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Brandon Raub’s Case: Soviet Style Psychiatric Detention – Soviet Style Punitive Hospitalization Returning to Russia – Brandon Raub’s Marine Buddies Speak Out

September 20, 2012

Most of us are aware of recent news of the non-arrest, arrest, where decorated ex-marine Brandon Raub was hauled away in handcuffs for controversial postings on his Facebook page.  He had not planned any act of violence nor committed any crime, yet he was deprived of his freedom and assaulted by Chesterfield police, at the behest of federal agents.  There were no charges nor was there a warrant for his arrest, hence, the whole ordeal was, in reality, a kidnapping by the state for thought-crimes.  Brandon Raub was taken to the mental ward at John Randolph Hospital in Hopewell, VA against his will, then later moved to the veterans hospital in Salem where he might have been chemically lobotomized had he not been released.

Judge Allen Sharrett dismissed the case on the grounds that there were no facts on the petition to detain Raub, in other words, there was no information why he was to be held.  I have copies of the documents and will post some on CUTDC.COM.

Much of the questionable material on Raub’s Facebook came from song lyrics that were being used while playing an online game with his friends.  He also expressed his political views on his personal Facebook page and like many ordinary Americans, may have blown off some steam, but that’s part of what freedom of speech is all about.  I believe one issue Brandon Raub addressed for which our hijacked government is particularly sensitive is the conviction that 9-11 was an inside job.  The Feds fear a general awakening to the shadow government’s conspiracy.  The CIA, FBI and Army intelligence (Able Danger) had foreknowledge of the attacks and it is obvious to many engineers and architects that some insiders had to play a role in facilitating the horrifying events.  Therefore, a heroic veteran who publishes evidence contrary to the “official” story may be a threat to those who benefit from the cover up.  Once the awakening reaches critical mass, the bogus war on terror, domestic police state and unnecessary wars of aggression will all start to unravel.  Watch Core of Corruption in Google Videos if you still trust the discredited 9-11 Commission Report.  Hey, wakey, wakey!  The US is giving money to al Qaeda in Syria. Think!

You make say, “well I’m not worried about Raub’s detainment because I’m not a 9-11 truther,” as if the truth is an evil thing.  But what if you are a “birther,” peace-nick, an occupier or a pro-gun rights person and the administration in power decides to target you for your “thought crimes.”  That’s why there are special protections for free speech and individual rights in America, to prevent the country from becoming authoritarian like North Korea or Red China.  We all need to be concerned when others’ rights are threatened because their rights are our rights!

It’s critical to remember that just power of the government is derived by the people.  We delegate our power to the Constitution which is the instrument upon which those limited and enumerated powers reside, then the Constitution assigns limited power to our representatives.  Do you have power to assault and kidnap citizens against their will if there is no crime?  What would happen to you if you did so, even if you thought someone looked suspicious?  You’d be getting three hots and a cot in a cinder-block cell for a long time!  Police and federal agents swear an oath to obey the Constitution because they are under the law, too.  Not only did the officers in Raub’s case break the law, but they violated newly passed HB 1160 which makes it a crime for police and state officials to help federal agents and military to indefinitely detain Virginians against their Constitutional rights.  Kidnapping is a serious crime!

On an even more ominous note, during the height of Soviet communism (socialism), the Russians indefinitely detained political dissidents in psychiatric hospitals known as “Psikhushka.”  The technique terrorized the public and forced people to censor themselves for fear of retribution.  It also gave the impression that these “patients” who had protested were mentally unstable and not to be taken seriously.  Propaganda spread by the communists with the help of party doctors labelled all who spoke out against the government as mentally ill, even to the point of creating clinical designations categorizing those who would not comply.

Soviet Style Punitive Hospitals Returning to Russia

These communist methods are spreading here in the US, as the Brandon Raub detainment illustrates.  Incidents like this are not rare and the Feds seem to be focusing on veterans for some reason.   The media also use similar tactics when they deal with patriotic, free thinkers who question or challenge the government’s positions on certain issues.  Pierce Morgan (CNN) recently accused Jesse Ventura of having kooky ideas because he brought up evidence contradicting the official 9-11 version.  The term kook is related to crazy.  Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich were both critical of the recent wars and the Federal Reserve, consequently, both were labelled “kooks” by globalist (CFR) talking heads. So called conservative voices like Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh readily join the propagandists’ chorus, further stifling real investigation and remedy.  Think of these instances as a RED flag drawing our attention to something important, that the establishment is trying to discredit.  When you hear the term kook or nut, you may want to pay more attention to what the accused is saying, unless they are spouting off about space aliens or Chupacabras.

Don’t be intimidated by these examples of repression.  We still have powerful tools like free speech and the Bill of Rights, so we need to use them.  Democrat and Republican sellouts will BOTH bring oppressive totalitarianism unless we all take a stand for our Constitutionally protected freedoms.  Let’s throw them all out, vote in Constitution Party and other independents and of course, pray.


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