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Police State Mitt Romney – Thomas Sowell: The Money of Fools – Ron Paul Could Win Enough Delegates to Deny Romney – Strauss-Kahn: New Rape Allegation

May 7, 2012

Obama Mentor Called For 25 Million Americans to be Killed in Re-Education Camps

Strauss-Kahn Faces New Rape Allegation

Paul Wins Nevada and Maine Despite Sabotage Effort by Republicans

Ron Paul Could Still Win Enough Delegates To Deny Mitt Romney The Republican Nomination



Police State Mitt Romney

May 7, 2012 by

Police State Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney said he would have signed the National Defense Authorization Act.

A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for the overreaching homeland security initiatives put in place by the George W. Bush Administration Department of Homeland Security.

According to reports, the Presidential candidate was instrumental in helping to create some of the most controversial safety initiatives put into place by the Bush Administration in the years following the attack on the World Trade Centers in New York.

According to the Huffington Post, during his tenure as Governor of Massachusetts, Romney issued executive orders to set up two of the Nation’s first fusion centers — the intelligence hubs where vast amounts of Americans’ personal data is analyzed by law enforcement agencies — in his State.

Romney’s security record makes it seem that he believes that everyone is essentially guilty until proven innocent, which is largely in line with current Department of Homeland Security policy.

In a September 2005 speech to the Heritage Foundation, Romney gave Americans a good idea about what the security state might be like under his Administration by advocating wiretaps in mosques and churches when he uttered the words: “Are we monitoring that? Are we wiretapping? Are we following what’s going on?”

Earlier in the campaign, Romney also let Americans know that he is in line with President Barack Obama on issues such as the National Defense Authorization Act, which makes possible the capture and indefinite detainment of American citizens.

“Yes, I would have,” said Romney when asked during a debate whether he would have signed the legislation, as Obama did. “…I recognize that in a setting where they are enemy combatants and some of them on our own soil, that could be abused. There are lots of things I think this president does wrong — lots of them — but I don’t think he will abuse this power, and if I were president I would not abuse this power.“

Romney knows the power of police state tactics in protecting the elite. The director of operations of his 2008 Presidential campaign, Jay Garrity, was placed on a paid leave of absence in 2007 while the authorities investigated accusations that he impersonated a State trooper in Massachusetts and harassed reporters that were following the campaign by pulling them over.

Garrity worked on planning events for the campaign and also helped control access to Romney.


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