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Kurt Haskell to be Witness for Underware Bomber – Declassified Documents Prove Israel Pays off US Press – San Antonio Fed Security Admits Private Property

October 11, 2011

Comment:  A very bizarre development is arising regarding the Christmas Day underwear bomber case.  Kurt Haskell, attorney and witness to the failed plot, will be asked to be a witness for Abdul Mutalleb, who allegedly tried to set off the fake device that was provided by special agents.  Federal agents and the State Department knew of Mutalleb’s plan, indeed they had provacateured the mentally challenged young man and rushed him through security even though he had no passport.  Haskell is a critical witness to government’s involvement in the false flag op, creating a pretense to roll out the unconstitutional naked body scanners across the country.    

Kurt Haskell to Be Eyewitness for Underwear Bomber: Nightly News Special Report

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Haskell maintains that Abdulmutallab was carrying a fake bomb and was the unwitting dupe in a case of government entrapment.


Declassified documents PROVES Israel manipulates the US and it’s media

Files declassified in America have revealed covert public relations and lobbying activities of Israel in the U.S. The National Archive made the documents public following a Senate investigation. They suggest Israel has been trying to shape media coverage of issues it regards as important. You can download the files from the web-site of the Institute for Research on Middle Eastern policy. And we can cross to Washington now and talk to Grant F. Smith who is a director at that Institute.

Institute for Research Middle Eastern Policy


Head of Security at San Antonio Fed Admits Institution is Private

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Kurt Nimmo
October 10, 2011

During the protest in San Antonio at the Federal Reserve on Sunday, a man we initially identified as a police officer admitted that the Fed is private, not a federal agency.

It turns out that the man who asked Alex Jones and fellow demonstrators to leave what he described as private property was not a San Antonio police officer as originally identified, but a captain of security at a privately owned institution that masquerades as a federal agency.

“It’s not a federal building,” he said.

Since 1913 the Federal Reserve has given the impression it is an agency of the federal government when in fact it is privately owned by banks.

photoA private property sign at the Dallas Federal Reserve.

Despite the fact it was established by an act of Congress, the Fed is the operating mechanism of the nation’s central banking system and is organized as a private corporation.

The Fed’s economic decisions are not ratified or signed off on by the president, Congress or anybody else in the executive or legislative branches of government. Congress is supposedly given “oversight” of the Fed, but this amounts to little more than a review after bankers have taken action on the economy.

The Fed’s shareholders are private banks. “In fact, 100% of its shareholders are private banks,” notes Ellen Brown. “None of its stock is owned by the government.”

Alex Jones and the demonstrators gathered at the Fed branch in San Antonio were in fact trespassing on private property.

Security at the private institution had no choice but to admit this.


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