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Agenda 21 and Urban Development Areas (UDA)

September 14, 2011

Do you like grassy lawns and golf courses?  Do you enjoy driving your car and the freedom that comes with your automobile?  How about air-conditioning at work and at home?  Maybe you appreciate the availability of meats such as steak, ham or chicken without rationing?  Perhaps your children would prefer rural living with its privacy and forests.  If so, Agenda 21’s sustainable development plan seeks to abolish these things.

In 1992, the UN Rio Earth Summit put forth a program to bring about communism to the entire world through fake environmentalism.  Cap and Trade and the carbon dioxide hoax are examples of the agenda’s machinations.   This diabolical plan is called “Agenda 21” and it uses deceptive terms like sustainable development, smart growth or new urbanism.  A long list of things, like those listed above, is considered unsustainable and to be prohibited, in time, such as living in the suburbs.  One goal of these socialists is to reduce the American way of life to a fraction of what we’ve known.  People will be stacked and packed into high-density urban areas and vast tracks of rural land will be shut off from human access, as preference will be given to wildlife.  The family farm will be replaced by agri-giants that grow Franken-food tainted with sterilants.  It is called neo-feudalism and the endgame will be universal slavery to the state.  Billionaire Maurice Strong, the head of the Rio Summit stated, “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse?  Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”  It is happening.

Agenda 21 is being rolled out into towns and counties without the full knowledge of the citizens.  California has aggressively participated, and we see the results as businesses are moving out in droves because of regulatory tyranny.  How is Agenda 21 advancing into Virginia?  It is sneaking in through mandatory Urban Development Areas known as UDAs.  These planned communities, modeled after the Agenda 21 concept, are spawned from a state law that was passed in 2007 – 15.2-2223.1, maintaining that certain growing communities are required to adopt this “new urbanism.”

UDA’s are compact, 3-4 story multi-use communities with dense population requirements and very narrow streets, to discourage automobile usage.  Most of us have no problem with bike paths and walkable communities, but when we are forced to implement them by the government, that’s when there is a problem.  As a community grows, free markets naturally develop high-density areas as property values rise and land becomes scarce.  In reality, one primary objective of Agenda 21 is to reduce the amount of resources people use through top down social planning, code changes, and onerous regulations that will ultimately control everything we do.  The goal is not to save the earth, but instead, to tighten control over humans and natural resources into the hands of international bankers and corporate oligarchs, who are drawing in the net of global totalitarianism.  In part, it is an incremental plan to deprive you of your right to own (control) property.

Urban Development Areas are a Trojan horse that will usher in United Nations led control over local communities through federal grants and programs.  One may assume just adopting a UDA on paper will do no harm, but adopting the plan opens the door to the whole agenda of sustainable development as I will address on the back side.

Once established, developers will push to develop the UDAs because of income tax breaks and available federal grants through HUD and the Dept. of Energy.  These grants come with strings attached, as you might imagine, that will forever change the county.  Buildings, materials, roads, drainage, plumbing and regulations must adhere to strict environmental standards and eventually, emphasis will be placed on changing ordinances for the remainder of the county to be consistent with sustainable goals.

 Chesterfield County Comprehensive Plan – Including New Urbanism

Agenda 21 policies are standardized to an extent with a sort of template that “smart growth” follows.   These boilerplate provisions can be found in places such as the proposed Chesterfield County Comprehensive Plan “Action Matrix.” Notice the abusive land use regulations that erode property rights.  I will list just several among many that should concern you, and this is just the start.

1)    Take an inventory of all natural resources on private property, including natural heritage resources (rare wildlife or plants), mapping and analyzing each.  This is done should the government, in some way, chooses to violate your property rights in the future.  The state assumes your property is theirs.

2)    Multi-use Urban Development Areas must include 15% government subsidized housing with other residential areas. Is this not why people move to the country?

3)     Landscape Regulations: New laws will come that micro-manage what you plant, including where and how they are grown, focusing on “low impact” gardening on your property.  Eventually, the grassy lawn will be phased out.  It’s unsustainable.

4)    Tiered Water Billing: Punishes, for example, irrigation of gardens or lawns.

5)     Tree Ordinance: You must obtain a permit to cut down a tree on your land.

6)    Land Conservation Tools:  IMPORTANT!  Purchase or transfer of development rights occurs when landowners transfer the right to develop their property for tax breaks.  Land goes into a conservation easement that greatly limits the use and value of the property.   The tax burden is then shifted to other property owners, who in turn, are pressured to transfer their properties’ development rights in order to get tax relief.   The Agenda 21 “Wildlands Project” is working to lock out future development of most rural land, thus creating artificial scarcity.  This social engineering scheme pushes citizens into the UDAs.

7)     Resource Protection Areas: These are buffer zones around waterways in which you are prohibited from building on your property.  This method, along with historical zones and condemnation, lowers values and steals your property rights.

8)     Comprehensive Ordinance Review:  Review all physical development ordinances in the county and update them to align with the “Comprehensive Plan.”  Left-wing green regulations do not apply only to the UDAs.

9)     Preferential Tax Tools:  Increase the tax burden on rural and suburban citizens through tax increment financing and other methods to fund UDA infrastructure.

UDAs and “smart growth” are based on a socialist concept called the precautionary principle. It’s the belief one must act on suspicion (fear), even without proof of necessity.  Cap and Trade, Iraq WMDs, and Iran warmongering are examples of the precautionary principle.

Forcing counties to adopt UDAs and pushing green tyranny based on fraudulent science is criminal and unconstitutional.  Karl Marx summed up the theory of the communists as abolition of private property.   Here it is step by step.

John K Rooney

Tri-Cities Liberty Alliance

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