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Milton Friedman: Congress and Tax Reform Anna Yeisley: A Level Playing Field – Judge Napolitano: Forget Leaks What About Killings? – Peter Madoff Pleads Guilty

July 1, 2012

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Supreme Court Forces U.S. To Take A Giant Step Toward A Totalitarian Socialist Government

Peter Madoff pleads guilty, faces 10 years

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A Level Playing Field

Anna Yeisley

A Level Playing Field

By Anna Yeisley

No matter what game you play, following the rules of engagement is very important.
Imagine you’re a player on a great hockey team. This season you appear to be losing. On this particular game day, the referees are all making bad calls against you. The crowd is booing you and you just can’t seem to get a lucky break.
Does a great hockey team start crying and whining? Do we throw off our skates, toss our hockey sticks into the crowd and stomp off the ice?
No, if you’re part of a great team, you keep playing because a great team wins against all adversity.
But now, imagine, that the team you’re playing against doesn’t have to play by the rules. You see that the other team is slashing, high sticking, tripping, and interfering but only your players are being put into the penalty box.  When the other team scores, they score 20 points while each of your goals scores only 1.
What if you substituted other players and put into play better players? What if you fired the coach and replaced him with a better one?  Would that help?
When one team doesn’t have to play by the rules, it’s likely that the team that wins is actually the worst team and more than likely doesn’t even know how to play the game.  There’s just no point playing the game, is there?
Not playing by the rules can take the fun out of winning and losing in sports and in politics.
American government today is slipping into a no-compete dishonorable game of no rules enforced for those who hold public office.
In a functional competitive self governing free republic, the government and the people are working for the same goal, united against opposing forces that may threaten our life, our liberty and our property.
Today in America, government appears to be working on one team and We the People on the other.
Team Government appears to have forgotten the rules of play. At the same time more and more rules are written and enforced upon Team We the People.
I’ll be honest with you.  On a level playing field, the government in a free republic is always at a disadvantage in terms of dominating the field of play. We the People always rule due to, not only our numbers, but due to our advantage as living souls. Living souls rule!  Being created in the image of God gives you a powerful competitive advantage over governmental dominance, but only when you enforce the game rules.
If our Judges, our Sheriffs, our Commonwealth Attorneys and other Public Servants don’t have to play by rules but we do, what is the point of playing the game?
There IS a playbook that governs the behavior of American government.
“This Constitution shall be the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby,” so says the U.S. Constitution.
Okay so we do have rules. Now who enforces this Supreme Law of the Land?
“We the People of the United States DO ORDAIN AND ESTABLISH THIS CONSTITUTION for the United States of America,” also says the Constitution.
The Declaration of Independence reminds us
“We, the Representatives of the united States of America appealing to the SUPREME JUDGE OF THE WORLD and by AUTHORITY OF THE GOOD PEOPLE of these Colonies declare, That these United Colonies ought to be Free and Independent States.”
So let’s recap. We have . . .
1) a Supreme Law of the Land which is ordained by the
2) Authority of the Good People of these United States who appeal to the
3) Supreme Judge of the World
We the People have a divine obligation to the Supreme Judge of the World to keep our Judges, our Elected Officials and Public Servants beholden to the Supreme Law of the Land.
Self governance is tricky. If We the People lose our connection to the Supreme Judge of the World we’ll likely lose our heart.  If we lose our heart, we’ll lose our mind and surely lose our direction.  If we stop appealing to the Supreme Judge of the World we lose our power to dominate and forsake any chance of defending our territory against the opposing forces that threaten our life, our liberty or our property.
The rules of the game apply equally to all teams and team players in a free and competitive self governing republic.
The basis of our gamebook and rules of play are:
“All men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.”
Honoring and defending the rights of others determines our game plan here in America and overseas.
You will be PENALIZED if you threaten the life, the liberty or the property of another living soul; no matter what team you’re on.
Defending constitutional rights of all, is the game we have been ordained by the Supreme Judge of the World to play in these United States of America.
It is our duty to ordain and establish the Supreme Law of the Land and enforce the rules upon all who want to play the game, foreign or domestic.  Free will is free will, afterall.  If we play by the rules and insist our government does too, we will win it all.  And our victory will inspire all other nations to play the game, by our rules, by their own free will.
Game on!
Constitutional Education
Teaching the Ancient Fundamental Principles that the Constitution was Built and Based Upon
PO Box 1588
Spotsyvlania, VA 22553
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  1. November 8, 2013 7:26 pm

    great article, if I do say so myself. find more by searching on constitution

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