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The Cop Out

July 18, 2012

By John K Rooney

Our liberty group distributes thousands of pieces if information every year that warn citizens of the rapid advancement of tyranny in our land.  A majority of the people I talk with have no trouble understanding or believing the information, however, a common response I hear is that there’s nothing we can do.  Perhaps you have said this yourself? If this were the case, why would the establishment media, dominated by CFR internationalists, spend so much money and effort controlling the information we receive, in order to shape public opinion?

This notion that there is little we Americans can do to make a difference cannot be further from the truth!  In fact, among Christians I converse with, this one excuse seems to the most prevalent.  What would happen if just half of the decent citizens who valued freedom rose up against state corruption?  I’m talking about opposing crimes and treason against the American people.  Extraordinary changes would take place throughout the government and eventually in society because activism works!  I have seen politicians bend to changes in popular opinion like a weather vane.  Here are some areas where meaningful results have been made, recently:

1) Slowing or halting the advance of socialist land use restrictions from the UN’s Agenda 21 “sustainability” movement.

2) Killing the Law of the Sea Treaty that would have further eroded national sovereignty.

3) Stopping the costly and fraudulent Cap and Trade scheme by spreading knowledge about Climategate, the doctoring of research data by climate scientists to support global warming.

4)  Impeding the push by neocons, AIPAC and the globalists to wage a new war against Iran based upon propaganda, hatred and fear-mongering.

5)  We’ve had some success in protecting freedom of speech on the Internet as the government attempts to control and censor information.

6)  New laws have been passed that allow greater freedom in terms of gun rights.

7)  Weakening the push for a Constitutional Convention.

There are numerous other areas where the enemies of liberty are making headway, but one of their greatest successes has been convincing us that resistance is futile.  We are convinced that by relying on name brand political personalities, we’ll be protected, unaware that these party loyalists are also part of the problem.  Another important issue, however, is that Americans have become lazy and selfish. Many of us are too lazy to get involved and we easily cop out by saying it’s hopeless.  Another group cops out because of fear, assuming their situation is tolerable, they avoid the risk of “getting on some list” or becoming a target of retaliation.  Here’s a wake up call.  There are many, many more of us than them, so use your free speech while you have it!  My dear friends, this trend toward tyranny will have a devastating impact on all of us including your grandchildren if we don’t reverse it. Remember the age old truism, the price of freedom is eternal vigilance?  In our time the watchers are corrupted and the guardians are predators. Therefore, cast aside laziness, fear and misguided trust in a party.  You must be the watchmen, the eternally vigilant.

John K Rooney
Tri-Cities Liberty Alliance

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