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Funnel Cloud over Tri-Cities – Storm Update – 9-11 and Mossad? – FDA’s KGB Style Secret War on Raw Milk – Sharia Enshrined in Libyan Draft Constitution

August 26, 2011

Tornado Forming Over Colonial Heights/Ettrick, VA – Aug. 21

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These photos were taken by Jeff Seymour on Sunday, August 21, 2011.  Seymour noticed a storm moving into the area and went to the central Petersburg area to get these shots.  The buildings in view are in the Old Town District near the Appomattox River.  The photographer claimed there was rotation in the “funnel clouds” that were attempting to reach the ground and that the funnel deteriorated before reaching the ground.


Storm Update

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National Hurricane Center Audio Update

NOAA Weather Radio – Click on your zone for Audio.

NOAA Local Broadcasts

Weather Channel Hurricane Central


Was Israeli Mossad Involved With 9-11?

Jewish Christian Brother Nathaniel brings to light evidence that provides link.

Most of his information is spot on, but I believe the number of Jews that died at 9-11 is greater than his figure.  I’m doing a little research on this and expect there to be disinformation from many sources on both sides.  Just making an assumption based on the percentage of Jews that lived in New York is not helpful.  Nathaniel does point out key Jewish players in the ordeal that had tremendous influence upon many aspects of the actual event, investigation and resulting wars.


FDA wages secret war on raw milk farmers using KGB-style spying and infiltration techniques

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Mike Adams
August 25, 2011

After weeks of investigation, NaturalNews can now reveal that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is waging a clandestine war on raw milk dairy farmers through a network of government spies who are coached on infiltration and social engineering techniques. Resembling the Stasi East German police or KGB of the former Soviet Union, these undercover FDA agents meet each month for a “spying roundtable” phone conference called the Raw Milk Call during which techniques of infiltration are openly discussed and encouraged.

NaturalNews can now reveal that the majority of these undercover FDA agents are women, who are more easily able to infiltrate the raw dairy community with techniques of social engineering (see below).

The existence of this elaborate spying operation has been confirmed by NaturalNews through three different sources, all of which demanded anonymity as they fear being targeted by the FDA with armed raids, false arrest and destruction of their property, as we recently witnessed with the Rawesome Foods raid. One source told NaturalNews they feared the FDA would stage a Waco-style siege of their farm and invent some justification to assault their farmhouse and shoot them and their family. Yes, this is how much freedom has been lost in America today, where farmers are afraid to speak out for fear they might be killed. And yet, it’s not paranoia: They have legitimate reason to fear their own government is targeting them for termination.

FDA uses KGB-style techniques to infiltrate raw dairy networks

Through these sources, NaturalNews has learned the FDA coaches its network of spies to engage in KGB-style social engineering techniques in order to win the trust of the very people it then targets for armed raids and arrest. Those techniques include:

• FDA agents visiting local farmers’ markets and gathering names of possible raw milk providers to be targeted.

• FDA agents calling those targets and trying to convince them to sell raw dairy products by telling “sob stories” of how they have a baby that can’t breastfeed, and they need raw goat’s milk to keep the baby alive. (This is why most undercover FDA agents are women — they make more convincing social engineers when it comes to issues like finding goat’s milk to feed babies.)

• FDA agents engage in name-dropping of others in the raw dairy community in order to imply trust. In California, for example, they might say, “I spoke with Mark McAfee at Organic Pastures, and he told me to talk to you.” This technique impresses the target, thinking they have been recommended by a big name in the raw dairy industry. In reality, the whole story is fiction and is just used by FDA spies to try to ensnare other raw dairy producers.

• FDA is building a secret government database of raw dairy customers. This is accomplished by training its spies and agents to demand the confiscation of customer lists from raw dairy farmers. Such lists are then delivered to FDA headquarters in Washington D.C. where they are added to a growing database of names, email addresses and sometimes even home addresses. It is not known what the FDA ultimately plans to do with this list.

• FDA pays huge sums of cash each month to various state agriculture departments, then sends top-level FDA infiltration agents to those states to train state-level agents in these same clandestine techniques. As one example, NaturalNews has learned the FDA currently pays the Wisconsin Dept. of Agriculture more than $80,000 a month for it to spend on these raw dairy spying and infiltration schemes. Shortly after the program was launched, FDA flew several of its top agents to Wisconsin to walk the local farmers’ markets with spies-in-training agents, teaching them spying and infiltration techniques in what was essentially a “Raw milk spy camp.”

• FDA agents have been well trained and schooled on running elaborate entrapment schemes which are operated with the sole purpose of persuading small, local raw dairy farmers to break the law or violate FDA regulations so that the FDA can justify an armed raid on their farm operation.

• Many millions of dollars (NaturalNews could not get accurate numbers on the total expenditures) are being spent by the FDA on these spying and infiltration programs. None of these programs are reported to Congress. None are reported to the press. These are entirely “dark operations” conducted behind the scenes, with no official announcements, and with no desire to attract publicity of any kind. They are, essentially, secret wars being conducted against America’s farmers, with no congressional approval whatsoever.

• NaturalNews was told that FDA head Margaret Hamburg is not only authorizing these secret spying operations, but that she took a personal role in structuring the operations so that they would not be made public. NaturalNews has not yet been able to confirm this allegation, since obviously the FDA outright refuses to return our phone calls, insisting on operating entirely in secret.

• As part of its secret spying and social engineering effort, the FDA also runs a national farmer intimidation program where FDA agents dressed in what look like FBI or “agency” uniforms just show up at farmers’ homes and engage in verbal intimidation in order to dissuade farmers from producing or marketing raw dairy products. This is done without a warrant and completely outside the law. Farmers are routinely told that if they talk about this, they will be targeted with armed raids.

• One farmer was told, “If you go public with this, we will come back and have your entire herd destroyed by claiming your cows are infected with mad cow disease.” This is a classic secret police-style intimidation technique, and it explains why so few raw dairy farmers have been willing to step forward and go public with their stories. One sheep farmer was already targeted and had his entire flock of sheep murdered by the FDA working in conspiracy with state agriculture officials, under the false pretense that the sheep were infected. This particular instance is covered in the film Farmageddon, at

• FDA officials have stated, during these monthly “Raw Milk Calls,” that their goal is the complete destruction of the raw dairy industry in the United States, and that achieving this goal was a top priority of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

• FDA has also stated that it plans to use the increased funding provided to it under the Food Safety Modernization Act to expand its secret spying and infiltration network and train even more spies to entrap and intimidate raw dairy farmers.

• Many of the people now attempting to join raw milk buying clubs and meet-up groups are actually undercover FDA agents who are gathering names, emails, addresses and other “evidence” to be used to justify future armed FDA raids. National lists are being drawn up and prioritized to create “hit lists” of farms to raid under the Food Safety Modernization Act.

• Salaries and bonuses of clandestine FDA employees are raised based on the “performance” of how many raw dairy operations are shut down, how many customer names are confiscated, successful raw milk “buys” and other key milestones of oppression and tyranny that are set by the FDA. In this way, FDA agents are financially rewarded based on the number of American farmers they crush.

The FDA’s secret war reveals how the U.S. government is headed toward total police state tyranny

That this situation exists in the United States today is a disturbing and powerful commentary on the runaway power of regulatory agencies which have essentially built their own lawless kingdoms of power, subject to no law and no checks or balances.

The FDA, in particular, simply writes its own law without any congressional approval whatsoever. It wages its own secret wars, runs its own spy network and is essentially rising up to become its own secret police organization (or terrorist group). None of this has ever been approved by Congress. The head of the FDA is not elected by the voters. And President Obama is either unaware that all this is going on or refuses to do anything about it. (President Bush did nothing about it, either, and you can bet that unless the next President is Ron Paul, this same look-the-other-way attitude will continue at the White House).

The FDA, notably, far from protecting Americans from dangerous foods and drugs, now sees the people as the enemy and spends an inordinate amount of its time and money waging secret spying campaigns and plotting armed raids against innocents. If this rise to power continues, the FDA will effectively become the KGB of agriculture, eventually wielding its own firearms and running terror-style hit-and-run assaults on people engaged in small-scale organic farming, gardening or raw dairy production. This is, essentially, all-out war against the American people, and it’s all being funded by your taxpayer dollars and carried out with the full tolerance of the President himself.

President Obama could put a stop to this if he wanted to. The FDA could be reeled in and de-funded. It could be split into two separate agencies: Foods, and then Drugs as a separate agency. Congress could pass a “food freedom rights” law that guarantees the protection of farmers (of course, the FDA would probably just ignore it, as the agency respects absolutely no law whatsoever).

The growing revolt against the FDA’s war on innocents

NaturalNews has learned, through its own network of informants, that the most likely outcome of all this is a growing citizens’ revolt against FDA tyranny. While this revolt is so far focused on peaceful protest and non-violent resistance against the FDA’s secret war on Americans, it is my personal belief that at some point we will witness an escalation where FDA agents who are discovered and “outed” wind up shot in the head, or farmers begin to fight back and defend their farms against FDA raids through the use of firearms — which is, of course, their right.

That’s the whole point of the Second Amendment, of course: To give the citizens of America a fighting chance against oppressive government. This is why the right to own firearms was specifically placed in the Bill of Rights, just after the right to Free Speech. It was not put there as a right to go hunting or to engage in “sport” shooting. It was written there specifically as a way for the citizens to protect themselves from government tyrants who, throughout history, have always — always! — overstepped their bounds to become tyrannical, oppressive regimes that end up using guns against innocent citizens.

It is only the mass armament of the People that creates the ultimate “balance” of keeping government power in check. When the FDA enforces its criminal agenda through the threat of guns, it is up to the People to invoke their own Second Amendment protections in response and present an armed, lawful, protective resistance against tyranny that tells the FDA, “If you continue down this path, you will be fired upon.”

I believe we are very close to entering the age of a shooting war between farmers and the FDA. I would encourage the FDA agents who are no doubt reading this to strongly consider: Is your war against raw milk worth risking your life?

Here at NaturalNews, we do not want to see this situation devolve into a shooting war, and yet, as President John F. Kennedy famously said: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Unless the FDA backs off from these secret police tactics, in other words, the agency can expect to be dealing with a whole new problem: Lead poisoning. This is the FDA’s own fault, of course. When farmers are stripped of their God-given right to produce honest food and sell it to their neighbors, and when they are treated like criminals and terrorists by an out-of-control, rogue federal agency that respects no law and no rights, it is only a matter of time before some of these farmers are driven to the point of shooting back. And I dare say, farmers are far better shots than FDA agents.

Help us end this insanity by leaking intel

NaturalNews has already received information hinting that even many agents within the FDA are fed up with the agency’s illegal war on farmers. If you work for the FDA, or with the FDA, or participated in FDA raids in any way, and if you have intelligence that needs to be made public to help end this secret war, NaturalNews will protect your anonymity, just as we have the other sources who provided intelligence for this story.

You may submit tips to us at:…

Our goal is to see the FDA’s war exposed, to see Congress take action to halt the FDA’s actions, and to see the rights of farmers protected under law. We do not wish to see this escalate into the violence that now seems likely.

Obviously, do not submit tips to us from your work computer, because that can be tracked. Use an internet cafe so that your IP address cannot be tracked by anyone. Do NOT include your real name, and if you give us an email address, make sure it is an anonymous email that would not link back to your actual name or work location. Remember: The government is also tracking and reading your emails, so take all necessary steps to protect your privacy and safety. We are, after all, dealing with a terrorist organization in the FDA. The FDA may stop at nothing to protect its power and continue waging its war on American farmers.

NaturalNews is actively gathering and distributing intelligence on this situation, publicizing the truth that the FDA wants to keep secret — that it is waging a clandestine, illegal war against America’s farmers, using Stasi-style, or KGB-inspired secret police tactics combined with the threat of violence to crush resistance. This is a campaign of terrorism being waged against innocent farmers in America, and it is a sign of a government out of control… a government which, in many ways, has become an enemy of the People and an enemy of freedom.

The FDA wants MORE power

And the FDA is just getting warmed up. Once the new funding from the Food Safety Modernization Act kicks in, this agency promises to unleash an army of new agents to sweep across the countryside, detaining gardeners and small farmers, demanding “show me your papers!” Meanwhile, its agents will be terrorizing, intimidating and threatening everyone except the big agriculture giants which are always exempt from government scrutiny (even though they are the ones causing all the food safety problems in the first place).

If the FDA is not stopped, it is positioned to rise up as the most dangerous government-run terrorist organization America has ever seen. Already responsible for the death of at least 100,000 Americans each year who die from taking FDA-approved medications, this agency is now hell bent on destroying an entire food-producing industry while exploiting the most insidious tactics of intimidation and oppression that have ever been used throughout the world’s most criminal regimes: Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler and others.

We are watching the history of tyrannical government oppression repeat itself here, and just as Mao murdered hundreds of thousands of intellectuals, and Hitler gassed millions of Jews, the FDA is determined to silence and destroy the livelihoods of countless American farmers who are only guilty of “weapons of mass nutrition.” (…)

May God help us all. What we need to see right now is the Dept. of Justice conducting an armed raid on the FDA, arresting all the top FDA officials and charging them with criminal conspiracy to deprive American farmers of their rights.

Only then can we see justice served in America… and the rights of a free people protected under law.

Sources for this story

This story is triple-sourced. The identity of the sources shall remain protected by NaturalNews, as they rightfully fear for their lives. The FDA has already indicated it will engage in mob hits and terrorist-style actions to censor those who speak out.


Sharia Enshrined in Libyan Draft Constitution

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Written by Joe Wolverton, II   –    New American
Friday, 26 August 2011 01:00
LibyaNow that the U.S. military, under the auspices of NATO, has “liberated” Libya, that country is on a path to become the third such nation to establish Sharia as the principal basis for all future constitutional legislation.
With the pen of power placed in their hands by the armed forces of the United States, the members of the Libyan Transitional National Council (TNC) has released a draft of a proposed new constitution that enumerates Islamic Sharia law as its foundation.
Sharia, which means “path” in Arabic, is the sacred law of Islam. The precepts of Sharia have two sources: the Koran and the writings of Mohammed. Sharia is the code that is responsible for the stoning of adulteresses; the caning of rape victims; and the restrictions on dress, rights of inheritance, and marital status of women.
A document released by the TNC explicitly establishes Islam as the state religion and specifies that the principal source of all laws lawfully promulgated under the proposed constitution will be the precepts of Sharia.
The relevant declaration is made in Part 1, Article 1 of the constitution authored by the TNC:
Libya is an independent democratic state wherein the people are the source of authorities. The city of Tripoli shall be the capital of the state. Islam is the religion of the state and the principal source of legislation is Islamic jurisprudence (sharia). Arabic is its official language while preserving the linguistic and cultural rights of all components of the Libyan society. The state shall guarantee for non-Muslims the freedom of practicing religious rights and shall guarantee respect for their systems of personal status.
Curiously, despite the official establishment of Islam as the state religion, another clause of the same article of the constitution guarantees the right to worship freely. The section reads in relevant part: “The State shall guarantee for non-Moslems [sic] the freedom of practising religious rights [sic] and shall guarantee respect for their systems of personal status.”
There are other equally unsettling articles and clauses in the draft constitution submitted by the TNC. Below are a few examples of provisions in that document that should give pause to constitutionalists.
Article 4: “The State shall seek to establish a political democratic regime to be based upon the political multitude and multi-party system in a view of achieving peaceful and democratic circulation of power.”
The Founding Fathers of the United States universally agreed that there is no lasting peace to be found in democracy. As James Madison observed and warned: “Hence it is, that such democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security, or the rights of property; and have, in general, been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.” The Founding Fathers instead established a Republic, a government of law that defines and limits and power of government and protects basic rights.
Article 5 of the draft constitution promises that “the family is the basis of society and shall be entitled to protection by the State.” While the notion of protection of the family is certainly noble, there is something more ominous lurking in the penumbras of those words when they are read in light of the enshrinement of Sharia as the source of all laws.
Social equality is proclaimed as a goal of the new ruling party in Libya. Article 8 guarantees that the State will “provide an appropriate standard of living” to all Libyans. Setting aside the vagueness of the terms of that clause and the confusion that will undoubtedly cause, the most disquieting aspect of this socialist scheme is that such programs and policies have the tacit imprimatur of the United States of America.
International criminals (terrorists?) will be high-fiving each other upon reading Article 10 of the new constitution: “The extradition of political refugees shall be prohibited. The State shall guarantee the right of asylum.”
The statement quoted above wherein James Madison described democracy as incompatible with the right of property is certainly proven in Article 11 of the new Libyan charter. It reads: “Homes shall have their sanctity and they may not be entered or inspected except in cases prescribed by the law and according to the manner set forth therein.”
Again, while this may comfort some, there is always the specter of Sharia lurking behind every seemingly civil right protected by the proposed constitution. That is to say, every clause of this constitution must be read in the light of Sharia and its precepts and not simply as plain principles of freedom as understood according to Western tradition.
Much of the rest of the Constitution strikes a very Lockean tone with protections of free speech, the rule of law, and fair and open elections. For all of this Western sounding language, however, the constitution’s open paean to Islam and its traditions as set forth in the corpus of Sharia law is unarguably an open affront to the principles of liberty held inviolate in the United States.
It is this contrast that is the most disturbing aspect of the potential political system being set up by former rebels in Tripoli. The plain, uncomfortable, and irrefutable fact is that there would be no transitional authority, indeed there would be neither a transition nor any authority were it not for the demolishing power of the arsenal of the American military. While NATO is given credit for “liberating” Libya, there are American hands guiding armed drones and flying American fighter planes dropping American bombs on the forces loyal to Gaddafi.
In fairness, the constitution penned and proffered by the Transitional National Council is only a draft, and it is too soon to know if all of the clauses contained therein will find their way into the final, functional version of that document. What is known, however, is that in the two other countries recently released from the shackles of Muslim extremists, Sharia is the standard against which all laws are measured. And, furthermore, these constitutions were co-authored by American occupational forces.
While such levels of intervention are nowhere provided for in the Constitution, sadly, even among the most well-educated conservatives in America there are those who see a legitimate role for the United States in helping to lay the metes and bounds of the new Libyan regime. James Phillips of The Heritage Foundation made such a claim earlier this year:
While the Obama Administration should minimize its military involvement, Washington should assume a leadership role in supporting a credible opposition—one free of terrorist taint and committed to the interests of the Libyan people. The Administration has offered to provide non-lethal aid to the Libyan rebels and should consider giving them access to the regime’s frozen assets and help with facilitating oil exports. But Washington should consider providing further assistance only when it can ensure that such aid will not benefit Islamist extremists, who form a small portion of the loose opposition coalition.
Tragically, as has been the case in the other countries “set free” by the overwhelming might of the U.S. military, neither the drafting nor passing of a new constitutional order, despite the American influence thereon, will bring the peace and stability that some sincerely hope for. Witness this statement from Chinese Radio International:
However, as Ben Leung, CRI’s special correspondent in Cairo notes, Libya is divided along tribal lines, and the violence committed by the Gaddafi regime over the past decades is very hard for people to shrug off or forget. So there is every chance that the desire for retribution could be a potential problem which could blight the transitional period in the next year or so.
And, as has now become the custom throughout the world, when the blight begins, it is the blood and treasure of the United States and the men and women of our military that will be called upon to restore order and remove the blight.
Photo: AP Images
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