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Ted Cruz’s Piecemeal Strategy – Dr. Lee Hieb: 3 C’s of Healthcare – G. Edward Griffin: A World Without Cancer – S. Hersh: Bin Laden Raid “One Big Lie”

October 2, 2013

House GOP Winning With Ted Cruz’s “Piecemeal” Strategy

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Calif. Condemns “Indefinite Detention”

Major International Climate Report Challenges UN Alarmism

Gov’t Shut Down: Pentagon Spends Over $5 Billion on Military and Spy Equipment

Tenth Amendment Center Drafts Model Legislation to Nullify the NSA





Seymour Hersh: Bin Laden Raid “One Big Lie”

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Pulitzer-prize wining journalist slams “pathetic” US media for failing to challenge White House

Paul Joseph Watson
September 27, 2013

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh says that the raid which killed Osama Bin Laden in 2011 is “one big lie” and that “not one word” of the Obama administration’s narrative on what happened is true.

Image: President Obama.

In a wide-ranging interview published today by the Guardian, Hersh savages the US media for failing to challenge the White House on a whole host of issues, from NSA spying, to drone attacks, to aggression against Syria.

On the subject of the Navy Seal raid that supposedly resulted in the death of the Al-Qaeda terror leader, Hersh remarked, “Nothing’s been done about that story, it’s one big lie, not one word of it is true.”

Hersh added that the Obama administration habitually lies but they continue to do so because the press allows them to get away with it.

“It’s pathetic, they are more than obsequious, they are afraid to pick on this guy [Obama],” Hersh told the Guardian.

The raid that supposedly led to Bin Laden’s death has been shrouded in mystery for over two years. Speculation that the Obama administration may have embellished or outright lied about the true account of what happened has persisted, mainly because the White House has refused to publicly release images of Bin Laden’s body.

Although the White House said the corpse was immediately “buried at sea” in line with Islamic tradition, it quickly emerged that this was not standard practice.

Numerous analysts have claimed that Bin Laden had in fact been dead for years and that the raid on his alleged compound in Pakistan was little more than a stunt.

Other questions also persist, such as why the narrative and timeline of the raid has changed multiple times, why the White House initially claimed that “situation room” photos showed Obama watching the raid live when in fact there was a blackout on the live feed, and why neighbors in the immediate area surrounding the compound said with absolute certainty that they had never seen Bin Laden and that they knew of no evidence whatsoever to suggest he lived there.

During the rest of the Guardian interview, which is well worth reading in its entirety, Hersh lambastes the corporate press and particularly the New York Times, which he says spends “so much more time carrying water for Obama than I ever thought they would.”

Hersh’s solution is to shut down news networks like NBC and ABC and fire 90% of mainstream editors, replacing them with real journalists who are outsiders and not afraid to speak truth to power.

“The republic’s in trouble, we lie about everything, lying has become the staple,” concluded Hersh.


Calif. Condemns “Indefinite Detention”

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Statewide policy makes it illegal to enforce indefinite detention

Julie Wilson
Oct. 2, 2013

Calif. achieved a tremendous victory yesterday when a coalition of grassroots’ efforts managed to persuade Gov. Jerry Brown to sign into law the “California Liberty Preservation Act,” also known as AB-351 and “Habeas Corpus.”

Photo: Dave 77459 via Flickr

Photo: Dave 77459 via Flickr

AB-351, which was first introduced by Assemblyman Tim Donnelly in Feb., rejects the unconstitutional National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), also known as “indefinite detention,” declaring the federal law null and void throughout the state. It also bans all cooperation with the NDAA and any other attempts by the feds to indefinitely detain Calif. citizens.

In 2012, Obama signed the NDAA which included a provision allowing “indefinite detention of American citizens without due process at the discretion of the President.”

Infowars reported in Sept. of that same year, US District Court Judge Katherine B. Forrest ruled the “indefinite detention” provision unconstitutional and permanently blocked it.

However, within just 24 hours the Obama administration appealed the judge’s ruling. The Second Circuit Court overturned the temporary injunction, making it once again “legal” for Americans to be kidnapped off the street and held without charges or a trial.

With indefinite detention being such a blatant violation of American’s civil liberties, outraged soared among states, prompting them to consider enacting legislation that would protect its citizens from the illegal federal law.

Calif. is one of two states that has actually passed legislation prohibiting state officials from cooperating with the NDAA. The bill also bans “every other federal law present or future that might be used for open-ended detentions, according to

Virginia passed similar legislation in April when the House voted 89-7 last year, preventing state officers and agents from participating in the indefinite detention of its citizens.

Alaska also tried to enact protective legislation in July when it signed into law HB69. HB69 was meant to “‘nullify’ the detention provisions of the NDAA,” however critics argue the bill fails to protect the inalienable rights of people because it doesn’t prohibit federal agents from using the powers in the NDAA detention provision.

The Calif. bill, or AB-351, started out as merely a grassroots effort supported by groups like the CA Libertarian Party, Bill of Rights Defense Committee, CA Republican Liberty Caucus, ACLU, and Oath Keepers, just to name a few.

The movement had literally zero support from the Calif. legislature until members of the above organizations showed up in court to testify at the bill’s first hearing.

According to the Tenth Amendment Center, Chairman Tom Ammiano, who is considered to be the most progressive Democratic CA Assemblyman, told initiator Donnelly, who is highly conservative (arguably the most conservative Rep. in the state), that “you have found a zone we are all in.”

The bill passed unanimously in the committee, and also on the State Senate floor.

It’s refreshing to see Californians unifying to endorse this bill, much like they did for Prop 37, a movement to require labeling of genetically-engineered organisms, which gained enormous amounts of support and brought awareness to millions of people despite its failure.

Hopefully we will see more states move to protect its citizens in the way Calif. has.

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