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The Israel Lobby Documentary

October 27, 2011

The Israel Lobby Documentary

In May 2007 Dutch television programme makers VPRO created a series of documentaries on the Middle East, the first discusses US involvement with Israel, and Israel’s control in American high places. The documentary sheds light on both parties involved in the discussion: those who wish to maintain the strong tie between the US and Israel, and those who were critical of it and not infrequently became ‘victims’ of the lobby. The question arises to what extend the pro-Israel lobby ultimately determines the military and political importance of Israel itself. Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson (Colin Powell’s former chief-of-staff) explains how the lobby’s influence affects the decision-making structure in the White House.

See the Documentary on Google Videos


The Walt and Mearsheimer Study

The influence of the Israel Lobby on American foreign policy.
1:17:49 – 4 years ago

Professor Steven Walt and John Mearsheimer discuss their paper on the influence of the Israel Lobby on American foreign policy.

Read the Actual Report

My comment: I encourage Cut DC readers to forward this important information to your e-mail lists.  In no way do I endorse anti-Semitism, but the truth shall make us free.  The truth about disproportionate influence of Zionists, or better yet, control they exercise over America’s foreign and domestic policy has been withheld.  It is even taboo to speak of it.  We have ignored these glaring realities to our own peril and others need to understand how our good intentions have been played against us.  Important note: many Jewish people do not favor the aggression of the neoconservative Zionists.  Speaking of Zionists, you’ll find that a good number of these commonly known neocons are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, a semi-secret organization pushing for global socialism.  


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