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US Backed Syrian Rebels Celebrate 9/11 Attacks – Larry Pratt: End Gun Free Zones – Curious Military Operations in Wakefield, VA

January 5, 2013

End Gun Free Zones

FBI: More Club and Hammer Homicides Than Rifle

Obama-Backed Syrian Rebels Praise Bin Laden, Celebrate 9/11 Attacks

Judge Tosses Lawsuit for Documents on Obama’s Targeted Killing Program


Pay your taxes.  This is one of the destinations for your tax money. What, You don’t want to support terrorists?  


What a happy year 2013 will be

By W. S. Wright

In our new America, taxes will go up and spending will go up even faster. Regulations will pour out of the bureaucracy to fill in all the blanks in 1,000-page laws no one ever reads. Foreign policy will continue to support radical Islam in the Mideast. No one will ever be held accountable for Fast and Furious, Benghazi or any other scandal.

The burgeoning energy industry that has the potential to lift America out of its economic tailspin will be throttled as the coal industry, the fracking boom and oil shale are all regulated to death. We will pour billions into the green energy hole by building industries that cannot produce enough energy to exist without government support.

Obamacare will destroy the insurance industry and eventually a single-payer system will consign the rest of us to standing in lines in converted gymnasiums for impersonal care while our leaders take limousines and private jets to the Mayo Clinic.

Industry will flow out as foreign-made goods flow in and more imbalanced trade agreements are called free. We will be monitored by drones, wiretaps and computers as Big Brother extends his grasp till freedom becomes “just another word for nothing left to lose.”

Our families, friends, and neighbors have voted for this new America that may come in 2013. And we all get to live in it. Happy days are here again.


Curious Military Operation in Wakefield, VA

The Great Metropolis of Wakefield, Virginia had an event yesterday never the likes before in the town’s history!!!

We here, in this small town of Wakefield population less than 2K yesterday morning, witnessed an armed contingency force mass at our Municipal Airport!
It was reported by some as having heard talk of several High Profile Prisoners either being transferred or brought in as there was a report of seeing a white Leer Jet on the air strip? It would seem an over kill for such massive man power to be a security detail for two to four prisoners as that is about the number that could be flown from a small jet from our small airport…

It was assessed by various people who witnessed the event as having three airplane hangars full of armed troops and other troops combing the surrounding area of the airport.
An estimate of 200 troops in all by several people, there was an estimated 20 white SUVs situated across the road from the airport, there were dozens of State Police Cars in and around the airport as there are a couple parking areas to hold a couple hundred cars for the town’s ball park beside the airport.
The airport parking lot possibly 40’X60’ had non-military personnel carrying weapons along with an estimated 2 units of Swat all armed.
Inside the airport office building was more armed personnel possibly the key personnel that were heading up the situation.
No Military aircraft such as helicopters were present, just vehicles for transporting the troops present. No armored vehicles were reported, that’s not to say there weren’t any being eye witnesses were concentrating on all the armed man power, hand guns were not mentioned only long arms or short auto.
It is hard to believe that the use of National Guard or Regular Military would be involved in transporting of Federal Prisoners. Some folks gave their ideas as possibly Obama had secretly brought in GITMO prisoners which Congress has been fighting against bringing them onto the main land!?
That scenario doesn’t really pan out for the fact the entire contingency force did not escort the vehicles up the road!? Some folks said once the road was opened to free movement after being shut down for 20 minutes. The total group of State Police moved out together but the other groups were still at the airport assembling to what looked like for their departure!
Time will tell when anyone privy to the situation finally lets out what it was all about. A few were saying a possible Mock Up for securing the area for weapons confiscation which has been in the chat rooms and in gov’t as well as arresting anyone who is on Obama’s Suspect Terrorist List which contains a wide array of people and organizations!
As it was there was no immediate alarm being spread around town or throughout the county and so the practice run would tell the gov’t no one is prepared for their armed invasion and will be an easy disarmament situation.
The gov’t worries more about rural citizens that they do city dwellers as land owners have a stronger sense of protecting that which is theirs and a vast majority are weapons owners!!!

By Picklyman


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