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Sites of Sodom and Gomorrah Discovered: When God Rained Fire and Brimstone

October 6, 2013


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  1. October 7, 2013 9:42 pm

    What a load of utter nonsense. And what does this have to do with “Cut DC”?

    This section of Wikipedia on Ron Wyatt, talking about him generally and specifically his claim to have found noah’s Ark, will be helpful.

    While Wyatt won a devoted following from some fundamentalist Christians, he was not considered credible by professional archaeologists and biblical scholars. The Garden Tomb Association of Jerusalem state in a letter they issue to visitors on request:
    The Council of the Garden Tomb Association (London) totally refute the claim of Mr Wyatt to have discovered the original Ark of the Covenant or any other biblical artifacts within the boundaries of the area known as the Garden Tomb Jerusalem. Though Mr Wyatt was allowed to dig within this privately owned garden on a number of occasions (the last occasion being the summer of 1991) staff members of the Association observed his progress and entered his excavated shaft. As far as we are aware nothing was ever discovered to support his claims nor have we seen any evidence of biblical artifacts or temple treasures.

    Archaeologist Joe Zias of Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) has stated that “Ron Wyatt is neither an archaeologist nor has he ever carried out a legally licensed excavation in Israel or Jerusalem. In order to excavate one must have at least a BA in archaeology which he does not possess despite his claims to the contrary. … [His claims] fall into the category of trash which one finds in tabloids such as the National Enquirer, Sun etc.”[13]
    Wyatt’s fellow evangelicals have also been critical: Answers in Genesis called Wyatt’s claims “fraudulent,”[14] and one Seventh-day Adventist professor of archaeology sums up Wyatt’s Noah’s Ark and anchor stones claims in these words: “While the Durupinar site is about the right length for Noah’s ark, [it is] … too wide to be Noah’s ark. Wyatt has claimed that the “boat-shapedness” of this formation can only be explained by its being Noah’s ark, but both Shea and Morris have offered other plausible explanations. Likewise, Wyatt has argued that the standing stones he has found are anchors, while Terian is aware of similar stones outside the Durupinar site area that were pagan cultic stones later converted by Christians for Christian purposes.”[15]

    Dismissed by the mainstream as a pseudoarchaeologist, Wyatt’s official organization Wyatt Archaeological Research (WAR), claims that the IAA have always been aware of the excavations and issued “verbal permits” for most of them and official permits to all WAR excavations since 2002.[citation needed] Nevertheless, the only evidence of WAR involvement in a legitimate excavation sanctioned by the IAA relates to WAR part-funding of a 2005 dig.[16]

  2. October 8, 2013 12:28 am

    From time to time I include articles and information that stray from the normal pattern, especially if I think they are important. It may be difficult for experts to validate the Sodom/Gomorrah site because there are no studied examples with which to compare. I believe it happened and I think Wyatt found what may be the sites. The critics also criticized the finding from thousands of miles away.

    The Red Sea crossing and sunken chariots is intriguing. Others have confirmed things such as these in the Red Sea! Very interesting!

    He did conduct an extensive dig around Jerusalem that lasted 8-10 years if I’m not mistaken. He claims to have found the Temple Ark.

    22 min. mark –

    I think Wyatt is sincere or partially sincere, but it’s hard to fully know. I have not studied his other claims except the Temple Ark find. There is considerable video footage showing the dig site in Jerusalem and the surrounding area, despite the denial of some officials. I have yet to see a photo of this alleged ark, which is a disappointment.

    One thing I know about how God works is that He often confounds the wisdom of the wise with foolishness. At least it may seem foolish to man. He is most likely to use an oddball or humble person like Wyatt and show him something great, than to use a prideful intellectual. This is how God works. I wouldn’t summarily dismiss his findings.

    I think some of his science may be quirky or inaccurate, but he seemed to have discovered some fascinating things. Then again, he could also be subjected to corruption like any human. It is possible that some of his finds are real and others may be manipulated. Heck, how many scientists cooked up “missing link” skeletons in support of evolution and they all turned out to be frauds?

    Governments lie and they lie often. The JFK assassination and 9-11 were examples of the profuse use of deception and outright lies by our government. Israel is no different and the Ark find is a politically explosive subject. Think of how politically sensitive the Sodom discovery can be with the globalists push to encourage homosexuality?

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