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Pre-Existing Conditions and Progressivism

June 7, 2013

By John K Rooney

I suppose one of the most annoying things about Obamacare, besides the tyrannical overreach of Big Brother into the lives of its subjects is the sheer stupidity of the Act regarding one of the most basic principles of insurance. As for me, I have owned my own coverage since my mid-20s and have never dropped any of my policies through job changes, business opportunities, and even unemployment. To God be the glory. I was determined not to be a burden on society.

Years ago, average citizens could at least understand that you don’t apply for fire insurance after your house has caught on fire. Folks knew that you applied for the policy before the fire takes place. Likewise, prudent adults also obtained health insurance before they had a heart attack or were diagnosed with cancer or some other serious condition. These were just average Americans with common sense. You see, when an insurance company welcomes all pre-existing conditions, rates will skyrocket or the company will soon go into bankruptcy. Consequently, all the insureds either loose their coverage or are forced to pay extremely high premiums. It is just plain foolishness for an insurer not to consider pre-existing conditions when underwriting a policy. Plus, allowing those on board who waited until after they became sick, violates the responsible policyholders who carried the burden while they were still healthy! The ridiculous assumption that all people should qualify for coverage rewards the irresponsible and punishes the wise.

The progressive movement has managed to dumb down a large segment of our population into believing they should be able to qualify for health coverage after they get sick. In other words, instead of sharing the risk with other policyholders who applied when they were healthy, many think it is fair to wait until after they are sick before they start contributing into a plan. It is like wanting to buy fire insurance after the house catches fire. Obviously, I’m not addressing those who fall through the cracks by no fault of their own. No system is perfect. For many slackers, however, it boils down to either having a nicer car or bigger house instead of sharing the risk in an insurance pool.

Shall we continue to worship at the self-appointed thrones of the ivy league progressives who, with their almighty degrees, promote the ideology that common sense is old fashioned or unworkable? They peddle the propaganda that we need a new understanding, an acceptance that we cannot function as mature, responsible adults. That mentally, we are still children and are in need of the nanny state, being incapable of self-responsibility. Progressivism has stunted the mental and emotional growth of a generation of Americans.


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