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John Stossel – Airport Security Screenings – Video: Cop Kicks Defenseless Man in the Throat – Big Pharma Losing Superbug War Steve Quayle: Foreign Troops Martial Law

August 30, 2012

Reports: Egypt wouldn’t fire on Iran ship

TSA Harasses Ron Paul and His Wife in Florida

NATO Plot To Use Ambulances As Cover For Humanitarian Invasion of Syria


I hope Steve Quayle’s information is off, because we surely don’t want to see it come to pass.  Recent revelations point to an increased readiness by the shadow government’s DHS and other agencies to launch a Marxist-Leninist coup against the American people.  What a responsible use of taxpayer dollars.



Video Shows Cop Kicking Defenseless Man in the Throat

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New police brutality clip hits You Tube

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, August 30, 2012

A new police brutality video shows a St. Paul police officer kicking a defenseless man in the throat while he lay on the ground.

The clip, which was uploaded to You Tube yesterday, begins with the man prostrate on the floor. According to the man filming the footage, he has already been tased and maced in the face.

The victim asks the cop over and over again what he is being arrested for but the officer refuses to answer.

“Can you tell me what’s going on? You don’t have a warrant for my arrest,” the man pleads as he coughs as a result of being pepper sprayed.

At the 1:15 mark in the video, the cop kicks the man in the throat for no apparent reason.

The man is then handcuffed before the officer punches him in the head. He is then slammed onto a patrol car and held down as his hair is pulled back.

As officers struggle to put the man in the patrol car, other cops try to intimidate the man recording the video.

From the video it appears as if around ten police officers are involved in the arrest of one man.

Details surrounding the incident, which took place at the corner of Woodbridge and Milford streets, have now been released. The victim of the assault was named as 30-year-old Eric Hightower, who was arrested for terroristic threats, damage to property and obstruction of the legal process, but crucially has not been charged.

The officer responsible for the assault – Jesse Zilge – has been placed on administrative leave while the incident is investigated.

St. Paul Police Chief Tom Smith told CBS Minnesota that the department has “serious concerns” about the officer’s use of force in the video.

This footage again illustrates how police brutality has become endemic in America – particularly targeting black people.

Earlier this month we reported on the case of 21-year-old Chavis Carter, who Jonesboro Police claim shot himself in the head while handcuffed in the back of a patrol car.

Despite being placed in double-lock handcuffs and having been searched, police claim Carter took his own life with a .380 caliber handgun, an explanation the man’s mother claims is a cover-up for murder.

As police brutality in America escalates to new heights of violence and abuse, more and more unprovoked deaths are occurring, but punishments for officers who shoot victims dead are often miniscule.

In January 2009, 22-year-old Oscar Grant was shot in the back by policeman Johannes Mehserle as he lay on a platform at a railway station in Oakland California. Mehserle was charged with involuntary manslaughter after he claimed he had meant to use his Taser and not a gun and ended up serving just two years in jail for killing Grant.


Oath Keepers to Place Billboard Near Army Base to Protest Article Demonizing Tea Party

Oath Keepers

Oath Keepers is putting up a billboard right outside the main gate of Ft. Leavenworth Kansas to respond directly to the Small Wars Journal article by Leavenworth instructor Colonel Kevin Benson which paints the Tea Party movement as a future military opponent during domestic CONUS operations by the U.S. military.   You can read more on that article here and here.  Here is the billboard we are putting up:

To donate to this campaign, click the Donate button below and click on the ChipIn! button on

Since Colonel Benson has chosen to demonize the Tea Party movement, by using the Tea Party as the “bad guys”- along with militias – in his hypothetical scenario of future domestic military operations, and since he is apparently using his position at Ft. Leavenworth to brainwash young officers into thinking that the Tea Party is a potential future enemy they will have to fire upon, we feel it is crucial to counter his propaganda in as direct a manner as possible, sending a clear message not just to him, but to his students there at Ft. Leavenworth and to all others stationed there, and to the broader Army. Those young officers need to understand that if they fire on fellow Americans, permitting themselves to be used as tools of oppression, and if they participate in martial law on U.S. soil, then they will become the new “red coats”and will be desecrating and destroying all that generations of American fighting men have bled and died to secure – our liberty.

We stand in defense of the rights of all Americans, but since Colonel Benson has chosen to name the Tea Party members in particular as possible future military enemies during domestic operations, we are coming to the defense of the Tea Party in this case.

And now… the rest of the story. …..


Drug companies run out of weapons against the very same superbugs they helped create

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Mike Adams
Natural News
Aug 30, 2012

The age of antibiotics is over. It’s history. There are no more patented chemical antibiotics in the pipeline. The drug companies have all but abandoned antibiotics research, leaving humanity to suffer the fate of a wave of drug-resistant bacteria — superbugs — that the drug companies actually helped create.

The industry is down to one last-ditch chemical: colistin, a toxic bug-killing chemical discovered in 1949. It kills superbugs, but it also causes kidney damage. So if you’re infected with a superbug in a hospital, you can choose to either die from an infection, or die from the cure.

…There’s a lot of that going on in medicine these days, it seems…

Nearly all antibiotics are now obsolete

In the last 34 years, Big Pharma has only come up with two new classes of antibiotics. Both are now obsolete. And the drug companies are walking away from the research needed to produce new antibiotics even as they run television ads claiming they “put patients first.”

“Last year, Pfizer, the world’s biggest drug company, closed its Connecticut antibiotics research center, laying off 1,200 workers,” reports the Washington Post (…). “The company said it was moving the operation to Shanghai. …Pfizer is struggling to open the Chinese facility and has largely abandoned antibiotics.”

It turns out that drugs for erectile dysfunction, baldness or cholesterol are ten times more profitable than antibiotics. So while a wave of drug-resistant bacteria burns through our hospitals, killing patients by the tens of thousands, Big Pharma is far more interested in making sure some middle-aged guy on statin drugs can still get an erection. There are more profits to be had, after all, in giving people boners rather than cures.

99,000 Americans a year killed by superbugs, says CDC

Meanwhile, superbugs are killing Americans at a rate that rivals wartime casualties. A decade ago, the CDC estimated that superbugs infected 1.7 million Americans and killed 99,000 Americans each year (…).

That’s about twice the number of Americans killed in the entire Vietnam War, by the way. And those numbers are a decade old. By many accounts, the superbug problem is far worse now than it was ten years ago. For example, superbug infections among newborns have risen over 300% in a similar timeframe (

Why are infections getting worse? Because over the last decade, superbugs have evolved. Nature has found resistance to nearly every known antibiotic on the market: Tetracyclines, Fluoroquinolones, Cephalosporins, Sulfonamides and more.

Just how bad is the situation? Even Dr. Margaret Chan, the director general of the World Health Organization, couldn’t deny the reality of the situation. “Things as common as strep throat or a child’s scratched knee could once again kill,” she said in a recent keynote address ( “Antimicrobial resistance is on the rise in Europe, and elsewhere in the world. We are losing our first-line antimicrobials… For patients infected with some drug-resistant pathogens, mortality has been shown to increase by around 50%,” she said.

Chan also warned about the severity of the problem:

Many other pathogens are developing resistance to multiple drugs, some to nearly all. Hospitals have become hotbeds for highly-resistant pathogens, like MRSA, ESBL, and CPE, increasing the risk that hospitalization kills instead of cures. These are end-of-the-road pathogens that are resistant to last-line antimicrobials.

If current trends continue unabated, the future is easy to predict. Some experts say we are moving back to the pre-antibiotic era. No. This will be a post-antibiotic era. In terms of new replacement antibiotics, the pipeline is virtually dry, especially for gram-negative bacteria. The cupboard is nearly bare.

Prospects for turning this situation around look dim. A post-antibiotic era means, in effect, an end to modern medicine as we know it.

The end of modern medicine is also the failure of modern medicine

Let’s face it: Modern medicine has failed humanity. While promising cures, the drug industry only delivers skyrocketing rates of superbug infections, chemical intoxication and autism. Chemotherapy causes permanent brain damage. Vaccines cause permanent kidney damage and spontaneous abortions. Painkillers have created a new generation of prescription drug junkies while antibiotics breed deadly microbes that threaten us all.

Every time the drug industry claims to have solved one problem it creates two more.

Rather than the industry being guided by improved patient outcomes, it is wholly guided by the endless quest for corporate profits. This has led to an abandonment of real science and real medicine. Today, Big Pharma and the vaccine industry are steeped in quack science and criminal profiteering.

Even the head of the World Health Organization can see the writing on the wall. Anyone who thinks the pharmaceutical industry will provide the world with any real cures is living a delusional fantasy.

So what’s left after the drug industry has ravaged the world’s citizens, damaged their immune systems with vaccine adjuvants and infected the people with drug-resistant superbugs? A billion victims of an industry that has failed at every level: Economically, socially, ethically and spiritually.

Big Pharma is, essentially, the Big Failure of our time. It is notable only in the epic scale of how many lives it has destroyed on our planet.

Real solutions to superbugs

That it requires Big Pharma billions of dollars to develop new antibiotics is a cruel joke about the stupidity of “medical science.” Why? Because Mother Nature produces an abundance of chemicals that defeat superbugs, but the drug industry won’t embrace them because those chemicals can’t be patented (and therefore monopolized).

Garlic, for example, kills all known superbugs. So does colloidal silver. So do an endless list of medicinal herbs, plants, fungi and even molds. Manuka honey kills infectious bacteria, by the way.

Heck, just using copper surfaces in hospitals has been scientifically shown to halt 97% of superbug infections (

Cures for superbugs are all around us in nature, but they aren’t allowed to be used in hospitals because hospitals are really the cult temples of western medicine. There, the “high priest” doctors worship the pharmaceutical gods — Pfizer, Merck, AstraZeneca — while making sure their patients have no information about probiotics, sunlight, vitamin D or plant-based nutritional therapies.

Patients perish from a lack of knowledge, of course, because beating superbugs is laughably easy. You can even do it with something as simple as vitamin B3, which has suddenly emerged in the news as a cure for superbug infections:

Similarly, I’ve never seen a superbug that can survive the presence of Oregano Extract, for that matter.

Doctors are ignorant, and hospitals are death traps

Mainstream medical doctors, of course, are utterly ignorant of real medicine. Having been brainwashed by drug companies and their junk science, doctors have no clue that real cures for infections are readily available from the natural world. So they kill their patients by the hundreds of thousands: roughly 783,000 medical patients are killed by doctors every year in the United States:

In fact, doctors aren’t merely ignorant, they’re more dangerous than terrorists! TRUE FACT: You are statistically far more likely to be infected with a superbug by your doctor than killed by a terrorist.

Doctors routinely refuse to wash their hands (or neckties) and thereby transmit deadly superbugs from one patient to another. So merely going to the hospital puts you in precisely the place where you have the highest chance in the world of being infected with a deadly superbug.

This is one reason why healthy people AVOID hospitals like the plague! Because hospitals spread the plague…

Quiz time: Where is the last place you want to be during an Ebola outbreak? The local hospital, of course! That’s where Ebola spreads like wildfire, infecting almost everyone present.

How to protect yourself from superbugs

What’s crystal clear from all this is:

• Doctors can’t protect you from superbugs (they SPREAD them!)
• Hospitals can’t protect you from superbugs (they cultivate them!)
• The government can’t protect you from superbugs (they ignore them!)
• Big Pharma can’t protect you from superbugs (they don’t care!)

If you want to be protected from superbugs, you’ll need to protect yourself. How do you do that? Here are some simple, commonsense strategies to avoid infections:

• Have a strong immune system to begin with. Make sure you have plenty of vitamin C and vitamin D in your system at all times. (Most westerners are hopelessly vitamin D deficient.)

• If you do get infected, seek out a naturopathic physician immediately. Explain what you’re already using to boost your health, and ask for additional help from a qualified holistic physician.

• If you are in the hospital, demand that medical personnel wash their hands in your presence before they touch you. Bring a sprayer containing water and bleach, and spray down all surfaces in your room. Wash your own hands on a regular basis.

• Diabetes makes infections spread more quickly. To become more resistant to infections, reverse symptoms of diabetes using diet, exercise and vitamin D. (

• Own an herbal emergency medicine kit with elements known to kill infectious bacteria: Honey, colloidal silver, oregano extracts, ginger, thyme extracts, vitamin B3 and so on.

• Stop taking vaccines! They harm your immune system and make you more susceptible to future infections:…

• Eat a diet that’s rich in plant-based nutrients that fight infections. Consume lots of berries, green leafy vegetables, fresh organic fruits, fresh culinary herbs, omega-3 oils, living foods and so on.

• Supplement your diet with superfoods. Some of my favorite superfoods for general immune support include goji berries, cacao, mangosteen, acai, hemp seeds, coconut oil and so on.

• Keep reading NaturalNews, where you’ll learn about natural remedies every day!

The bottom line? Eat well, get lots of sunshine, stay out of the hospitals and practice the fundamentals of personal hygiene (such as hand washing).

Nearly all the people who get infected with MRSA or other superbugs have weakened immune systems and chronic nutritional deficiencies. Superbugs simply cannot survive in a healthy host. They only proliferate in the bodies of those whose defenses are compromised.


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