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Defund Obamacare or Defund DC

September 30, 2013

By John K Rooney

Just about every pundit, journalist and political operator in big media are warning of dire consequences and the added expense of shutting down the federal government.  That is just the evidence I need to encourage exactly the opposite position, the temporary shutting down of DC if Obamacare is not defunded.  It will not be the end of the world.  The sun will rise in the morning and birds will continue to sing their merry tunes.  A famine will not follow, for this was never in the experience of America even when the federal government was much smaller.

Arguably, 80 percent of what the federal government does is outside of its legitimate, enumerated powers ordained by the Constitution. In other words, these activities are illegal.  Few public “servants” in places of power are inclined to understand this fact, indeed, they intend to expand the power and spending of government.  I am reminded of a truism spoken by one of Virginia’s state delegates, “I’ve never seen a self-slaughtering hog.”  Unfortunately, this is the mindset of a majority who hold power in DC.  Since it is obvious DC will not reign in spending and reduce its size, cutting off its supply of cash may be the only real alternative to achieve cuts in government.

No, this is NOT extreme. I’ll tell you what is extreme.  The CIA arms and funds al Qaeda terrorists.  Then, Congress brazenly passed the 2012 NDAA, whereby, if citizens are “suspected” of aiding terrorists, they may be indefinitely imprisoned without rights.  The State Department’s activities in destabilizing other counties and creating wars for the benefit of international bankers are extreme.  Also extreme is the ongoing genocide of thousands of innocents by US drones.  The express visa program for terror suspects at the Jeddah Consulate in Saudi Arabia, according to whistleblower J Michael Springmann is extreme. Also extreme are the internment camps with re-education programs for dissidents as outlined in Army document FM 3-39.40.  The Homeland Security Department’s efforts to alienate local police from citizens and federalize police under the authority of the President are extreme. So also is federal funding for the local purchase of military armored vehicles, for use against Americans.  Homeland Security’s arming up with billions of rounds of hollowpoint ammo to potentially be used against the very citizens who paid the bill, is extreme.

I’d say the founding fathers never imagined that the United States would force anyone to “invest” in a retirement plan.  Even more extreme, those who fail to fund their retirement through this giant Ponzi scheme known as Social Security, may be sent to prison.  It is extreme that this pyramid scheme also encourages “shacking up” (immorality) among the elderly by penalizing them when they marry.  The IRS’s confiscation of hard-earned money from Americans and giving it to non-producers is, in my book, extreme.  This has fostered generational poverty and dependence for millions in the US who might otherwise discover their American dreams.

The pushing of the homosexual agenda is another example of extremism from those in Washington who wish to control and pervert almost every aspect of our lives.  TSA grope downs (sexual assaults) at airports are other examples of extreme tyranny and perversion, DC style.  The military-SWAT raiding of companies like Gibson Guitars for importing an exotic wood that they have always imported and federal raids on, of all things, raw milk is a sign that DC has become way too big for our benefit.  DC’s intentional dumbing down of education as revealed by whistleblower Charlotte Iserbyt and the deceptive use of the CO2 hoax are just plain evil.  I could go on and on.

Obamacare must be defunded.  The tyranny that will eventually ensue will be suffocating and broad. When the state is in control over healthcare, it will use this as an argument to regulate everything we do, or don’t do, that may have an impact on healthcare spending, since the collective pays. Individual rights will take a huge hit. Children will be forced to take dangerous vaccines, all financial information will be known, all health information revealed, food and beverage consumption will be regulated/rationed, medications will be forced, home/family inspections without a warrant will be conducted, greater tyranny over businesses will come, family rights will be reduced, accelerated child kidnappings will occur through CPS, medical rationing and prolonged waiting periods will be the norm, many physicians will leave their practices, costs will rise and services will be degraded, the sick will seek black market providers and penalties or cuts in care will be issued for those who don’t abide by new guidelines. The state will decide the quality of care and yes, it will incorporate death panels. This is socialism, remember? Depopulation is an integral part of the plan.

Therefore, I urge you to contact your congressperson and senators today and demand they defund Obamacare, even if the bloated, coercive, deceitful and destructive federal government is temporarily defunded.

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