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Washington’s War Against Light … Bulbs

December 13, 2013

By John K Rooney

Recently, I dropped by the Home Depot to pick up some cheap 75 watt light bulbs. The mega-store offered a long and high wall of lighting choices, mostly expensive.  An associate promptly asked if I needed any help.  It was then I realized there were NO 75 watt incandescent light bulbs on that entire wall of products! 

I knew that giant corporations like GE were having their incandescent lighting divisions pummeled by foreign competition, but this is getting ridiculous.  The once ubiquitous bulbs are now outlawed from production as if they were some illicit contraband.  The only bulbs to be available are those that cost 300-500% more, including the florescents that contain hazardous mercury.  I am not implying that curly bulbs should be banned, I’m just saying, where did the federal government get the authority or even the audacity to outlaw the light bulb?  Obviously, it’s not in the Constitution.  The incandescent light bulb is good, not evil.  It’s just not as efficient as more advanced choices, however, it has advantages like the warm sound of a tube amplifier that is preferred by great musicians.  The market eventually phases out obsolete products, but demand for the older bulbs is still far greater than demand for costly alternatives.  Nevertheless, the control freaks in Washington have to meddle.  This is what they sell as “democracy.”

Such is the twisted morality of government that pushes mercury laden vaccines that cause autism and dementia, but the lowly light bulb is demonized.  A man engaging in nuptials with another man is encouraged by DC, but those who manufacture inexpensive tungsten bulbs are ruled immoral.  US arming of al Qaeda terrorists and the Syrian rebels using your tax dollars is practiced, while the warm glow of incandescent bulbs is condemned. TSA agents groping the sexual organs of everyday Americans at airports is acceptable policy according to Homeland Security, while retailers of inexpensive light bulbs will be considered criminals.

This is an example of an illegal and abusive law that turns decent businesspeople into criminals who have violated no one’s rights.  The ban benefits giant multinationals and oppresses the poor, forcing them to pay more.  Don’t buy the lie that electricity bills will drop because of the new bulbs.  My household has been using some of the newer lighting and our power bill is through the roof, partly due to excessive money printing by the Federal Reserve cartel.

It is similar to the “mandate” that gasoline must contain 10% ethanol. What I put in my gas tank should not be the federal government’s business, unless there is an excise tax.  There is no provision in the US Constitution that gives DC the power to force us to sell or buy ethanol.  This law does not, in any way preserve liberty, which is the legitimate purpose of our government.  The ethanol mandate only confiscates freedoms and limits choices, while benefiting special interests and agribusiness.  Ethanol is also destructive to engine components.  Here’s a reality check: there are oceans of oil under the ground.

If businesses begin to produce and sell the unlawful incandescent light bulbs will military style SWAT teams raid them for their crimes against the state? You betcha!  They are already terrorizing Americans who have (brace yourself) raw milk as well as companies like Gibson Guitars because of their use of foreign rosewood to make fretboards, a long held tradition with the great American company.  SWAT Gestapo recently raided Lumber Liquidators because they may have been using some particular Asian wood for flooring.  Oh my, what a crime.  I’m talking about the federal goons who violated their oath of office to bully peaceful producers of quality flooring.  Humans, made in the image of God, need flooring.

In addition to bringing back the humble light bulb, how about a clean sweep of ALL establishment lawmakers who don’t champion limited government and Constitutional boundaries?  You may ask, “What if all of the choices for candidates are nanny state, big spenders?”  Don’t vote!  Better yet, you run for office!

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