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The Hill: Perry to Drop Out – Dinwiddie Co. UDA Meeting Changed – CIA’s Facebook Knows Your Web Activity – Chicago Union Bosses Loot City Pension Fund

September 26, 2011

The Hill: Perry To Drop Out, Ron Paul To Be Romney’s Rival

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Congressman is Republican’s only chance of success against Obama

Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, September 26, 2011

The implosion of Rick Perry’s presidential campaign has opened the door for Congressman Ron Paul to move up into second place and go head to head with Mitt Romney – that the prediction from The Hill, one of Washington’s most respected political newspapers.


Alex Jones explained why the momentum behind Ron Paul’s campaign has him firmly challenging as a top tier candidate on the Sunday show, and it’s a view increasingly being acknowledged by even mainstream political commentators.

Writing for The Hill, Capitol Hill’s most widely circulated newspaper, Brent Budowsky sounds the death knell for Rick Perry’s campaign.

“I wrote in August that Rick Perry will self- destruct within 30 days. His prospects for the presidency were as phony as the fantasy of a two-person race was false. Perry is a phony conservative who is not conservative. He is a pay-for-play politician who gobbled up Obama stimulus like a hound dog eating a bone, and created oceans of new government jobs in Texas while his big donors mysteriously received big government contracts. The Texas deficit ballooned and the Texas jobless rate doubled on Rick Perry’s watch,” writes Budowsky.

“I will not speculate about the reasons for Rick Perry’ s strange, weird and incoherent debate performance. Major new negative stories about Perry will soon emerge in the media. Trust me. Perry will drop out long before the year ends. If he dropped out today Ron Paul could well be in second place. Will pundits say it is a two-man race between Romney and Paul?”

As we have documented, the only thing standing between Paul and Romney is an admitted establishment media strategy to ignore the very existence of the Congressman’s campaign. Now that this hoax is quickly dissolving, Paul is set to be provided with the perfect platform from which to launch an assault on Romney’s lead in the national polls.

An an establishment RINO Republican, someone who has pushed big government policies equally as horrendous as anything Obama ever did, Romney’s chances of defeating the President are negligible. If he wins the Republican candidacy, Romney will only energize the hordes of Obamanoids to re-emerge and return Obama to the White House.

The same goes for Sarah Palin if she ever gets around to throwing her hat in the ring. Even aside from damaging recent revelations about her private life, Obama’s slick talk would absolutely cream Palin in the presidential debates and she would become a nationwide laughing stock overnight.

Polls have shown that while establishment Republicans have all lost popular approval at a similar pace to Obama, Ron Paul already has the numbers to be within striking distance of defeating Obama in a head to head run off – and that’s before he’s even been afforded one half of the national platform the media has bestowed upon Perry and Romney.

Once Ron Paul’s message is allowed to be heard, he will absolutely trounce Obama.

Only Ron Paul offers enough of an alternative to four more years of Obama to give the Republicans a chance of any success in 2012. Only Ron Paul’s solutions for returning America to sound money principles can begin to reverse decades of Republicans and Democrats allowing the nation’s economic base to be disastrously undermined.


Dinwiddie CO. UDA – Agenda 21 Meeting Changed

It will still be at 6PM tomorrow, Sept. 27th, but the location has been changed to the Eastside Enhancement Center.  Some people wonder whether they want citizens to attend for all the confusing false notices.  Address for the Enhancement Center is 7301 Boydton Plank Rd.  Please bring Dinwiddie residents who are concerned about losing property rights.

Link to previous Agenda 21 – UDA post


CIA’s Facebook Knows Where You Go On the Web

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Kurt Nimmo
September 26, 2011

Remember when Mark Zuckerberg said you need to get over the fact that there is no privacy on the internet?

He meant it.

Many of you have likely viewed the video below. It documents Facebook’s connection to the CIA.

Many people, however, think the fun of posting on and the interaction of Facebook overshadows the downside, or they merely ignore the negative aspects.

Well, it turns out it is worse than we previously thought.

Hacker and writer Nik Cubrilovic has a post on his blog today revealing some really scary and downright police state Stasi-like aspects of the popular “service” that doubles as a data-mining operation for the CIA.

Cubrilovic writes that Facebook keeps track of every website destination you visit, even if YOU ARE LOGGED OUT OF FACEBOOK. It does this through the cookies it routinely plants on your computer.

This is somewhat of an overstatement. In fact, Facebook is only able to do this on pages that have its “Like” button on it, which is to say a lot of webpages, although hardly all.

The only solution to this is to delete Facebook’s cookies after every session, or use a separate browser for Facebook usage.

Cubrilovic explains: “With my browser logged out of Facebook, whenever I visit any page with a Facebook like button, or share button, or any other widget, the information, including my account ID, is still being sent to Facebook. The only solution to Facebook not knowing who you are is to delete all Facebook cookies… It is all hidden in plain sight.”

Cubrilovic tried to email Facebook about his concerns on several occasions, but they ignored him.

For most people, this is probably not much of a concern, but for people who are political “radicals” – and anybody who holds political views outside those deemed acceptable by the establishment are indeed considered radicals – this is a serious issue.

Again, Facebook is connected to the CIA and the DIA. It is common knowledge, so much so it is now the subject of satire.

Facebook’s op compliments the NSA effort to “vaccum” up countless petabytes of personal data of citizens, described as “the largest database ever assembled in the world.” It is an integral part of what we call the “surveillance grid” here on

What about Google+, Facebook’s competition? Same thing. Google+ has something called “Web History,” billed as a service to “search across the full text of the pages you’ve visited, including Google searches, web pages, images, videos and news stories,” according to Google.

Google says you can disable this “feature,” but don’t believe them. Google, like Facebook, is in bed with the CIA. In fact, Google’s search technology is preferred by spook and snoop agencies, including the NSA.

If you want to minimize your exposure to the grid, it may be time to say good-bye to Facebook and Google+, especially if you are politically active.

Start by deactivating your Facebook and Google+ accounts and deleting their cookies on your computer.


Chicago Union Bosses Legally Loot City Pension Fund

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Written by R. Cort Kirkwood   –   New American
Monday, 26 September 2011 10:14
Thanks to an unnoticed provision legislators slipped into state law 20 years ago, almost two dozen union leaders in Chicago stand to walk off with a cool $56 million in pension money, the Chicago Tribune reported last week.

But only if the Illinois legislature does not repeal the provision, detailed in a lengthy report the Tribune conducted with WGN-TV.

Three of the union leaders may earn as much as $5 million.

Legalized Theft

No one seems to know, the Tribune reported, who tweaked state pension law to permit the looting. Or at least no one will accept responsibility.

The change in the law was a small one. It permits the pensions of city employees to be based upon salaries earned after they retired from the city and went to work for unions, rather than basing those pensions on their much lower wages from the city.

According to the Tribune, the arrangement is a little unusual: “Pension experts from around the country say they’ve never heard of such a perk for union leaders.” The paper continues,

They warn that it not only creates opportunities to scam the system but also robs the city of its ability to control pension costs. The city doesn’t set union salaries, the most important ingredient in determining the size of the leaders’ pensions.

What’s more, none of the labor officials retired in the traditional sense. Even as they collected their inflated city pensions, they held on to their high-paying union jobs. A decade ago, those public pension funds were flush, but they’re now in such deep financial trouble that they threaten to burden taxpayers and dues-paying union workers alike.

Even worse, the pension grow three percent annually, the Tribune reported, offering the dirty details on the three top beneficiaries:

Liberato “Al” Naimoli, president of the Cement Workers Union Local 76. He retired last year from a $15,000-a-year city job that he last held a quarter-century ago. Today, Naimoli receives more than $13,000 a month from the city laborers’ pension fund even as he continues to earn nearly $300,000 annually as president of Local 76. His city laborers’ pension will pay him about $4 million during his lifetime, according to a Tribune/WGN-TV analysis based on the funds’ actuarial assumptions.

James McNally, vice president of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150. He receives nearly $115,000 a year even though at the time he retired, in 2008, he had not worked for the city in more than 13 years. He was only 51 when he started collecting a city pension. By the time he turns 78, he will have received roughly $4 million from the city laborers’ fund.

Dennis Gannon, former president of the Chicago Federation of Labor. In 2004, he began receiving more than $150,000 a year after retiring at age 50 from a $56,000-a-year city job that he had left nearly 13 years earlier. He received his city pension while collecting a salary of about $200,000 from the federation. During his lifetime, the city municipal pension fund will pay him approximately $5 million. Gannon told the Tribune that he was only following the law in filing for a city pension.

If all this isn’t bad enough, at one point Gannon became ineligible for the nifty little perk. So the city rehired him for one day, the Tribune revealed, then gave him an indefinite leave of absence that just happened to last until he “retired” in 2004.

Amusingly, Gannon now works for a hedge fund that handles public-sector pensions.

I Didn’t Do It

The Tribune reported that “not one” legislator, current or former, would take blame for the change that permitted the massive pension giveaway, and even worse, “state records don’t reveal exactly who made it happen.”

Bills boosting city pensions passed in 1991, and the perk for the labor leaders was inserted at some point during the reconciliation process.

The newspaper also revealed that John P. Daley, the son of Chicago chieftain Mayor Richard J. Daley, and the brother of former Mayor Richard M. Daley, was involved in the legislative shenanigans.

When the Tribune contacted Daley, he sustained sudden memory loss. “I don’t recall it at all,” he told the newspaper.

Unhappily for city pensioners, contributions to their retirement fund can’t keep pace with the massive withdrawals going to the 23 former employees who hit the jackpot.

According to the Tribune,

Each year, the 23 labor leaders receive about $1.8 million from the funds. That works out to an average of about $80,000.

Another 13 union officials are accruing benefits in the city funds but have yet to retire, and six more received the deal after taking a union leave from the Chicago Public Schools.

The newspaper and station calculated the coming pension benefits, and discovered that of the “$56 million the retired labor leaders stand to collect during their lifetimes, roughly half won’t be covered by their pension contributions, the analysis found.”

With billions of dollars in unfunded pension liabilities, that’s a drop in the bucket. But it provides a window into why the funds have deteriorated: Contributions have not kept pace with increasing benefits.

Emanuel Heads for the Bushes

Mayor Rahm Emanuel would not comment upon the obvious reaction the investigation inspired: The city pension program must be reformed.

Republicans plan to introduce legislation to repeal the bill that set up the legalized theft of public pension funds. The GOP leader in the Illinois House of Representatives, Tom Cross, says he will introduce legislation to stop the practice. “At minimum, going forward you would no longer be able to do what they’ve been doing,” Cross told the Tribune. “To allow this to happen is crazy.”


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