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Evidence Suggests Syria False Flag

September 12, 2013

By John K Rooney

On January 30, 2013 Yahoo News reported that leaked documents showed the Obama Administration gave green signal to a chemical weapons attack plan in Syria that could be blamed on President Assad’s regime and in turn, spur international military action in the devastated country. A Daily Mail report of leaked e-mails from top officials at British based contractor Britan Defense showed a “scheme approved by Washington.” According to the report, Qatar would fund rebel forces in Syria to use chemical weapons.

Also absent from mainstream media are the reports and video evidence that contradict the official story of the Syrian chemical attack. Video and photographic evidence point to the al Qaeda-led rebels, now US allies, as being responsible for the chemical weapon attack in Syria instead of Assad forces. Go to, or and type a search for the reports. In addition, Syrian rebels in the Damascus area admitted to Associated Press journalist Dale Gavlak that they mishandled the Saudi supplied chemical agent, causing an accident and the incident which western powers are blaming on Assad forces. Video footage also shows Syrian rebels firing blue canisters that appear to be nerve agents. Earlier videos show al Qaeda rebels not only possessing, but testing chemical weapons on rabbits, documenting the quick and lethal effects on their bodies. The rush to war based on the deception known as a false flag is not uncommon, as I have documented in the past. It cannot be overstated how utterly deplorable such crimes are to those with any sense of decency. The players of this deadly charade, Republicans and Democrats, should be remembered and opposed, and some prosecuted for war crimes.

President Bashar al-Assad may not be the best leader that Syria has ever had, but I can assure you he is far better than the al-Qaeda-led rebels that the US has been supporting. It’s mainstream now, your tax dollars are funding and arming al Qaeda terrorists and other similar groups, led by the CIA, Saudis, Israeli Mossad and British MI-6. Assad, the former physician who studied ophthalmology, was one of our go-to guys when it came to the CIA’s extraordinary rendition program. ER was the “communist era” torture program started under the Bush Administration that was used to extract forced confessions from primarily innocent captives of the war on terror. These “confessions” were used to support claims that al Qaeda was still a major threat, thus prolonging the conflict. Meanwhile, the CIA was busy shuffling the Wahhabi psychopaths around the chessboard to places like Libya and now Syria.

The story of Assad’s Syria before Western/al-Qaeda intervention has not been told, but it should. Christians, Muslims and Jews coexisted in harmony in Syria. The globalists could not have that! The same can be said of Iran regarding their Muslim population and the 25,000 Jews who call Iran home. They are protected and live in relative freedom to worship at synagogues across the Tehran area. Iranian Jews also have a representative in the legislature, clearly, President Ahmadinejad is not on a jihad to kill all the Jews. If you doubt this, look it up. The New World Order scheme for Mid-East control is unraveling before our eyes as Obama desperately tries to obey his international bankster/Zionist masters. A group representing these shadowy rulers, led by William Kristol, concocted a Pax-Americana plan of military conquests (war is peace) before 9-11-2001 through a group called the Project for a New American Century. In 2000 PNAC referred to a “Pearl Harbor Event” that might be used as a catalyst, which could bring support for their plan of military aggression throughout the Middle East, in order to spread “democracy.” Research PNAC and its players, many of whom are in the Counsel on Foreign Relations. They seemed to have migrated to the American Enterprise Institute since their cover has been blown. Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya have already fallen. Syria is the current target.

Our Constitution does not enumerate authority to defend other nations, nor intervene in a foreign civil war. Why can’t we mind our own business? The US spends more on military expenditures than all other countries on earth combined and we are broke. We are in debt to the tune of $17 trillion and interest rates are rising. Not only that, the elites have moved our industrial base to China. What a time to be on the verge of a world war.

Thomas Jefferson said, “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.” I believe he was on to something; we have too much government. Part of the solution is to rid ourselves of the CIA, Homeland Security, NSA, FEMA, TSA and to bring our troops home from overseas bases scattered across 130 countries. America was a great and powerful light to the world before military “mission creep” developed. We are now following the same path as Nazi Germany and other aggressors like the former USSR. Aren’t we supposed to be the good guys?


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