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Boston Bombing a False Flag? – Martial Law

May 11, 2013

By John K Rooney

America was horrified at the raw display of evil that took place recently at the Boston Marathon bombing and our hearts go out to the survivors and relatives of the lost.  There are some troubling aspects of the whole ordeal that are being ignored by big media and I believe these matters deserve attention.  One intriguing piece of the puzzle is the fact that Fox Network aired a Family Guy episode on March 17th, about a month before the bombing, called Turban Cowboy. The cartoon showed the main character (Peter Griffin) joining a terror cell and driving over runners in the Boston Marathon in order to win the race, leaving a trail of blood and bodies.  Even worse, during an interview in the program, Griffin makes two phone calls from his cell phone and each call triggers a separate explosion, two in total, further predicting the violent events that were to unfold that day with uncanny detail.  In the episode, Peter is also dressed in Muslim attire. Look up “Family Guy Boston bombing” on You Tube.  Also look up Fox’s “Simpsons 9-11.” Then look up Fox’s “Lone Gunman 9-11″ which was broadcast months before 9-11.  As expected, Rupert Murdock is a member of the leftist Counsel on Foreign Relations.

See, they shove it right in our faces, yet many of us continue to delight in ignorance as if it were a virtue.  There are many discrepancies and vital bits of information regarding the bombing that are being obscured by an unfolding, official narrative, however, time has a way of sifting the chaff from the wheat.  Please be aware, if you rely on mainstream media, including AM radio, you will dine on well garnished chaff. Try or for the fastest breaking national news, and local papers for regional information.

Boston is an ideal city to experiment with martial law and gross violations of the 4th Amendment’s provision against unreasonable searches and seizures.  Taxachusetts grovels to Big Brother and delights in licking the boots of her masters, plus, there exists a copious level of corruption. Therefore, the Feds and law enforcement pulled the trigger to initiate martial law, after apprehending the two suspects.  They went door to door forcing their way into private homes and indiscriminately rifled through the personal effects of the slaves.  Why let a good crisis go to waste?  SWAT teams equipped for the battlefield pointed machine guns into the faces of women and old men terrorizing and demanding entrance as if each citizen were guilty of some crime.  Disregarding the fact that most of the bullet holes in the homes came from the officers’ guns, they treated the public as roughly as any Gestapo force.  Armored militants ordered citizens out of their homes at gunpoint, sometimes without shoes or proper clothing, frisking them, humiliating them and shouting at the traumatized sheep in an orgy of power as an oppressor might treat a conquered enemy.  Where were the good cops opting out or speaking against the tyranny in support of their oath to the Constitution?  They seemed to fall in line, if only to protect their salaries.  Please search “Victims of Boston bombing police state” on You Tube. I also urge all police officers to look up Oathkeepers and to make a strong commitment to protect liberty.

One of my first thoughts of the bombing was, “this is what it is like to suffer a drone strike.” By chance, did you notice the surgical and sterile nature of the explosions?  I didn’t.  Instead, the bombing struck many different, unassociated people which further triggered outrage and fear.  Can you imagine this happening over and over and over again throughout a region?  This is exactly what is taking place in Pakistan and Yemen right now, compliments of your tax dollars and Federal Reserve money printing.

Did the police or Feds have prior knowledge of the attack? Georgia Senator Chambliss told Action News 2 on April 23rd, “There now appears there may have been some evidence obtained by one of the law enforcement agencies that was not shared …” He would not elaborate on the details.  I would think at least the victims deserve to know, but I’m guessing the information is working its way toward the memory hole.

There were also enough witnesses to confirm that a drill was taking place, even though the authorities initially denied this fact.  Anyone with a general knowledge of false flag operations understands that they commonly occur in conjunction with drills to cause confusion.  Drills are also used to bring in patsies.  Incidentally, there was a huge terrorism drill taking place during 9-11.  The popular documentary Terrorstorm, which can be viewed on You Tube, is a good place for novices to gain basic information on the history and methods of false flag attacks.

The Daily Mail reported that the FBI had been watching the Tsarnaevs for five years.  There are others who also confirmed the Feds were aware of the Tsarnaevs’ activities, but it goes much deeper.  Evidence is mounting that Tamerlan had been radicalized while participating in a covert CIA program run through the Republic of Georgia.  Documents leaked by the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs’s Counterintelligence Department point out Tsarnaev attended seminars run by the Caucasus Fund of Georgia, a group affiliated with the neo-conservative think tank, the Jamestown Foundation, between January and July 2012.  Search “Tsarnaev’s links to CIA operations” for more information.

Another bombshell just out.  The Boston Globe reported on May 7th that eyewitness accounts strongly suggest MBTA Transit Police Officer Richard H. Donohue Jr. was not shot by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev but by other cops in a friendly fire incident and that the Tsarnaevs were not armed at the time. A different witness called into a radio show claiming that the police ran Tamerlan over with their SUV, not his brother as the official narrative goes. She then said the police shot him multiple times as his body lay on the pavement.

What is as American as baseball and apple pie?  Due process.  Without due process, the assumption of innocence and the legal process of ascertaining guilt through a jury and court of law, there is no justice. There is no America. One of my relatives recently said of the surviving suspect, “there should be no trial, just execute him.”  Yet, there is an eyewitness recording of the shootout in which one of the Tsarnaevs is saying, “I didn’t do it … chill out, chill out!” The video indicated that he may have been trying to turn himself in under a hail of gunfire.

Whether the Tsarnaevs were the real bombers or just patsies, will be ferreted out soon, but not by the corrupt CFR controlled media or the Feds.  This terror event looks and quacks like a false flag.  From it, precedents are being set to initiate martial law throughout America with all of its violations of freedom and decency.  Americans are also being conditioned to despise due process in favor of the court of public opinion, manipulated by corrupt news agencies that take their cues from the State Department.

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  1. May 20, 2013 3:27 pm

    Hi there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found
    that it is truly informative. I’m gonna watch out for brussels. I’ll appreciate if you
    continue this in future. Lots of people will be benefited from your writing.

  2. May 20, 2013 3:39 pm

    Thanks for the encouragement. The local parers printed it, but left out a couple of key paragraphs, including the Family Guy content. Still, 10,000 copies distributed is better than nothing : ) My articles are archived under the top 4 headings under “categories.” Feel free to print them and hand them out, if you like them. That’s one strategy we use here in Virginia. You can also use my letters as an outline from which you write your own letter to the editor. Piece of cake!

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