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Pro Syrian War Propaganda

April 27, 2012

By John K Rooney

Syria is just one of many hotspots in the chain of conquests on the new world order’s map and the propaganda war is well underway.  According to historian Webster Tarpley, Syria is is a land where Christians and Muslims coexist peacefully, along with a tiny minority of Jews who receive protection from the police.  The Spiegel International reported on 11-30-11 that the nation’s 2.5 million Orthodox Christians support Assad’s regime for fear of religious intolerance should Syria’s government topple.  Admittedly, I have no fondness of President Assad and I certainly don’t condone any atrocities that may have been directed toward protesters, but how could US intervention there be legally justified as an act of defense?

Considered a vicious enemy by Bush Administration neocon Elliot Abrams and demonized by the President Obama, Syria was regarded as a valuable ally in the dubious war against terror not long ago.  It was used as a clandestine destination for extraordinary rendition, in which the CIA sent detainees to be tortured to extract predetermined confessions.  Maher Arar, a Syrian born Canadian citizen was one such example, who was brutalized in Syria.  Arar was awarded $8.5 million from the Canadian government for Canada’s complicity in his sufferings.  Unknown to many, Libya’s Gaddafi was also considered an ally for his zeal in tracking down and jailing terrorists, that is, until the “good” Western-funded terrorists led the opposition to depose him.

The Arab League recently went on a fact finding mission in Syria. Their report stated an “armed entity” is not only killing civilians and police, but it is conducting terrorist attacks targeting non-combatants. Casualties from these attacks are attributed to the al-Assad government and used to build a case against Syria in the United Nations.  According to the Arab League report, the “Free Syria Army” and “armed opposition groups” are responsible for many of the killings.  Don’t be confused, even the mythical al Qaeda band of former Mujahedin fighters are against their Syrian brother Assad and they are asking for air support from NATO.

According to  Thierry Meyssan, reporter with the Voltaire Network, Abdel Hakim Belhaj the historic leader of al Qaeda and military governor in Libya is now working with the Syrian rebels and providing support through his terrorist organization.  The US aided Belhaj through NATO airstrikes in Lybia which ended with the downfall of Gaddafi and the raising of the al Qaeda flag over the Benghazi Courthouse, as reported in the Telegraph on Nov. 1, 2011.  US policy is to aid al Qaeda.

CNN was featuring the reports of a Syrian born British citizen called Syria Danny.  In these reports, Danny the “activist” tells of atrocities by Syrian troops and calling for NATO intervention on a humanitarian basis.  In early March of this year a video was released showing this same Syrian Danny, while waiting for CNN’s que, instructing his assistants, “did you tell him to get the gunfire ready.”  At the time there was no gunfire and Danny was jokingly asking for a mattress.  Sounds of gunfire ring on que.  His cameraman then told Danny to, “Tell them they are falling down and we are taking bodies from underneath them.”  The expose’ of the propaganda stunt can be seen on You Tube.


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