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The War on Whistleblowers – Co-opting of Occupy – Iranian Terror Plot: Another DEA Scheme? – Fed Insider Lies in a Debate

October 12, 2011

The War on Whistleblowers: Sibel Edmonds

Comment: According to Edmonds, there are hundreds of whistleblowers from numerous agencies who are being shut down by the federal government.  Their testimonies will bring indictments on many of the most well-known personalities parading across our TV screens and through the halls of Congress.  Among other things, Sibel Edmonds learned that the very targets of US counter-terrorism efforts, were actually working with our State Department and CIA to create  criminal acts of terrorism overseas.  She also has knowledge about government cooperation in shipping illicit drugs into the states.  Her information is absolutely vital to America’s security and we citizens should consider forwarding this information to as many people as possible.  NGOs focusing on helping whistleblowers have done virtually nothing to get their information to the public.

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October 12, 2011

This week GRTV talks to Sibel Edmonds, famed FBI whistleblower and the Editor of about the various ways that whistleblowers in the national security establishment are retaliated against, set upon by the establishment, and undermined by the very foundation-funded organizations that are supposed to be helping them.

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Alex Jones Breaks Down The Occupy Co-Opting

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Alex Jones
October 12, 2011

Alex breaks down how the Occupy Wall Street Movement is being Co-opted just the Tea Party. He is being interviewed by local Houston independent media.


Will U.S. Exploit Dubious Terror Case and Attack Iran?

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Kurt Nimmo
October 12, 2011

photoU.S. citizen Manssor Arbabsiar thought DEA agent worked for a Mexican drug cartel.

The Obama administration plans to use an unproven accusation leveled against Iran to mount a new international sanctions campaign and possibly attack the country.

On Tuesday, the Justice Department announced it had uncovered a plot by Iran to enlist a member of a Mexican drug cartel to kill Saudi Arabia’s envoy in Washington, D.C. The FBI and the DEA uncovered the plot, according to officials. The FBI has a long track record of using informers and agents provocateurs to entrap dupes who are then described as dangerous terrorists.

Manssor Arbabsiar, a naturalized U.S. citizen holding an Iranian passport, allegedly arranged for the assassination by contacting a man he thought worked for a Mexican drug cartel, but was in fact a DEA agent. Arbabsiar was arrested on September 29 at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

“The [first] meeting, which took place in May in Mexico, was the first of a series that would result in an international conspiracy by elements of the Iranian government to pay the informant $1.5 million to murder the Ambassador on U.S. soil, according to documents we filed today in court,” said Attorney General Eric Holder. “According to the complaint, those discussions led Arbabsiar — with Shakuri’s approval – to facilitate the wiring of approximately $100,000 into a bank account in the United States as a down payment for the attempted assassination.”

Gholam Shakuri, described as Arbabsiar’s contact, has also been charged in connection with the alleged plot but remains at large.

The plot was not Arbabsiar’s idea. It was suggested by the DEA agent, who told Arbabsiar that he would need four men to carry out the assassination and that his price was $1.5 million, according to Channel 6 News.

At the State Department, Hillary Clinton praised what amounted to entrapment. “It was a terrific achievement by our law enforcement and intelligence communities, and we will be consulting with our friends and partners around the world about how we can send a very strong message that this kind of action, which violates international norms, must be ended,” she said.

The U.S. will now use the case to call for more severe sanctions against Iran. The current sanctions are considered weak and unlikely to stop Iran from continuing its nuclear energy program. China, Russia, India and Turkey have resisted more stringent sanctions that endanger business deals with Iran.

In January, Israel’s military spy agency chief Brigadier General Aviv Kochavi said the current sanctions are not working. Israel has been at the forefront of the ongoing effort to use military force against Iran under the pretext of preventing it from acquiring nuclear weapons.

The Council on Foreign Relations also considers sanctions imposed by the United Nations ineffective. It said last July that if sanctions fail the United States will have to look at using military force to stop Iran’s nuclear program.

“If this sanctions-based strategy doesn’t compel Iran to the negotiating table in a meaningful way, the United States and its allies will need to look at the other options, which include military force, containment, and fostering political change in Iran,” Meghan L. O’Sullivan of the CFR said in an interview.

At the 2010 Bilderberg meeting held in Spain, a consensus was reached about attacking Iran. “Some of them in Europe are saying no we shouldn’t do it but most of them are in favor of American air strikes on Iran,” reported Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker, citing his inside sources. “They’re tilting heavily towards green lighting a U.S. attack on Iran.”

The next step is to take the allegation to the United Nations and push for stronger sanctions, possibly including military action. “The United States and Saudi Arabia and other allies are discussing the possibility of taking this to the security council because this is an assault on a foreign diplomat in the U.S.,” said an unnamed diplomat, Reuters reports today.

Additionally, the State Department has issued a worldwide travel alert for U.S. citizens, warning of the potential for anti-U.S. action, Reuters reports. “The U.S. government assesses that this Iranian-backed plan to assassinate the Saudi ambassador may indicate a more aggressive focus by the Iranian government on terrorist activity against diplomats from certain countries, to include possible attacks in the United States,” it said in a statement posted on its website.


Fed Insider Cain Caught In Brazen Debate Lie

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Establishment favorite claims he never opposed audit of Fed

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Establishment favorite and former Federal Reserve insider Herman Cain brazenly lied during last night’s Republican debate when he denied that he had opposed an audit of the Fed, a claim that was proven false within hours by Ron Paul’s campaign team.

Pointing out that the majority of Americans want to see a full audit of the Federal Reserve, Congressman Ron Paul asked Cain if he stood by his position that it would be frivolous to audit the Fed on a regular basis, as well as his characterization of those who are calling for such measures as ignorant.

Cain responded by claiming he never dismissed Ron Paul or his supporters as “ignorant” for asking about the Federal Reserve, and that the error was down to Paul believing what he read on the Internet. Technically Cain is correct, because he didn’t call Ron Paul supporters “ignorant,” worse still, in his own book Cain dismissed them as “stupid” and ludicrously suggested that the Paul campaign was deliberately sending out supporters to harass Cain with questions about the Federal Reserve.

Cain brazenly lied in the next breath when he claimed, “I do not object to the Federal Reserve being audited, I simply said if someone wants to initiate that action go right ahead, it doesn’t bother me,” adding that he had been “misrepresented” and didn’t have a problem with the Fed being audited, before robotically repeating his “9,9,9″ tax hike agenda.

Within hours, the Paul campaign responded by pointing out precisely where Cain had expressed his opposition to auditing the Fed, with the aid of the very same Internet that Cain derided as an inaccurate source of information.

Unfortunately for the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO, the world wide web turned out to be very accurate in documenting Cain’s deception.

On December 29, 2010, Cain, former director and chairman at the Kansas City Federal Reserve, said the following.

“Some people say that we ought to audit the Fed. Here’s what I do know. The Federal Reserve already has so many internal audits it’s ridiculous. I don’t know why people think we’re gonna learn this great amount of information by auditing the Federal Reserve. I think a lot of people are calling for this audit of the Federal Reserve because they don’t know enough about it. There’s no hidden secrets going on in the Federal Reserve to my knowledge.”

Not only has Cain been exposed as a liar on prime time television, but the controversy also throws fresh spotlight on his ridiculous claim that the Fed has not acted in secrecy.

As we have since learned, most of the secret $16 trillion in Federal Reserve bailout funds between 2008 and 2010 went to foreign banks in places like Belgium, Japan and Libya.

“The biggest borrowers from the 97-year-old discount window as the program reached its crisis-era peak were foreign banks, accounting for at least 70 percent of the $110.7 billion borrowed during the week in October 2008 when use of the program surged to a record,” reported Bloomberg.

Before the Federal Reserve was legally forced to disclose the details of where the bailout money went, Chairman Ben Bernanke attempted to hide its destination by refusing to tell elected Congressmen like Alan Grayson and Ron Paul which financial institutions received bailout funds.

No “hidden secrets,” then Herman?

Cain’s total disregard for the truth and his transparent efforts to cover-up his sympathies for the Federal Reserve, the very source of America’s economic decline, by lying to the American people on national television, should torpedo any notion that Cain should even be considered as a Republican presidential candidate.

Just like Rick Perry before him, expect Cain’s campaign, backed by his “9,9,9″ gimmick, which would increase taxes for middle class Americans, to crash and burn as more spotlight is thrown on his Federal Reserve connections.


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  1. December 9, 2011 9:29 pm

    war, killing seniors to pay for more tax cuts for the rich, paid hit jobs on whistleblowers, etc..

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