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E-mail: Pentagon Admits Plan to Direct Terrorism in Syria – TSA Scans Foiled – Kerry Livgren from Kansas – Patents With No Intellectual Property

March 7, 2012

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Patents With No Intellectual Property

By Robert Mackay

Pharmaceutical Corporations are among the most profitable in the World.  Profit is great

if you earn it.

In doing research into cures and remedies, I stumbled upon extensive and disturbing

activities of many of the largest medical drug manufacturers:  There are many natural

vegetation growing wild, especially in the Tropics, that have been used successfully for

many centuries and by millions of people, to treat and cure numerous diseases and

ailments. Multinational pharmaceutical corporations have been patenting these plants

and herbs and securing monopoly power over their distribution and sale.


They are sold at prices far out of reach of most of those living in the poverty-stricken

countries where these products grow in the wild.  The locals cannot market or

distribute these herbs and plants legally because that would be writing prescriptions,

(practicing medicine) without a license.  So many do without, and needlessly deal with

sickness and pain.


The process is called “Pharma-Printing”, and the World Health Organization is at the

forefront twisting the arms of governments and officials to get with the program.

How can something be patented if there is no INVENTION?  Is someone going to patent

sunlight next?


Here is how these multinational gangsters maneuver their way around the Law, and any

common sense reasoning:  In order for something to be prescribed by a Physician, or

covered by insurance, it must be Patented.  Three different stages of trials and double

blind studies must be documented and approved by the Government over a several

year period at a cost of upwards of $20 million, and often much more.

The Herbs, in order to be re-classified as “Drugs” must have all of their chemistry

completely broken down and analyzed.  “Standardization” is required for a “Drug” to be

marketed, and this means that precise amounts of the active ingredients that bring

about better health must be established.

Amazon Herb Market

This analysis and classification is what passes for “Intellectual Property” for remedies

that have grown in the wild and have been free to millions who have needed them.

Does “Fiduciary Duty” – the trust where executives are obligated to their stockholders

to secure the greatest profits – require that they unnecessarily and deliberately

create misery for millions of the poorest inhabitants the World by creating a

monopoly that deprives decent health?


Does your Pension or 401-K Fund hold stocks in companies that are doing this?

Do you feel good about benefiting from it?  What are you doing to change it?

Multinational Corporations are directly responsible for this and much other

behavior, the “Modern Day Slavery” in the undeveloped World.

Often markets are manipulated to keep unemployment at 50%.  There is rampant

child labor, unsafe unhealthy working conditions, and in many countries, pay is

around a dollar a day.  Usually there are no pollution laws, and no freedom to

promote change.


Many Socialist Governments in Europe, as well as those in Australia and Canada

are passing tough Laws to support the Pharma-Printing scam as the war to get

rid of the Alternative Medicine competition rages on.  I am witnessing a new form

of tyranny evolving, it is the alliance between too powerful, self-serving, bloated

governments with international corporations that have absolutely no conscience.

The fox is watching the hen house and there is little or no accountability.  This has

happened before in history, and we will have to repeat the lesson.

When you take away a man’s hope and dreams, and those of his children and

grandchildren, he has nothing to lose and will gladly fight to the bitter end.

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