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First RINOs Now INOs

September 7, 2012

By John K Rooney

One big complaint of the tea party in general pertains to the alarming number of big government, progressives in the ranks of the Republican Party known as (RINOs) or Republican in name only.  Many conservatives hold the belief that the GOP is worthless if it fails to succeed with the primary objective of shrinking the size and power of the government. I would have to concur.

Now that so many voters are paying attention to politics, the numbers of those calling themselves independent are swelling.  This growing herd of discontented citizens are streaming in from both major parties, for different reasons, however, there may be some common ground with which to work.

Independents, take a look around you.  There are, perhaps now, more people calling themselves independent than loyalists in each of the other big parties.  Furthermore, most of us are awakening to the magnitude of control the new world order fascists wield over prominent leaders in both big parties and the media.  We independents also feel a sense of empowerment in that we are more liberated to think outside the establishment’s box.  Indeed, this is a great first step, however, where does our power ultimately reside?

As we grow in the understanding that our government has been hijacked by foreign money powers and globalists pushing for collectivism, we as former Republicans and Democrats must join together against this looming tyranny.  Various forms of activism are the order for the day, but there is one power we hold that most of us squander.  It is the power of our votes!  We can produce all the noise we want petitioning our politicians, but if they know, in the end, we will still vote for them, those protests may be for naught.  Who has the power?  Independents who will withhold their vote from a lying corrupticrat and select a principled candidate, regardless of partisan fear tactics.  These “free thinkers” are among the establishment’s greatest threat.

You may claim to be an independent, but if you vote Republican 90% of the time, I have news for you.  You are an INO (Independent in Name Only).  The same goes for those embracing the indie label and regularly vote “D”.  You are just a loyal Democrat sporting a cool independent button.  In fact, INOs are similar to the corrupt politicians they criticize who regularly say one thing and do the opposite.  If you desire to be an authentic and effective independent, you must stop voting for the lesser of two evils!  Political manipulators foist this immoral strategy upon us as a ploy to corral independents into always voting for compromised candidates.  So, what’s the solution?  Always vote for either the Constitution, Libertarian Party candidate or an independent, unless there is an honorable R or D on the ballot.  Vote to protect freedom first and let’s not forget; a good candidate will most likely be attacked by the media as a scary kook, but that’s how the dirty game is played.  Imagine if all independents voted their conscience?  There is your hope and change!


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