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The Folly of Party Loyalty

January 18, 2013

By John K Rooney

Is there anything more blinding to average, well-meaning citizens than party loyalty?  Can there be any conviction more corrupting to good morals than party loyalty?

When we root for our team, strange things happen to our sensibilities.  If an offense is committed by the other team, we’ll be quick to throw the flag and cry foul!  We will note the transgression with detail and foolproof evidence.  How do you think the other team would react to the accusation?  If it is a fairly close call, they would usually deny the foul.  I’d say just about the whole team will defend its position and may even bring railing accusations against its opponents.  Such is the nature of the “party spirit.”

Loyalty demands a polarization of support or opposition, depending what side you are on.
It forbids objectivity and shuns intellectual honesty.  Moreover, party loyalty encourages immoral cover-ups or at least the refusal to allow one’s mind to consider evidence that one’s own comrades may be wrong, or possibly committing crimes.  At last resort, if it is obvious a crime or treasonous act was committed, one may think perhaps it was for a good cause; “they meant well.”  Or, one may use this favorite standby, “It’s not as bad as the opposing party.”

Therefore, it is assumed one’s opponents are certainly willing to commit dirty deeds, while the home team is on the moral high ground.  Take, for instance the 9-11 tragedy.  Independent investigations of available evidence, including the explosives found in the Trade Center dust, show plainly that the perpetrators had to have some inside help.  Watch the documentary Core of Corruption on You Tube, unless you prefer to trust Big Brother.  Many Democrats rightfully cried foul, but did Republicans blow the whistle when the official story, brimming with falsehoods, screamed cover up?  Even the leaders of the donkey party pulled their punches, essentially because both teams are controlled by the same bankers and globalists.  Coincidentally, The neocon think tank Project For a New American Century, steered principally by Zionist ideologues like Bill Kristol, had just one year before 9/11 called for a “Pearl Harbor event.” They claimed it would help to gain support for their plans which included military invasions in the Middle East.  It is inconceivable to loyal Republicans that their icons could be corrupt in such a way; “crazy talk.”  As GOP “ditto heads” discovered the Iraq War was based on a pack of  lies, they went into a state of denial, aided by talk radio spin.  When they learned that CFR member Republicans like Cheney and Rumsfeld were architects of torture, most obediently accepted the use of communist torture techniques as tools of American freedom.

When it comes to evil deeds in government, we’re not talking about a pass interference violation.  We are dealing with crimes like mass-murder, fraud, conspiracy, lies, kidnapping and the darkest sins imaginable.  If and when corruption takes place, do party loyalists honestly investigate and prosecute those in their organization who have wronged Americans or others?  I think you know the answer. To investigate is to commit political suicide.  But it goes much deeper.  Being a party to corruption can be a prerequisite to promotion.  Gerald Ford was on the Warren Commission, the official coverup of the Kennedy assassination by the CIA.  George Bush senior was also involved, and in the area around the time of the slaying.

Eric Holder didn’t just rise to the position of attorney general, he was a key figure in the Oklahoma City bombing cover up.  His greatest success, if you can call it that, is that Holder has gotten away with not prosecuting one single banker among the thousands for open fraud, which cost Americans trillions of dollars.  It’s the new justice, get used to it.  Democrats are silent, he’s on their team.

Now that President Obama has cleansed the previous administration’s crimes, many Democrats are less vocal about 9-11 or the iniquities of Bush’s bloodthirsty neoconservatives.  As Obama drinks deeply from the same cup, most of the former advocates of peace have become strangely silent. Let’s face it, truth is the key to freedom, and the only way to discover truth is to become objective.  To do this, one must love and embrace the truth more than the hollow praises of men or selfish interests.  The party spirit hinders this most valuable quality.

To illustrate further, Democrats can’t imagine that Obama was not born in the USA. It is almost impossible for them to consider the clear evidence that he was born outside the US and that millions of dollars have been spent covering up this truth from the American people. The Photoshopped birth certificate was clearly a fraud, but none of this matters because of the team.  There was massive fraud in the last election but we’ve hardly heard a peep from liberal voices.  Which team do you suppose become outraged during the 2000 Bush/Gore election?  At least poll workers, at that time,  recounting physical ballots to the point of analyzing “hanging chads.”  In 2012, an untold number of votes just disappeared because of voting machine fraud.  The Fast and Furious scandal to arm Mexican drug gangs has the Obama Administration’s fingerprints all over it (also went back to the Bush era).  Do most Democrats loose sleep over these series of crimes that have resulted in tens of thousands of deaths including many innocent children? Do Dems care about the Bengazi murders and the order to stand down, allowing the ambassador and others to be killed?  I’m guessing the party faithful are engaged in damage control.  Hey, it’s party loyalty,   Obama’s impeachable offense engaging in the Libyan War without congressional approval and funding Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria is not a concern to a loyal Democrat.  I repeat, US funding of terrorism is a non event to Democrats, remember, it’s the team!

George Washington warned America during his farewell speech saying, “Let me now take a more comprehensive view, and warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the Spirit of Party..”

Let’s take heed to Washington’s warning and resolve to despise the immoral allegiance to the “Spirit of Party.”  Indeed it is like a spirit that may consume us.  May we be loyal to God, the Constitution, and the principles of liberty, not to any corrupting political party, even the one to which we are more cozy.

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