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CIA Use of Nazi Designed Torture – Undercover Cops Attempt to Incite Looting – Torture Effective in Getting False Confessions – Thomas Sowell: Culture Matters – Warnings Grow Over Communism and Genocide in South Africa – Skimboarders at the Wedge

December 16, 2014

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Nazi Designed Torture Instrumental for Maintenance of CIA’s Terror War Charade

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CIA adopted Nazi and communist torture techniques.

Kurt Nimmo
December 10, 2014

Nazi Designed Torture Instrumental for Maintenance of CIA’s Terror War Charade botero

Washington’s Blog notes how the CIA’s torture techniques resemble those used by the Nazis.

The Nazis called it “Verschärfte Vernehmung,” German for “enhanced interrogation.”

“It’s a phrase that appears to have been concocted in 1937, to describe a form of torture that would leave no marks, and hence save the embarrassment pre-war Nazi officials were experiencing as their wounded torture victims ended up in court. The methods, as you can see above, are indistinguishable from those described as ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ by the president,” The Atlantic wrote in 2007.

Considering the early history of the CIA and its post-war collaboration with Nazi party members, including Gestapo butchers, this similarity should not be surprising.

According to author and researcher Annie Jacobsen, former Nazis were at the forefront of developing torture techniques for the United States government.

“The work took place inside a clandestine facility in the American zone of occupied Germany, called Camp King. The facility’s chief medical doctor was Operation Paperclip’s Dr. Walter Schreiber, the former Surgeon General of the Third Reich… The activities that went on at Camp King between 1946 and the late 1950s have never been fully accounted for by either the Department of Defense or the CIA,” Jacobsen writes.

While early CIA torture concentrated on extracting information from Soviet spies, it was later used to create a propaganda narrative.

Former CIA boss George Tenet: We don’t torture.

Washington’s Blog notes that “the specific type of torture used by the U.S. last decade is even worse … it was a systematic program of torture specially designed in order to intentionally create false confessions.”

This was admitted by Sen. Carl Levin, the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services.

“In SERE (Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape) training, U.S. troops are briefly exposed, in a highly controlled setting, to abusive interrogation techniques used by enemies that refuse to follow the Geneva Conventions,” Levin remarked. “The techniques are based on tactics used by Chinese Communists against American soldiers during the Korean War for the purpose of eliciting false confessions for propaganda purposes.”

The technique was used extensively as the Bush neocons cobbled together fabrications used to rationalize the war on terror and provide a pretext for the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

“Despite what you’ve seen on TV, torture is really only good at one thing: eliciting false confessions,” Dan Froomkin wrote for The Washington Post. “Indeed, Bush-era torture techniques, we now know, were cold-bloodedly modeled after methods used by Chinese Communists to extract confessions from captured U.S. servicemen that they could then use for propaganda during the Korean War.”

Liberals are miffed Obama will not prosecute those responsible for violating the law. “So the question is why Obama decided to spare the torturers,” Eric Posner writes for Slate, the liberal website owned by Graham Holdings, a conglomerate named after CIA operative Philip Graham, editor Washington Post, and point man for Operation Mockingbird, the CIA’s “Mighty Wurlitzer” conversion of a free press into a massive government propaganda machine.

This reveals what on the surface appears to be political naiveté. It isn’t, though. It is another rabbit hole designed to deceive a habitually deceived American public.

Torture, as a propaganda tool, is a required asset for the state. Otherwise the bottom would fall out of the manufactured war on terror, the latest scam perpetuated by the financial elite and the military-industrial complex.

Warnings Grow Over Communism and Genocide in South Africa

Written by 

As South Africa descends into what its radical rulers refer to as the “Second Phase” of their communist revolution, warnings about an approaching genocide and full-blown communist tyranny are growing progressively louder. In a statement released last week, the organization Genocide Watch again sounded the alarm surrounding the ongoing, regime-linked preparations to exterminate minority Afrikaner farmers. South Africa’s credit rating, meanwhile, was downgraded again last month to barely above “junk” status. Parliament recently descended into a brawl after a politician called the president a “criminal and a thief.” As the warning signs become increasingly obvious, however, the establishment media around the world continues to look the other way.

Even the head of the F.W. De Klerk Foundation, named after the South African president who voluntarily surrendered power to Communist Party bigwig Nelson Mandela’s Soviet-backed African National Congress (ANC), is sounding the alarm about the communist threat. And as if to highlight the looming danger, the Communist Party of China will be financing and building a “political leadership school” to train future ANC bosses in communist doctrine and strategy. The ANC, of course, rules South Africa in an alliance with the brutal South African Communist Party (SACP) and a self-styled Marxist-Leninist umbrella group for labor unions known as COSATU.

As The New American has been reporting for years, anti-Apartheid activist Dr. Gregory Stanton, perhaps the most respected expert on genocide in the world, has long been warning about the specter of Marxist tyranny and the extermination of Afrikaner farmers (Boers) in South Africa. In recent years, South Africa was moved to stage six on a genocide scale that the group developed to identify the phases of genocide. When the move happened, stage six was the preparation and planning phase. Step seven was extermination. The eighth and final stage: denial after the fact.

In 2012, Dr. Stanton sounded the alarm loudly and clearly after a fact-finding trip to the “Rainbow Nation.” In a December 5 announcement this year, though, Stanton said he found that attacks against Afrikaner farmers had not declined since then. “The murder rate of the whole South African population remains at over 31 per 100,000,” Genocide Watch explained. “The murder rate of farmers, including Afrikaner farmers, is four times as high.” For perspective, the murder rate in the United States in 2012 was less than five per 100,000.

“Since 2007, the South African government has denied and covered up the crisis by not releasing any breakdown of how murders are distributed among ethnic groups in South Africa,” the anti-genocide organization continued, adding that American and European governments have remained silent, thereby reinforcing the campaign of denial. While the world ignores the looming catastrophe, though, it is hardly for lack of evidence.

In its recent announcement, Genocide Watch pointed out that former ANC Youth Leader Julius Malema, a “Marxist racist,” revived the “Shoot the Farmer, Kill the Boer” song advocating the extermination of white farmers. Not long after that, current South African President and ANC boss Jacob Zuma began singing the genocidal song in public, too. Stanton noted that incitement to commit genocide is a crime, meaning Malema should be put on trial and Zuma should be impeached.

“Once in power, corrupt governments cling to power because of the enormous wealth their officials amass,” Genocide Watch added. “They then persecute, torture, and murder anyone who challenges their grip on power.  That downward spiral has begun in South Africa, just as it did in Zimbabwe.”

The first step to halting the unimaginably savage “farm murders,” Genocide Watch said, “is for the South African government to admit that farm murders are a serious threat not just to Afrikaner and white farmers, but to all South Africans, and make stopping these crimes a priority.” Then, corrupt political leaders must be impeached, arrested, and convicted. “The most important step is for South Africans of all ethnic groups to recognize that we are all members of the same race, the human race,” the organization concluded.

In addition to those warnings, Freedom Front Plus, a right-of-center South African political party that represents Afrikaners, announced in November that it would be seeking to raise international awareness of the problems. Party leader Pieter Mulder said they would make presentations on the theme: “Preventing and addressing violence and atrocities targeted against minorities.” Among other concerns, he said the party would highlight the farm attacks that amount to “genocide,” land claims seeking to expropriate the private property of minorities, and the “dismantling of Afrikaans.”

“The ideological political propaganda which seeks to bolster emotional support relies on the misleading myth that based on Histo-Geo-Political facts that white farmers stole the land from black people, which is vehemently rejected with the contempt it deserves,” explained Mulder. He also highlighted attempts by the ANC-SACP-COSATU government to “absolutely exclude Afrikaners in South Africa from freely participating in economic activities in the country since 1994. Government efforts to dilute and eventually eradicate the Afrikaans language, a derivative of Dutch spoken by the Afrikaners, were also blasted.

Separately, the month before Genocide Watch unveiled its latest warnings about the situation in South Africa, Executive Director Dave Steward of the F.W. de Klerk Foundation sounded the alarm about looming communist tyranny. “During the last century communism brought economic devastation and totalitarian dictatorship wherever it was implemented and resulted in the deaths of over 50 million people,” he said in a speech. “Never in the history of mankind has any political system failed so dismally and brought such suffering to so many people in such a relatively short time.”

“And yet, unbelievably, the specter of communism has returned to haunt us here in South Africa,” Steward added, noting that in 1928, the Soviet-led Comintern ordered the SACP to “transform” the ANC and develop “systematically the leadership of the workers and the Communist Party in the organization.” As the ANC and the SACP both revealed last year, that plot was such a success that even Nelson Mandela, former chief of the ANC and its terrorist wing, was actually on the Communist Party’s Central Committee.

While cautioning against “paranoia” over the threat of total communist domination, Steward also warned against ignoring the growing danger. “We would be foolish not to take seriously what the SACP says and writes about its political intentions,” he explained in a speech. “It openly plans to hegemonize state power and to establish a socialist and then, ultimately, a communist state.” And it has been very successful thus far.

Meanwhile, as the world turns its eyes away, Beijing is rapidly increasing its grip on South Africa. In fact, the Communist Party of China is now openly financing and building an ANC “leadership school” to raise up future communist zealots to rule South Africa in what Time magazine downplayed as “a burgeoning partnership of ruling parties on different continents.” The CPC has also worked closely on similar projects with the regime of mass-murdering Marxist dictator Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe, whose brutal autocracy stands accused of genocide and mass atrocities and is a close ally of the SACP-ANC regime in South Africa.

Afrikaner author Harry Booyens, Ph.D., who wrote a massive book shattering myths and lies about the history of his homeland and people entitled AmaBhulu — The Birth and Death of the Second America, told The New American that South Africa is “coming apart.” However, even more troubling for Americans, perhaps, is that South Africa’s plight “really is what is waiting for the U.S.A. if it does not wake up in time.”

“Take a good hard look, because this is the future of the West waiting for all of us,” he said in an e-mail when asked for comment on the latest warnings about communism and genocide. “South Africa is the Canary in the Coal Mine for the West. This is what it looks like when the majority feels entitled to freebies and handouts and a minority delivers the economy and most of the taxes, even as they are being murdered.”

If the world continues refusing to acknowledge the looming and escalating horrors facing South Africa — genocide, communism, mass-murder, and more — that troubled nation will almost certainly continue its ongoing descent into ruin. As countless analysts such as Booyens have pointed out, though, while it may begin there, the carnage will hardly be limited to South Africa. Indeed, the entire Western world may be next in line.

Photo of Nelson Mandela (right) and F.W. de Klerk: World Economic Forum

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is currently based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU. He can be reached at


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