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Central Virginia Republican Lieutenant Governor’s Forum

May 1, 2013

By John K Rooney

This event took place April 30, 2013 in Richmond, VA

Corey Stewart, Jennemarie Davis, Pete Snyder, Susan Stimpson, Scott Ligamfelter, EW Jackson are the candidates for Lieutenant Governor in Virginia.

Lt. Governor Candidates

Jeannemarie Davis


EW Jackson


Scott Lingamfelter


Steve Martin


Pete Snyder


Corey Stewart


Susan Stimpson

Alert:  There are NO Ron Paul’s in the group.  No candidate seemed intent on dramatically cutting government, but Stewart, Snyder and Stimpson seemed to want to cut spending to some extent. One mentioned 10%.  No calls to roll back big socialist programs.  Maintaining status quo with some spending restraint was the general sense.

Big woop-te-dooo.

Every candidate appeared to neoconservative with not one true, limited government conservative in the batch.  Very disappointing!

The canned questions were the lamest lot of softballs tossed you’ll ever want to spend a weeknight enduring. They included all the politically correct issues the GOP are allowed to address and no real controversial questions. Jeannemarie Davis wanted to EXPAND Medicaid.

EW Jackson was a powerful speaker and was the bull in the China shop, which I kinda like.  However, to the best of my understanding, Jackson is sold out to the military industrial complex and has bought into the warfare mentality. TCLA believes the US can no longer “police the world” for the benefit of special interests like international bankers and Zionists.  I talked with a representative of his campaign who seemed not to have a clue and could not explain his reasoning for our militarism except and I’ll paraphrase – that’s the way it goes.  Not his words. Real conservatives believe the military should only be used as a last resort and in response to an attack. Then, it must not be unlimited. It was also pointed out that a yamacha wearing man was passing out Jackson fliers. I think we know who butters his bread. I cannot support another George W Bush.  Greg and Elizabeth, I know you folks are the real deal, though.

Scott Ligamfelter was one in whom I had some hope.  He, like Jackson, seemed to have more ummph in his words, but later questioning revealed something disappointing. He drinks the mainstream media cool aid and will probably not be open to real truth regarding world events. I believe he is also sold out to the military industrial complex and did not seem to be bothered by the Boston martial law lock-down as much as not treating the suspects as enemy combatents. The enemy combatant issue is important because it is the way Republican leftists circumvent the Constitution and take away due process from people including citizens.  He is also clueless as to the FBIs constant hatching of these terror plots, as exposed by many news reports.  I think he’s another neocon, sadly.  If DC implements martial law for some contrived reason, I don’t think we’ll be able to count on Ligamfelter to stand against the Feds.

Susan Stimpson is an interesting candidate and apparently has a track record of cutting spending and taxes in Stafford Co. She reads her Bible and that’s a good thing. I did not get the impression that she is committed to rolling back big government or eliminating whole agencies, though.  I asked her what she thought about about Ron Paul and I could tell she was uncomfortable. She mentioned that Paul did some good in bringing out important budgetary and spending issues but she was opposed to some of his foreign policy views.  When I asked which ones she motioned that she was done taking about this subject. This is disappointing.  It seems clear that Stimpson has also signed on to the neocon express or that she will play ball with the establishment.  I cannot support her at this time.  Ron Paul’s positions are based strictly on the Constitution.  If there is a yardstick, he is it.

Pete Snyder is Mr. Personality. He can work a crowd and serves good barbeque, to boot. When questioned about the Fed he said he was definitely for auditing the Fed, not sure about ending it. He also said Congress should make a declaration of war before we go to war.  That’s a step in the right direction. He is also in favor of cutting the government and regulations. I’m not convinced Snyder wants to dramatically cut the government.  I’d like to learn more about him, but all the candidates seemed not to stray far from the establishment’s positions by totally embracing the liberty movement.

Steve Martin – Martin is a talented and thoughtful candidate.  He is an operator with experience, but he has not signed on fully to the liberty movement. We are working on him.  I am not convinced he is committed to shrinking government and bucking the establishment’s point men, in fact, he may be one of them.  Anyway, we could use someone like him, if only he converted from politician to patriot.

Corey Stewart is reading a book about the Bretton Woods Agreement.  This was a meeting of world leaders and bankers in 1945 that established the current financial system based on dollar hegemony.  Corey claims to be one who has and will cut spending, to some extent. I am studying his record and will question him further on this if opportunity permits. I have been informed by a tea party leader that he did not cut spending or taxes; we’ll see. He has been effective at reaching out into minority areas and converting many to basic conservative ideas.  Well, most blacks already hold conservative values, they just don’t realize it yet.  Stewart is an interesting candidate, but I won’t get my hopes up.  I’ll report further opinions on CUTDC.COM in upcoming days.

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