, much like other amorphic disorders, such as anorexia. The difference is that body parts are not amputated in an effort to “cure” other assumption disorders.

“For the transgendered, this argument holds that one’s feeling of ‘gender’ is a conscious, subjective sense that, being in one’s mind, cannot be questioned by others. The individual often seeks not just society’s tolerance of this ‘personal truth’ but affirmation of it. Here rests the support for ‘transgender equality,’ the demands for government payment for medical and surgical treatments, and for access to all sex-based public roles and privileges.”

McHugh adds that just as it is incumbent upon the medical community to begin to speak about truth on this matter, it is equally incumbent upon the mental health community to challenge the concept that what is in the mind can never be questioned.

“Disorders of consciousness, after all, represent psychiatry’s domain; declaring them off-limits would eliminate the field,” he said.

But that is exactly what states like Massachusetts, California and New Jersey have already done. Even upon parental request, mental health professionals in those states are banned from trying to help children in crisis regain their natural feelings of gender.

Instead, they are told to refer these children to endocrinologists to prescribe gender bending/gender delaying hormone treatments, that obviously still do not address the fatal psychological components that lead to the dramatic increases in depression and suicide.

These hormones have other physical side effects, too, such as delayed growth, sterility and more.

More compelling, perhaps is the recovery data. Vanderbilt University and London’s Portman Clinic tracked those who forewent gender reassignment, and found that 70 percent to 80 percent of those who face the confusing identity crisis, but do not ultimately have the surgery, report that their feelings dissipate over time.

Johns Hopkins ended their sexual reassignment surgery in 1970 for the above reasons. Still there is little in the news about that.

McHugh says that “given that close to 80 percent of such children would abandon their confusion and grow naturally into adult life if untreated, these medical interventions come close to abuse.” He recommends a prescription of devoted parenting instead.

“They simply reject the factual data,” Reisman told WND. “Goebbels said that if you repeat a lie often enough, soon everyone is repeating it, too. That is what has happened. Fact checking seems to be a way of the past.”

Some suggest this all be added to sex education courses. Reisman says sex education in schools is a bad idea from the start.

“Sex ed is going to make things better? What do those who teach our children the most about sex even really know about sex? The truth is not much. People who know very little are talking the most about sex. That’s not education, that is indoctrination.”



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