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Mainstream Media and the Manufacturing of Consent

March 20, 2015
By John K Rooney

In 1917, Congressman Oscar Calloway entered into the Congressional Record that in March of 1915, JP Morgan interests hired 12 top news agents to select the most influential newspapers in order that they might, “control generally the policy of the daily press.”  They found it was necessary to purchase the control of only 25 of the greatest papers.  “An agreement was reached; the policy of the papers was bought … an editor was furnished for each paper,” said Calloway.  Among the interests of the purchasers was the goal to get the US into WWI.
Since that time, all major news media and much of the entertainment industry has functioned as propaganda. Considering the many choices on cable, satellite, radio and print one would think a free press for news and ideas is flourishing through the big outlets.  This is not the case.  About 90% of all large media companies are owned by 6 giant corporations.  All these companies are members of, or have top executives who are members of the globalist organization called the Counsel on Foreign Relations (CFR).  “The invisible government … CFR aims to make the United States a socialist province of a socialist one world,” explained Dan Smoot, former member of FBI Headquarters staff in DC.
In 1991, top globalist and CFR kingpin David Rockefeller thanked the Washington Post, New York Times, Time Magazine and other publications saying, “It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years.”
Practically every political initiative and viewpoint pushed by the mainstream media’s “experts” or government’s talking heads should be viewed with great suspicion.  In fact, I usually tend to assume the truth to be more likely the opposite from whatever spin is being served.  It is wise to be skeptical about anything broadcasted regarding Syria, Russia, Iran, Israel, Libya, legislation, terror attacks, all foreign policy matters or really, any domestic news issue.   When fresh news is released, I usually wait until more information surfaces in the alternative media on the topic before forming an opinion.  Sometimes news is just news, but more often than not, there is a hidden, sinister side to the coverage such as gun-grabbing efforts or war propaganda.  Big media are experts at manipulating our “feelings” toward a predetermined viewpoint.  Beware of the emotional card.  The mainstream media also ignore felonies of government officials such as false flags, conspiracies, war crimes or Western support of terrorism.  They besmirch those who question the motives of government.  Another common indoctrination tactic is the use of lopsided coverage promoting, for instance, fake science (global warming-evolution) or policies favoring certain nations.  How many reports have you seen on massive climate fraud that was exposed in 2009 in the UN Climate Research emails?
Much of what we Americans believe or understand related to politics, history and even morality is inaccurate.  A great deal of what we think we know about modern history or current events, for instance, is quite different from reality.  We tend to assume our views and political inclinations are from personal analysis while actually, most originate from pre-packaged propaganda streaming from every station, TV, major newspaper and entertainment source.  It’s simple, garbage in, garbage out.  If we tune in, how can we not be deluded after thousands of hours of exposure?   Every establishment narrative should be questioned.  Everything should be re-examined.  Neither Democrats, Republicans nor Libertarians are exempt.  These media giants, in conjunction with our educational system have been promoting un-American agendas for a very long time and the country has accepted these things as benign.  Consequently, America is headed for a train wreck.  Talking points and arguments for each diabolical position are carefully crafted by working groups to bring about manufactured consent to big government schemes; schemes we would normally reject.  You Tube: Office of Special Plans.
Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World, said in a 1958 interview, the new propaganda would bypass the rational part of man and appeal to subconscious emotions and the physiological, “making him actually love his slavery.”  Do you love your slavery?  He went on to say that people would be happy under the new regime, but in a way that they ought not to be happy.  Cultural Marxist sociologists called it the “long march” to socialism, a deliberate, methodical overturning of traditions, faith in God, morals and the family structure through propaganda and collectivist-controlled education.  This wholesale gutting of values is for preparation of the all-controlling superstate.
(See 11 minute mark) I wouldn’t buy into the overpopulation argument.
Take notice of the talking heads on CNN, MSNBC, Fox, etc.  The muckety-mucks with the solutions are usually marketing Trojan Horse programs and fake solutions straight from think tanks associated with the CFR.  Jot down their names and look them up in the CFR membership list.  Even Fox News parades these internationalists day in and day out to a gullible public.  Recently, Charlie Rose (CFR) interviewed former Reagan speechwriter and CFR member Peggy Noonan after a Netanyahu speech.  The charming Noonan is much loved by Republicans, but her answers were in line with the policies of the Jewish dominated CFR in that she gave approval of Bibi’s speech, who aspires to engage America in a war with Iran.  You will also find an astounding number of CFR globalists supporting Marxist positions on network news and major print media.  What often feels like well-intentioned solutions to  nagging problems are almost always direct threats to freedom and Constitutional standards.  While not all big, media personalities are in the CFR, most fear to stray into politically incorrect areas.  Despite this, smaller, local papers still tend to provide good regional news coverage.
We’ve observed various fabrications from news personalities like Dan Rather, Brian Williams and Anderson Cooper, but there are many other ways big news distorts stories in order to manufacture consent.  Watch Behind the Big News on You Tube for more details.  Often, news reports that are accurate may not be repeated if the content does not fit with the establishment’s version.  Thousands of these articles from major media can be located on the Internet.  Most effective truth documentaries rely on mainstream news articles and whistleblowers on the Internet who are shut out by the media.  Ignored events like the collapse of 46 story Building 7 that fell symmetrically into its own footprint on 9-11, won’t be in the 9-11 Commission report nor replayed on CBS Evening News.  Stories like these help to form the complete picture of what really happened.  Most people are confused with current events, and rightly so, because the official narratives don’t seem to fit.  To the relief of many, these “memory holed” segments of information are available on the Internet and they form a continuity that finally makes sense of the world.
We are told we cannot trust anything on the Internet.  Obviously, that is a lie. The Internet is a gigantic library with good and bad material.  This is where the alternative media, the real free press is exploding, hence the FCC’s power-grab to control it.  Here are some caveats: stay away from kooky space aliens, Planet X and reptilian garbage on the web.  Also, what is taboo in the mainstream media often indicates the censoring of critical information that should be researched on the Web.  Be suspicious of sites that are strongly Republican or Democratic, while constantly bashing the opposing side.  They pose as alternative media, but most are propaganda outlets.  They may speak your language and tell some truth, but you will never free yourself from deceptive propaganda if you trust them.  Make a decision to treasure truth.  Value it above all else and it will come to you.  Then, study the New Testament and the Constitution.  Tri-Cities Liberty Alliance offers a Constitution course every year.
. and are helpful, but even these avoid certain sensitive areas.  That’s why there is a CUTDC.  Type a query in your search engine and start your adventure.  You will soon find yourself in company with multitudes of like-minded people.


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