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Louisiana: Ron Paul Delegates Assaulted, Arrested – CUT DC’s Bilderberg 2012 Video Drones Slaughter More Brown People – Abdulrahman: West’s Syrian Propagandist

June 5, 2012

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Louisiana’s Fascist Moment: Ron Paul Delegates Assaulted, Arrested

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Kurt Nimmo
June 4, 2012

Prior to the 1933 election, the soon to be democratically elected leader of Germany had his goons raid the offices of opposition parties. On the eve of the election, the Nazis arranged to have a fire set in the Reichstag and then exploited this sensationalistic event to call for granting Hitler dictatorial powers. Hitler called for the immediate execution of all communists in Germany, but Paul von Hindenburg, who had appointed Hitler as Chancellor, rescinded the order.

Authoritarian power grabs are a common feature in “democracies” like Germany and the United States. Political parties representing the oligarchical elite often react violently when challenged, as the Nazis did in 1933 and establishment Republicans did the other day in Louisiana.

“The Louisiana State Republican Convention descended into chaos Saturday morning, with several delegates being arrested and the convention chairman being thrown to the ground by police,” Hamdan Azhar reported on Sunday. “Sources report that state party officials panicked when it became clear that Ron Paul delegates commanded a decisive majority of the delegates on the floor – at least 111 of 180 (62%).”

Many observers expressed shock that the establishment would resort to such violent tactics against fellow Republicans. Saturday morning’s incidents come on the heels of increasing panic among state party leaders in the aftermath of Ron Paul’s decisive victory in the Louisiana caucuses in April.

In fact, this sort of behavior should be expected and has plenty of historical antecedents (as noted above), so shock is probably an inappropriate response, especially considering past shenanigans of Republicans when confronted with the popularity of Ron Paul.

Republicans have not called for arresting and executing Ron Paul and his supporters at state conventions, but the mindset is incipient. As history repeatedly demonstrates, it is a short leap from the sort of thuggish behavior demonstrated over the weekend in Louisiana to full-blown fascist mass arrests, political concentration camps, and executions.


West’s Syrian Narrative Based on “Guy in British Apartment”

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Tony Cartalucci
June 4, 2012

The “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” has been cited by the Western media for over a year in nearly every report, regardless of which news agency, be it AFP, AP, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, BBC, or any of the largest Western newspapers. One would believe this to be a giant sprawling organization with hundreds of members working hard on the ground, documenting evidence in Syria with photographs and video, while coordinating with foreign press to transparently and objectively “observe” the “human rights” conditions in Syria, as well as demonstrate their methodologies. Surely that is the impression the Western media attempts to relay to its readers.

photoFrom Reuters: “Rami Abdelrahman, head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, leaves the Foreign and Commonwealth Office after meeting Britain’s Foreign Secretary, William Hague, in central London November 21, 2011. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor” Abdelrahman is not the “head” of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, he is the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, run out of his British apartment as a one-man operation.

However, astoundingly, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is none of these things. Instead, it is merely a single man, sitting behind a computer in a British apartment, who alleges he receives “phone calls” with information always incriminating the Syrian government, and ever glorifying the “Free Syrian Army.” In fact, Reuters even admitted this in their article, “Coventry – an unlikely home to prominent Syria activist,” and even concedes that this man, “Rami Abdulrahman,” is openly part of the Syrian opposition who seeks the end of the Syrian government. Abdulrahman admits that he had left Syria over 10 years ago, has lived in Britain ever since, and will not return until “al-Assad goes.”

Of course, beyond this single article, Reuters and its fellow news agencies are sure to never again remind readers of these facts.

The opportunity for impropriety seems almost inevitable for a man who openly reviles a government long targeted for “regime change” by the very country he currently resides in, and who’s method of reportage involves dubious phone-calls impossible for anyone to verify. When Abdulrahman isn’t receiving mystery phone calls from fellow opposition members in Syria (like “Syrian Danny“) or passing on his less-than-reputable information to the Western press, he is slinking in and out of the British Foreign Office to meet directly with Foreign Secretary William Hague – who also openly seeks the removal of Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad.


Clearly for real journalists, Abdulrahman is a useless, utterly compromised source of information who has every reason to twist reality to suit his admittedly politically-motivated agenda of overthrowing the Syrian government. However, for a propagandist, he is a goldmine. That is why despite the overt conflict of interests, the lack of credibility, the obvious disadvantage of being nearly 3,000 miles away from the alleged subject of his “observations,” or the fact that a single man is ludicrously calling himself a “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” in the first place, the Western media still eagerly laps up his constant torrent of disinformation.

And when the Western press cites such a dubious, compromised character, it means that the actual evidence inevitably trickling out of Syria contradicts entirely the West’s desired narrative, so profoundly in fact, that they must contrive the summation of their “evidence” from whole cloth with “tailors” like Abdelrahman. And while the general public should indeed be angry over being deceived on such a vast scale, they should be utterly outraged that the establishment thinks they are so stupid – they’d believe any evidence coming from an opposition activist, disingenuously masquerading as a reputable organization, telling us all what is happening in Syria via “phone-calls” received in his plush apartment in England.

Tony Cartalucci’s post first appeared on his blog, Land Destroyer.


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