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Debates: I Like the Way You Talk – Dead Voters – 5% Americans Severely Mentally Ill

January 23, 2012

Voter Fraud: Dead People Cast Over 950 Ballots In South Carolina

EU Formally Adopts Iran Oil Embargo

West Coast, East Coast: Hundreds of Thousands March for Life

Report: Five Percent of Americans Are Severely Mentally Ill


I Like the Way You Talk … DEBATES!

John K Rooney

Talk is cheap, but the ongoing drone of unprincipled, establishment sellouts, hawking their snake oil to a gullible public takes the cake.  After being informed that the ingredients are garbage how can these incessant pitches make a difference?  It boils down to, not what substance is in the politicians’ tonic, but what the little boy in the movie Sling-blade said to Karl, which was, “I like the way you talk.”

Gingrich’s counterattack against CNN’s John King’s piercing question won the hearts of Republicans and conservatives in South Carolina.  Never mind that he lived an adulterous lie for seven years, as if he had an open marriage, or that he dumped his first wife who was fighting cancer.  Do these sound like conservative values?  Does it matter that he supported Al Gore’s cap and trade, health mandates and the Dept. of Education?  Gingrich is a member of the collectivist organization called the Counsel on Foreign Relations, but some just like the way he talks.

Romney is another smooth talker who will say anything we want to hear, just like Obama, and will flip flop with the worst of them.  He gets the lion’s share of mega-bank contributions, again like Obama, and he knows who butters his bread.  Romney admitted he would have signed the NDAA indefinite detention bill, which undermines the Constitution and threatens basic American liberties.  He’s pro-abortion, then pro-life, for cap and trade, then against it and Romneycare was the model for the hated Obamacare power-grab.  The white Obama is now calling himself a conservative, who being a Mormon, probably believes that Jesus and Satan are brothers; look it up.  Beck, Limbaugh and the other GOP shills will support Romney if needed.  Many like the way he talks.  Umm hmm.

They all provide the red meat neocons crave like brandishing the war machine toward Iran, but Santorum can’t wait for another crusade.  He claims to be the real pro-lifer, but why did he support pro-abortion Senator Arlin Spector over pro-lifer Pat Toomey?  Santorum voted for the Patriot Act, Lautenberg Gun Ban, gun locks, Medicare Drug Plan, and championed No Child Left Behind.  Another big government insider posing as a conservative.  People just like the way he talks.

What would God do?  Well, Moses asked Him at the burning bush, “Why me Lord, I’m a man of slow speech and tongue.”  To our discredit, we focus on outward appearance and style, but we should look on the heart like God.  Choosing a leader because he wins the silver- tongued devil contest is a faulty process.  Moses had substance, even though his brother Aaron was a better speaker, it was Moses who steadfastly led through many hardships and victories.  One way to discern substance over a superficial con man is to ONLY go by past actions and deeds like a voting record.  Ron Paul established a 100% Constitutional voting record in the House according to the Freedom Index.  He’s a man of principles who can’t be bought and you can bet, he will cut a $trillion from annual government spending to avert national bankruptcy.  America is deathly ill and in need of a real physician.  Let’s let the doctor in.


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