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Obamacare Corporatism (Fascism)

October 23, 2013

By John K Rooney

I recently attended a meeting at the State Capital where a commission was hearing views from the public on the topic of Medicaid expansion.  Here, the real beneficiaries of the Obamacare power-grab emerged. Special interests from across the state bellied up to the trough for snoutfuls of public largess, to extoll the “virtues” of enlarging an immoral and bankrupt system. Grass roots opposition was also present.

Hospital networks, insurers like Anthem, Kaiser and Aetna joined leftist organizations and pastors of homosexual churches in an unholy alliance.  Their one common objective: get the new cash that potentially may be confiscated from working Americans.  Lenin was partially correct when he said, “Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”  Greed is rarely overcome by principles, even when the windfall may be short lived or the moral cost dear.

Obamacare is collectivism, however, it more resembles the fascist variety.  It was Senator Max Baucus who gave effusive credit to Liz Fowler, the writer of the 87 page white paper which became the foundation for Obamacare.  In customary revolving door fashion, Fowler also worked as the VP of Public Policy for the largest health insurer, Wellpoint.  Imagine persuading the government to force people to buy your product!  That’s what $500 million in industry contributions can do.  Big pharma, that runs the FDA, is also cozy with the arrangement. They intend to dictate what drugs you will use and which alternatives will be denied.  Your health freedom will be lost in favor of “benevolent” corporations that will help determine vaccine policies, how care is rationed and what homes will be “inspected” to keep children safe (Fox News – Stuart Varney).  Whether it’s called corporate communism or fascism, it was wrong under Bush and it is still wrong under Obama.  Conclusion: Let us nullify the Affordable Care Act in its entirety.

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  1. October 24, 2013 3:59 pm

    So true, John about Medicare just being another big governmetn program designed to fill the pockets of corporate and insurance interests and will usher in just another tax hike that will empty our pockets and leave this nation more destitute than before.

    America’s trusting and obediant populace continues to accept af face value whatever is told to them by the television. The truth is that this legislation like the last several hundred pieces of legislation, ObamaCare fits into a global agenda that includes devaluing the American dollar, crashing our economy and forcing upon us another central debt based electronic system that will control how we spend our money – always making sure the bankers glean as much of our wealth as possible.

    We need to focus upon speaking to every elected official in our state and demand that our state legislature nullify this legislation like so many others (NDAA, Patriot Act etc)

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