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State Worship: a Prevailing Mindset in Many Churches

April 29, 2013

By John K Rooney

I was attending a church service recently, and I might add, a ministry in which God was doing many good things.  There were certain people who were honored at the service that caused me to take notice. Now, I’m not saying these recipients were not worthy of recognition, nor am I implying something wrong with the church, just something awry in a general understanding concerning our society, that we place higher honor on employees of government than others.

Three of the four honorees were workers of the state and the other was a single mother, if my memory serves me well.  There was a policeman, a pair of teachers and a young man in the army who received praise for their services.

I personally don’t buy into the propaganda that our standing armies are protecting us, but rather meddling in the affairs of foreigners who would prefer to be left alone.  Regarding police, they sometimes put themselves in harm’s way and are paid well for it, including a nice benefit package.  Cops in high crime areas especially have challenging jobs, but there are many other occupations like fishermen, construction workers, loggers and airplane pilots who suffer at least three times the risk of death from their jobs.

Teachers work 9 months out of the year, but are compensated as if they worked 12 because powerful unions make us feel sorry for their sad plight. They help spread the gospel of socialism and the nanny state, along with the the three Rs.  It takes more than an act of Congress to fire a public school teacher.  I’ve had some good teachers in the past like Mr. Rock who was also a strong Christian.  I sincerely hope he is doing well.

Since public employees have less pressure to prove competence, and some are competent, job security is more or less guaranteed. It is quite different in the private sector.  Employees for businesses are hired to generate more profits for the firm, otherwise, why take them on?  They usually must produce enough to justify their expense, unlike many on government payrolls.  That’s why I feel they also deserve honor, and in some cases,  even greater honor.

Shall we also honor business owners who are forced to work for free as IRS tax collectors if they hire workers. Refusing to do so turns a citizen into a criminal of the state.  The entrepreneur usually puts up risk capital, sometimes borrowed, in order to make their American dream come true. Many business owners risk everything they own to become successes and work long, hard hours to realize their goals. Yet, they are often maligned as greedy and heartless.  A few are, but I have known some that have been saints.  If a business’s competition is too fierce, one’s company may go under and result in great loss.  Some proprietors find themselves laboring slavishly while suffering losses. How would you like to pay to work?

People who create and produce things we need and enjoy should especially be appreciated.  Men and women who work in extreme weather, deal with unreasonable regulations or overcome insurmountable problems could use some recognition. I have an old friend named Joe who climbs 100 feet tall trees and clears giant overhanging branches away from dwellings. He has an amazing skill.

How about the roofer who risks his life and limb so we can enjoy our dry interiors?  Consider the home schooler who’s goal is to train up her children in the right way, yet her family must pay high taxes to support a socialist education system, which by conscience, they cannot use.  Let’s honor the young couple who chose to obey God and abstain from intimate relations until their marriage vows are given.  My, how we have strayed.  Should we not honor teachers in Christian schools who serve for far less in earthly rewards than their state counterparts, however, yield a greater harvest of successful graduates.

It is apparent that we are conditioned to consider government workers as more noble, even above those who face higher risks in the private sector. The media propaganda machine often glorifies the police, military or federal agents as if they were selfless or served for free.  I don’t think they would work for free.  Adding to that, there is an important difference in how their compensation is collected.  Workers of the state are paid from taxes that are coercively collected by use of force.  Income in the business world comes from customers who chose to pay for a service or good by their own freewill.  If you think about it, state services are not unlike a legalized protection racket.  If you don’t pay for protection or oversight, “something bad might happen.”

I would ask conscientious spiritual leaders to reconsider their blind obeisance to the apparatus of the state.  This same body that is “eating out our substance” for every imaginable reason, will be the enforcers of the coming new religion, authorized by government.  Did you know that Adolph Hitler had a favorite Bible verse? It is found in Romans chapter 13 starting in verse one.  More to come on this.

John K Rooney

Tri-Cities Liberty Alliance


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