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Joel Skousen: Bankers and Communism – Tech Giant Warns About CISPA – Mackay: How to Regain Solvency – Kentucky Supreme Ct: Highway Checkpoints Illegal

May 2, 2012

Tech Giant Warns CISPA Is “Alarming” Threat to Privacy

Did Obama Administration Reject Chinese Defector to Please Beijing?

UN Mute Over NATO’s Syrian Death Squads

Kentucky Supreme Court Rules Highway Checkpoints Illegal


Please take a little time to listen to Skousen’s interview.  It should clear up some long held misconceptions about huge corporate interests and their relationship with communism.  Joel’s father is well known for his important book the Naked Communist based on Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope. 


How To Regain Solvency

April 28, 2012

There are a great many “Experts” that have
come to the conclusion that the United States
has spent itself beyond the point of no
return, and that it will be impossible to
avoid a complete melt down of our Economy
in several years: “It cannot be fixed.”

They are making many assumptions, and assuming
that the paradigm cannot be changed.

Here is what we must do to regain our Solvency:

Diminish the size and scope of the very cause
of the problem, our Government.

Abolish the useless Departments of Education,
Energy, O.S.H.A., Homeland Security, Agriculture,
Health and Human Services,Labor,Interior,
Transportation,Veterans Affairs,Urban Development,
Commerce, and Agriculture. These functions will
be best accomplished by the States together with
the Private Sector.  Abolish the unconstitutional
Presidential Czars and other programs.

This will stop the arterial bleeding and can be
done simply by defunding by the House of
Representatives.  Sell off the buildings and
assets of these organizations.

Close all U.S. Military bases in the 70 foreign
countries they inhabit, and bring our personnel
and assets home. Quit NATO and let France run it.
Quit the parasitical hopelessly corrupt United
Nations. No more Foeign Aid. Let Russia do it.

Open up our National Resources – Coal, Natural
Gas, and Oil to unhampered private investment
for sale at home and abroad.  The resources are
unlimited.  Getting back into business is how to
bring in wealth.  Private interests will be happy
to do it at no expense to the Government.

Establish a Zero Point Energy System based on
the research of Scientist Nicola Tesla.

Establish a 13% flat tax for ALL INCOME, Corporate
Earnings, Capital Gains, and Death Taxes.  This
was done in Russia in 2011, and it quadrupled
the Treasury in one year and jump started their
Economy.  We will once again become competitive

Imprison Leaders of the Illegal and Parasitic
Federal Reserve Banks System as well as Goldman
Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Chase Manhattan.
Confiscate all assets. Conspiracy, Fraud, Grand
Theft, Collusion with Foreign Interests to
Bankrupt our Economy.

Quit the United Nations and expel them from our

Abolish the Student Loans Scam. Establish Student
Summer Works Programs at home and abroad with
pay.  The bloated wasteful Universities will have
to adjust prices to the available capital.  Their
multi-million dollar endowments will finally be
put to Good use.

This is a good start.


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