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Alien Abduction is Satanic – Coming Delusion: Vatican Push for New Space Alien Religion – Project Lucifer

April 2, 2013

When I noticed the History Channel attempting to legitimize  strange space alien theories, then I realized the establishment was using a new angle of psychological operations on Americans.  The interview below confirms my suspicions and indeed, rings a new alarm for those who value truth.  Former pastor and author Tom Horn clearly explains how alien abductions, based on the experience of his sister and others, are demonic in nature.  The good news is these evil entities are overpowered by authority of the name of Jesus.  Furthermore, Horn and Chris Putnam detail how the Vatican is sponsoring a program called the Lucifer Project and is beginning to promote a new false religion linking Christ with space aliens.  Of course, this line of theology is completely erroneous, but many will fall into the trap.  You are being warned that this new Satanic religion will be supported by many in the scientific community as many have been supporting the global warming hoax.  If you are in a hurry, go to the 10 minute mark.  Please pass this on to others.


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