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N. Carolina Considers Anti-NDAA Bill – Lindsey Williams’ Warning – Chicago Cops Disappear Activists – Bilderberg Backlash Building

May 19, 2012

NATO occupies sweet home Chicago

Arizona’s Secretary Of State Threatens To Keep Obama Off The Ballot

North Carolina Legislature Considers Anti-NDAA Resolution

Guantanamo lawyers want ex-CIA official to testify



Bilderberg Backlash: Will ‘Occupy’ Protest Smash the Record?

Record numbers of people are set to protest the upcoming Bilderberg 2012 meeting in Chantilly, Virginia. Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson talks to Dan Dicks of Press For Truth about how the elite dread the spotlight.


Designer Flu: How scientists made a killer virus airborne

May 19, 2012 by legitgov


US bioterrorists are dying to get the pandemic party started: Designer Flu: How scientists made a killer virus airborne 02 Jun 2012 Last summer, scientists performed an experiment that could have been ripped from the script of a Hollywood thriller. Sealed off in high-tech laboratories in the Netherlands and Wisconsin, researchers transformed one of the world’s most deadly viruses, transmissible by direct contact, into versions capable of spreading through the air… Merely swapping hemagglutinins wasn’t enough to make the composite virus into an airborne infectious flu in ferrets, though. [Wisconsin] Researchers helped the virus along by transferring it directly from one ferret to another. At least four changes to the molecule were needed to make the virus readily transmit via airborne droplets, the researchers found. [See: Flu ‘Oddities’.]


Chicago Cops Disappear Activists Ahead of NATO War Council

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Kurt Nimmo
May 18, 2012

Police in the Windy City recently underscored the fact that the United States is now a police state little different than the former Soviet Union or East Germany.

In the video here, National Lawyers Guild (NLG) spokesman Kris Hermes says Chicago cops broke down an apartment door and arrested activists without a warrant.

Channel 5 NBC Chicago Video

Note: If the above video fails to work, see it here.

Such “preemptive raids” are a “hallmark of National Special Security Events,” said Sarah Gelsomino with the NLG and the People’s Law Office in a press release. “The Chicago police and other law enforcement agencies should be aware that this behavior will not be tolerated and will result in real consequences for the city.”

From the NLG press release:

The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) condemns a preemptive police raid that took place at approximately 11:30pm Wednesday in the Bridgeport neighborhood, and instances of harassment on the street, in which Chicago police are unlawfully detaining, searching, and questioning NATO protesters. The Bridgeport raid was apparently conducted by the Organized Crime Division of the Chicago Police Department and resulted in as many as 8 arrests.

According to witnesses in Bridgeport, police broke down a door to access a 6-unit apartment building near 32nd & Morgan Streets without a search warrant. Police entered an apartment with guns drawn and tackled one of the tenants to the floor in his kitchen. Two tenants were handcuffed for more than 2 hours in their living room while police searched their apartment and a neighboring unit, repeatedly calling one of the tenants a “Commie faggot.” A search warrant produced 4 hours after police broke into the apartment was missing a judge’s signature, according to witnesses. Among items seized by police in the Bridgeport raid were beer-making supplies and at least one cell phone.

The NLG reports police harassment and illegal searches of other anti-NATO activists in Chicago.

“The NLG has received reports that at least 20 people have been arrested so far this week, and two people are still in custody, not including the Bridgeport residents who are still unaccounted for,” the press release states.

In other words, the cops are disappearing enemies of the state the same way Stalin and Hitler did. Camps for political prisoners – a modern version of Stalin’s gulags – stand ready now in America for “re-education” of political heretics.

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