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Contact Your US Senators and Representative About Ending the Patriot Act

May 21, 2015

On Wednesday, Rand Paul conducted a filibuster against the renewing of the unconstitutional Patriot Act and NSA spying.  I understand the bill to extend the Patriot Act will be up for a vote on Friday.  I believe this is the time to act!  A high court recently ruled that NSA collection of metadata is unconstitutional, therefore, there is some wind in our sails.  Please contact your reps and others telling them you expect them to shut down these communist style programs.  We demand our rights!

We are planning to hold signs on Interstate overpasses on Thursday and Friday.  You may want to do the same in your area or join local rallies.  Make the words big and bold for easy reading.  Another good idea is to attach signs to overpass fencing facing the traffic.  Use zip ties, reinforcing the corners with duct tape.

Get your friends and relatives to also call or email Congress on this issue!

Thank you,

John K Rooney

Contact Congress


NSA: Part of the American Stasi

End the un-American Patriot Act



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