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House Passes CISPA – US Sending Troops to Jordan – FBI Orders You Not to Look At This – Theater Chain Slashes Hours Because of Obamacare

April 19, 2013

FBI Ignores Men With Backpacks At Scene of Boston Bombings

U.S. Sending Troops to Jordan, May Intervene in Syria

FBI Orders You Not To Look At This!

Projecting High Costs Under ObamaCare, Theater Chain Slashes Work Hours




Sunil Tripathi: 4Chan Beats Out FBI, News Media in Identifying Boston Bombing Suspect

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Anthony Gucciardi
April 19, 2013

As news reports come in identifying FBI Boston Marathon bombing suspect as missing student Sunil Tripathi, it becomes clear that major community-driven internet boards like 4Chan are actually light years ahead of the mainstream media.

The Politically Incorrect (/pol/) board on 4Chan has generated a large number of on-target Boston Marathon images that have now gone mega viral and ignited new-found questions regarding the event at large. Mixed with eyewitness accounts of bomb drills/training exercises and the apparent presence of private military firm Craft International, the quest to push these into the mainstream media is now larger and more successful than ever.


But perhaps even more compelling than some of the images generated from /pol/ and its thousands of users, is the fact that posters rapidly identified the FBI Boston Marathon bombing suspect  in a matter of hours after the FBI released the photos online. Reports have now detailed police transmissions listing Sunil Tripathi as the suspect in the photos.

There is even a strange story behind Sunil Tripathi, who actually has an online presence. In fact, Sunil lists one of his ‘liked’ books on Facebook to be Ishmael by Daniel Quinn on his Facebook page.

What’s more is that Sunil Tripathi has also been reported as missing from his Philadelphia apartment since March 16, 2013 at 1:30 AM. Described as ‘depressed’ and troubled, Sunil left behind a strange and cryptic note that was construed as either suicidal or nonsensical. In the image below you can see an excerpt from the article and a comparison from 4Chan (click for full size):

Sunil Tripathi: 4Chan Beats Out FBI, News Media in Identifying Boston Bombing Suspect sunil tripathi missing


The fact that Sunil Tripathi’s information was able to be dug up so quickly by 4Chan’s community and posted hours before the police even managed to engage Sunil in Watertown shows the lightning fast capabilities of alternative news and the internet at large. This is why the mainstream media is failing to hold an audience and experiencing dwindling statistics while alternative news sources that capture the pulse of ongoing investigation manage to come out on top. 4Chan has provided graphical and written backup to the many questions posed regarding the Boston Marathon at large, from the presence of military men and numerous suspicious individuals to the identification of Sunil Tripathi.

Now, let’s see how the media spins Sunil Tripathi into a gun-loving lunatic in order to push the anti-gun agenda. It reminds me of another interesting post from 4Chan that was originally scoffed at (click for full size):

Sunil Tripathi: 4Chan Beats Out FBI, News Media in Identifying Boston Bombing Suspect Boston marathon prediction 1024x238

I would also add that Sunil, if not both suspects, will ultimately be found to be taking antidepressant type drugs as with 90% of mass shooting suspects.

This post originally appeared at Story Leak

This article was posted: Friday, April 19, 2013 at 4:28 am


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