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US Caught Creating New Computer Viruses Walter E Williams: Social Security Wealth Redistribution – Robert Mackay: One World Currency

September 18, 2012

More than 180 Occupy Wall Street arrests in NYC financial district

Anti-Japanese Protests Fanning Out Across China

U.S. Caught Creating Three New Computer Viruses

U.S. Credit Rating Downgraded


Williams presents with amazing clarity the case that Social Security is nothing more than Marxist redistribution of wealth.  This a must see video and I hope you pass it to others in your e-mail list.  If you click on “You Tube” on the video, you will be able to forward the link to the video only, if you desire.


One World Currency

By Robert Mackay

As soon as Congress started meddling with our latest Bank Failures Crisis, many European
Central Banks, the Chinese, and others started calling for the establishment of a One-World-

This caused my mind to be flooded with questions:

*  Who will be in charge of the Money Supply?  If each country could print One-World-Currency,
any one country could pay all its bills simply by printing money, and doing nothing else.  The
increased money supply would diminish the value of the New Money at the expense of ALL the
countries in the World since they would be using the same Currency.  In order not to be short-
changed, every country would have to start printing more of their International Currency and
the race would be on to print as much as possible to out-do the other guy.

*  Would Local Currencies be done away with?  It seems to me that if Individual Countries’
money was not outlawed, the status quo would continue.  Who would enforce the One –
Currency – Program?  Would it be the out-of-control , hopelessly incompetent, corrupt United
Nations?  The result would surely be chaos as they ruin just about everything they touch.

*  Would several of the most powerful countries have their Central Banks work together to
design the whole New Money Program and then force it on the whole World?  There would
still be the temptation for any one of several countries in the New Currency Cartel to cheat and
secretly print money.  Does this mean that all New Money  would have to be created at one
and only one location?  …..-And, with all kinds of technologies and safeguards?

*  And what about Credit?  Increasing Credit Supply is one way to increase Money Supply
without printing anything.  There would be a clash of cultures here.  A great many Americans
are irresponsible and easy prey to impulse buying and Madison Avenue Advertising Psychology.
In Russia, there is almost no credit available.  Want a car?  Save up.  Want a house?  Save up
and move out from your parents abode when you are in your middle 20’s or later.  Pay cash.
In Muslim Countries, the Koran forbids the charging of interest.  A one-size-fits-all system
would have to be devised and that’s not going to happen.

*  What about backing the New One-World-Currency with Gold, redeemable upon request?
That would keep everyone slightly more honest.  Would gold, silver, and other precious
commodities become a Black Market that takes over since the Private Sector is usually best in
touch with the needs of consumers and suppliers?  There are great un-mined resources of gold,
and precious commodities.  There is hoarding by Governments, Organizations, and Individuals.
If the New World Currency were to be backed by gold, the currency’s value could easily be
manipulated by huge increases or decreases in gold supply.

President Franklin Roosevelt outlawed the possession of bulk gold, and those possessing it had
to turn it in.  The penalty for possession of bulk gold was up to 10 years in prison, however, convictions were rare.

This likely would be repeated because One-World-Currency will not be served well by competition.

Today, the fact that there are many different currencies means competition.  And competition is
a necessary brutal form of discipline in the marketplace.

A One-World-Currency would mean no currency competition, and without competition, there
would be little incentive to adapt to changes in the marketplace and technology.  The acceptance
of a One-World-Currency could only be enforced by a One-World-Government.


Turkey Allows al-Qaeda to Move Over Border into Syria

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Kurt Nimmo
September 17, 2012

Syria’s Foreign Ministry has written a letter to the U.N. Security Council and Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon accusing neighboring Turkey of allowing thousands of al-Qaeda and “Takfiri and Wahhabi terrorists” to cross the border to “kill innocent Syrians, blow up their properties and spread chaos and destruction.”

photoA man wearing a black shirt bearing an al-Qaeda flag (L) speaks with a UN observer as monitors meet with rebels and civilians in the village of Azzara in the province of Homs in Syria on May 4, 2012. .

The letter confirms earlier reports of al-Qaeda jihadists moving into Syria.

In February, the U.S. Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper said al-Qaeda has “infiltrated” Syrian opposition group and is likely responsible for a number of terrorist attacks. Two bombings in Damascus in December and attacks on security and intelligence buildings in Aleppo “had all the earmarks of an al-Qaeda-like attack,” Clapper said, according to the Washington Post.

In July, German intelligence confirmed Clapper’s remarks about al-Qaeda. It estimated that “around 90″ terror attacks that “can be attributed to organizations that are close to al-Qaeda or jihadist groups” were carried out in Syria between the end of December and the beginning of July.

More importantly, the West is overtly funding and arming al-Qaeda’s attacks inside Syria. “France has announced that it will be funding and arming terrorists operating along Syria’s borders, offering them heavy weapons, just as they did in Libya last year,” Tony Cartalucci wrote earlier this month.

“In fact, the US-British and UN-listed terrorists assisted into power in Libya, are now leading death squads currently ravaging Syria – disingenuously portrayed as ‘indigenous’ ‘freedom fighters’ by the Western press.”

As the Guardian noted in July, the Free Syria Army (FSA), supported by the West, is indistinguishable from al-Qaeda.

The FSA is directly supported by the CIA, according to the New York Times. CIA “officers are operating secretly in southern Turkey, helping allies decide which Syrian opposition fighters across the border will receive arms to fight the Syrian government, according to American officials and Arab intelligence officers,” the newspaper reported in June.

Also in July, the U.S. Treasury admitted that al-Qaeda in Syria – often operating as the “Al Nusra Front for the People of the Levant” – are securing “routes through Turkey and Iraq for foreign fighters, most of whom are from the Middle East and North Africa. A growing number of donors from the Persian Gulf and Levant appear to be sending financial support.”

The United Nations has determined that other FSA affiliates are linked to al-Qaeda, including the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group that has actively armed, funded, and commanded entire FSA brigades.

“This means that the United States, the UK, NATO, and the Gulf State despots of Saudi Arabia and Qatar are knowingly and willfully funding, arming, and politically backing designated affiliates of Al Qaeda contrary not only to US and British anti-terror legislation, but contrary to numerous UN resolutions as well. Western and Gulf State support of the FSA constitutes state sponsorship of terrorism,” Cartalucci wrote in August.


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