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March 23, 2014

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8 Real-World Events That Prove Your Money Isn’t Safe In Europe (Or Anywhere)

March 11, 2014 by

8 Real-World Events That Prove Your Money Isn’t Safe In Europe (Or Anywhere)

As I write this, the European Union has just announced a possible $15 billion aid package to Ukraine (including 8 billion euros in fresh credit). Everybody has read the headlines about Europe: record unemployment, no end in sight and so on. So you might be wondering just where the European Union, and its constituent nations, scrapped together the money to propose aid for the Ukraine. Well, wonder no more, because the following eight events might give you an idea of where governments go to get a little extra cash:

  1. In March 2009, Ireland seized 4 billion euros from its Pension Reserve fund in order to rescue its banks. In November 2010, the remaining savings of 2.5 billion euros was seized to support the bailout of the rest of the country.
  2. In December 2010, Hungary told its citizens that they could either remit their private pension money to the state or lose their state pension funds (but still have to pay for it nonetheless).
  3. In November 2010, the French parliament decided to earmark 33 billion euros from the national reserve pension fund FRR to reduce the short-term pension scheme deficit.
  4. In early January 2011, $60 million in private retirement funds were transferred to the state’s pension scheme in Bulgaria. They wanted to transfer $300 million, but were denied on their first attempt.
  5. In the spring of 2013, Cyprus took it a step further and outright confiscated up to 50 percent of the funds from bank account holders in that country.
  6. In the fall of 2013, the Polish government announced it would transfer to the state (a.k.a. confiscate) the bulk of assets owned by the country’s private pension funds (many of them owned by such foreign firms as PIMCO parent Allianz, AXA, Generali, ING and Aviva), without offering any compensation.
  7. In February, Italian banks were ordered by the Italian government to withhold a 20 percent tax on all inbound wire transfers. Il Sole 24 ORE reported (Google translated): “The deductions will be automatic (unless prior request for exclusion), and then it will be up to the taxpayer to prove that the money is not in the nature of compensation ‘income.’”
  8. The savings of all 500 million Europeans can be stolen by the European Union. Why? Because the financial crisis is not over, according to an EU document. The Commission is looking to ask the bloc’s insurance watchdog in the second half of 2014 for advice on how to draft a law “to mobilize more personal pension savings for long-term financing,” the document said.

So you see, European governments and institutions have already begun seizing private pension funds, slapping 20 percent taxes on all incoming wire transfers, confiscating up to 50 percent from private bank accounts and even stating all the savings of Europe are fair game. As Dollar Vigilante has said before, this phenomenon of wealth confiscation won’t stay confined to Europe. The United States has also taken measures to ensure ease of access to the funds of everyday Americans. 

Note from the Editor: Hyperinflation is becoming more visible every day—just notice the next time you shop for groceries. All signs say America’s economic recovery is expected to take a nose dive and before it gets any worse you should read The Uncensored Survivalist. This book contains sensible advice on how to avoid total financial devastation and how to survive on your own if necessary. Click here for your free copy.

Dollar Vigilante has said for many years now that the U.S. government and almost all Western governments are bankrupt. This means they will try to confiscate as much wealth as possible from people who don’t carefully save before the collapse. Mark our words: U.S. 401(k)s and Individual Retirement Accounts will be nationalized in the next four years as well — maybe as soon as the next one or two years. If you’ve stayed in tune with the Dollar Vigilante blog, you probably already understood this. If you haven’t already, be sure to check into Dollar Vigilante’s subscription services to gain access to the intelligence you need to stay ahead of the pack.

–Jeff Berwick


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