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John Perkins: Apology of an Economic Hitman – Rob Franzen on Same Sex Marriage – High Fructose Corn Syrup

May 17, 2012

Common ingredient in soft drinks causes damage to brain function

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To all those who have a soft spot for the destitute masses or malnourished children overseas, watch this documentary.  John Perkins reveals how economic hitmen are used to exploit the resources of impoverished nations and enslave the hapless citizens with unbearable debt that can never be paid.  If the economic hitmen aren’t successful, in roll the jackals.  If the jackals don’t get the job done, then comes the US military.  Part of this video contains his apology for being an economic hitman.



By Robert E. Franzen

In watching the CNN interview between CNN’s Soledad O’Brien and Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, concerning President Obama’s comment backing same sex marriages; I saw the liberal Soledad O’Brien asking the conservative Tony Perkins why he was against same-sex marriage.  Mr. Perkins explained in so many words how important it is to preserve the core principal of what constitutes a marriage and how society is re-defining that core value of marriage.  Straying from a basic interview, Miss O’Brien fires back in disagreement arguing about how we have always redefined marriage to evolve with the times in the fact that women are no longer mere property of men and blacks are no longer slaves and have the right to marry; insisting that since we have always been able to re-define marriage, why is it any different today.  Mr. Perkins in so many words came back with the fact that those are true [surface] issues but the fact remains, even back then, that marriage has always been between a man and a woman – which is the core value of marriage that the conservative voter understands and is trying to protect and preserve.
On one side we see the defense of who has the right to marry and that we as people get to decide what marriage is. The other side is not arguing who has the right to marry, for everyone has the right to marry and to do as they please (within the confines of the law), but takes the stand that we cannot change the core structure of marriage which is and has always been between a man and a woman defined by the fact of our existence today and the continuance of human society. Notice, who gets to decide what marriage is, one says, man is in control of that, the other says, God is in control of that.
Everybody everywhere are interviewing another person’s opinion and checking the polls to sway public opinion. However, a logical approach would be considering if there is a Creator God that most people refer to, then the question shouldn’t be “what is your opinion,” but rather, “what is our Creator’s opinion.”
However, many argue that we are referring to the laws of our land, which is based on democracy, not religious ramble.  This reasoning is based on a faulty understanding of what the original intent of the “separation of church and State” letter means in context. According to our Founding Fathers own writings, the Bible is the premise of our value and moral system, and this morality is the foundation of our governing Constitution and therefore cannot be separated from the Bible, but Government must stay separate from interfering with its citizen’s faith. (Search for more information on this).  The Bible and its moral laws is our Constitutions compass. Yes, we do live in a democracy and it is a fact that our Creator created us with free will – the freedom to choose right or wrong. Therefore, let the people decide. The majority vote should be the law of the land; because we have free will or freedom of choice if you will. According to our Constitution the majority is supposed to rule the law of the land. End of story, right? Well, we also have to take this into consideration. From the far left to the far right, the majority of the people of our land (The United States of America), say they believe in God. So logically, if the God of the Holy Bible is real, that the people of America say they believe in, then it would behoove us to consider well what God’s response would be to whatever our decision is. We would be responsible for and would have to prepare for whatever blessing or consequences for keeping or not keeping God’s moral laws; according to God’s written revelation laid out in Gen. 1:27, 28; Lev. 18:22; Lev. 20:13; Matt.19:4; Mk.10:6; Rom. 1:26-32; 1Cor. 6:9-10; Rev. 21:27; Rev. 22:15. We have the right to vote for or against same-sex marriage, absolutely, but keep in mind that we also will be held accountable for our actions & decisions before God, His Word and our Constitution. May the people of this wonderful Nation make the right decision!
Robert E. Franzen  5/13/2012
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