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SAS Troops in Arab Clothes Hunt for Gaddafi – Hurricane Irene – CIA and Libya – Obama’s Mandated Dream Act – Gallup Poll: Obama Tied With Lead Republicans

August 25, 2011

SAS troops dressed in Arab clothes join hunt for Gaddafi as £1m reward is offered for dictator’s head

Comment:  It’s becoming clear that the globalists who engineered the Libyan coup from the beginning, have departed from the pretense of the humanitarian mission world government (UN) authorized.  Now that Libyan assets are within their grasp, mercenary forces that have worked to implement the agenda of the international banking cartel are exposing the true nature of the civil war, kinetic action and Western intervention.   

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UK Daily Mail
Aug 25, 2011


SAS troops are on the ground in Libya helping rebels to scour buildings and entrances to tunnels in the hunt for runaway leader Colonel Gaddafi.

The crack squad of elite soldiers are dressed in Arab clothes and carrying the same AK47s and Kalashnikovs that the rebels have used in the conflict.

The SAS will be searching Gaddafi’s wrecked apartments and trying to gain entrance to the network of underground tunnels where he is believed to be hiding.

Soldier from 22 SAS Regiment were first sent into the north African country several weeks ago by David Cameron and they have remained there to find Gaddafi, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Nato has carried out a string of airstrikes on key targets in Libya since the conflict began on February 17 but up until now the use of ground troops has been ruled out.

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Hurricane Irene Videos

Yahoo News Hurricane Irene Videos – Bahamas

Forecast –

Weather Channel Updated Forecast


Virginia Earthquake Footage – (language warning)



CIA and Libya: Rep. Kucinich and the Elephant in the Room

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Kurt Nimmo
August 25, 2011

In addition to calling for war crime prosecutions against NATO for killing Libyan civilians, Rep. Dennis Kucinich wants to know if the CIA had a hand in the effort to overthrow Gaddafi and install al-Qaeda.

“Was the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency involved in planning for regime change prior to events in February and March in Benghazi? Did the CIA and its assets have a role in fomenting a civil war?” Kucinich writes on his House web page.

The CIA has a long history of overthrowing regimes and leaders disfavored by the global elite. In the past, the CIA worked on “the dark side” – as Dick Cheney might put it – and tried to hide its participation in violent coups and assassinations. Since September 11, 2001, and the subsequent war on terror, however, the agency has worked out in the open and without pretense or explanation. It has not bothered to cover up its rendition program – its global kidnapping program – and has conducted an illegal war in Pakistan’s tribal region that makes headlines every couple weeks or so.

On March 30, the New York Times announced the CIA’s “clandestine” effort to insert operatives in Libya to aid the so-called rebels, later exposed as al-Qaeda. At the time of the report, the operatives had been in the country for several weeks.

In addition to the CIA, operatives from MI6 and British intelligence were present, according to the Times: “British officials said that dozens of British special forces and MI6 intelligence officers are working inside Libya. The British operatives have been directing airstrikes from British jets and gathering intelligence about the whereabouts of Libyan government tank columns, artillery pieces and missile installations, the officials said.”

The Times said the CIA was in Libya “to fill in gaps in understanding” of who the rebels are and their allegiances. As usual, the Times does not deviate from its Pentagon generated script. In fact, the CIA fashioned the “Arab Spring” rebels out of remnants of al-Qaeda and other assets. One rebel leader, Khalifa Haftar, is a long time CIA operative, a fact revealed by Reuters on April 1.

Former CIA informer Walter Pincus, writing for the crown jewel of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, the Washington Post, said Haftar and his Libyan National Army opposed Gaddafi “allegedly with backing from the CIA and Saudi elements.” Haftar’s “group is supported by the U.S., and has been given training facilities in the U.S. It’s a good presumption that Col. Haftar’s group operates in Libya with the blessings of our government,” Enver Masud wrote for The Wisdom Fund in 1996.

The CIA’s fingerprints are all over the Gaddafi opposition movement, from the Libya National Army to the National Salvation Front and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group. has covered the amply documented connections between the CIA and the Gaddafi opposition since March. See CIA Operative Appointed to Run al-Qaeda Connected Libyan Rebels, Obama Sends Murder Incorporated to Libya, Al Qaeda: Pawns of CIA Insurrection from Libya to Yemen and War with Libya.

Dennis Kucinich has plenty of evidence that the CIA orchestrated the plot to overthrow Gaddafi and grab Libya. He now needs to hold hearings exposing the CIA’s dirty deeds the same way Senator Frank Church did in the 1970s.

The CIA is responsible for an untold number of murders. It has staged violent coups in Iran, Indonesia, Chile, and dozen of other places around the world. From importing Nazis to establishing crooked banks to fund covert ops and launder drug money, the CIA has a notorious track record that pales anything accomplished by the Mafia.

As Rep. Ron Paul has noted, the CIA is a “government unto themselves. Their in businesses, their in drug businesses… and… they take out dictators. We need to take out the CIA.”


Under Mandated DREAM Act, Obama Eyes Amnesty, Halting Most Deportations

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Written by R. Cort Kirkwood   –   New American
Wednesday, 24 August 2011 16:32

The Obama administration has taken the next logical step in implementing its amnesty plan for illegal aliens. Having officially declared the DREAM Act law even though it failed in Congress, the administration is now reviewing 300,000 deportation cases with an eye toward stopping almost all of them.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the New York Times reported on Monday, is now using the prosecutorial discretion it received from ICE chief John Morton, who permitted the discretion in a memo last month and offered a DREAM list of criteria with which to exercise that discretion. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano cemented Morton’s policy last week with a letter to Congress.

Some cynics have noted that the cases the Times picked to represent the “victims” of this nation’s immigration policy could have come straight from central casting.

Hard Cases

The Times for August 22 opened its reportage with the tale of Manuel Guerra:

The call came in the morning to the lawyer representing Manuel Guerra, an illegal immigrant from Mexico living in Florida who had been caught in a tortuous and seemingly failing five-year court fight against deportation.

With the news early Thursday that federal immigration authorities had canceled his deportation, Mr. Guerra became one of the first illegal immigrants in the country to see results from a policy the Obama administration unveiled in Washington that day. It could lead to the suspension in coming months of deportation proceedings against tens of thousands of immigrants.

Guerra came to do God’s work, the Times averred:

For Mr. Guerra, who said he wants to remain in the United States to study to become a Roman Catholic priest, the news “was like something from above, from heaven. I don’t want to go back to Mexico,” he said, “and I’ve been fighting this for five years.”

Though the Times did not mention why Guerra cannot attend seminary in Mexico, or why a future priest was willing to break the law, it said, “He came to this country to escape a violent gang in Mexico.” The newspaper then noted that the Obama administration’s amnesty program is well underway:

A working group from the Homeland Security and Justice Departments met Friday to initiate a review of about 300,000 deportation cases currently before the immigration courts.

Under the policy, immigration authorities will use powers of prosecutorial discretion in existing law to suspend the deportations of most immigrants who, although they have committed immigration violations (which generally are civil offenses), have not been convicted of crimes.

In particular, officials will look to halt deportations of longtime residents with clean police records who came here illegally when they were children, or are close family of military service members, or are parents or spouses of American citizens.

Obama, Napolitano and Morton will also make exceptions for “family,” the paper reported, including the kind now legally allowed in New York. Reported the Times, “The administration’s announcement also had an immediate impact on a case in Denver, where an immigration judge on Friday postponed the deportation of Sujey Pando, a lesbian from Mexico legally married in Iowa to an American from Colorado, Violeta Pando.

Although federal law does not recognize same-sex marriages, administration officials said they would consider same-sex spouses as “family” in their review of deportation cases.

The judge, Mimi Tsankov, cited the flux in laws and policies affecting same-sex cases in delaying a decision on Sujey Pando’s deportation at least until January, said Lavi Soloway, a lawyer for the couple.

Having unilaterally enacted the failed DREAM Act, the administration has now declared lesbian marriages legal for the purposes of the meeting the criteria in the act.

“Latino” activists, as they wish to be styled, and their revanchist leaders are celebrating. “This is the Barack Obama I have been waiting for, that Latino and immigrant voters helped put in office to fight for sensible immigration policies,” Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) told the Times.

Said Janet Murguia, president of the National Council of La Raza, “We will closely monitor the implementation of this process to ensure that it is applied robustly and that it brings public safety squarely into focus.”

Logical Move

Napolitano and Morton laid the groundwork for the administration’s final usurpation of congressional prerogative on immigration law. In March, Napolitano announced that ICE had stopped deporting illegals who met the criteria in the DREAM Act; i.e., that the illegal alien in question came here as a child, is attending school, or is enlisted in the military. The DREAM Act supposedly requires that amnestied illegals be of “good moral character,” but that does not mean that hardened criminals and terrorists need not apply, as Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) noted about the resurrected but now superfluous DREAM Act of 2011 of leftist Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.).

Said Napolitano: “If they [illegal aliens] truly meet all those criteria, and we see very few of them actually in the immigration system, if they truly meet those [criteria], they’re not the priority. The reason we set priorities is so that the focus could be on those in the country who are also committing other illegal acts.”

Morton backed that statement, then, in late June, published a memorandum permitting his agents “prosecutorial discretion” in pursuing deportations. Included in Morton’s memo was a long list of criteria that mirrored those in the DREAM Act but included even more. The list was long enough that ICE agents could excuse virtually any illegal alien from deportation for any reason.

In August, Morton ended agreements with 40 states to participate in the federal Secure Communities program, through which local authorities shared fingerprints of suspects with federal authorities. The program stopped after illegal alien lobbyists raised a ruckus, claiming that “lesser offenders,” who did not deserve deportation, were caught in the Secure Communities dragnet.

Mandating a review of 300,000 possible deportations was the next logical step for President Obama. Napolitano informed Congress of the move last week. “From a law enforcement and public safety perspective, DHS enforcement resources must continue to be focused on our highest priorities,” she wrote to Congress. “Doing otherwise hinders our public safety mission — clogging immigration court dockets and diverting DHS enforcement resources away from individuals who pose a threat to public safety.”

Gov. Jan Brewer, who is battling the Obama administration as well as members of Congress about her state’s tough immigration law, called Obama’s move a “backdoor amnesty.”

Latino activists had threatened to withhold support from Obama in the next election if he did not mandate the failed DREAM Act

into law.


Gallup Poll: Obama Tied with Either Paul, Romney, Perry, or Bachmann

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Written by Raven Clabough
Wednesday, 24 August 2011 15:35

The most recent Gallup poll of registered voters show President Obama very nearly tied with each of the top tier GOP presidential contenders. When put up against either Texas U.S. Representative Ron Paul, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, Texas Governor Rick Perry, or Minnesota U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann, Obama finds himself in what ABC News calls a “statistical dead heat.”

ABC gives the numbers:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney leads Obama by a 48 percent to 46 percent margin, while Texas Gov. Rick Perry ties the president at 47 percent. Obama bests Ron Paul by a 47-45 divide and Michele Bachmann by 48-44 split. All results are within a 4-point margin of error.

In polls pitting the President against a generic Republican candidate, the numbers were already close, but the recent Gallup findings indicate that regardless of the Republican — even though each of them espouses very different ideals in some cases — Obama is in trouble. The results seem to confirm the theory that voters may have one thing in mind in 2012: anyone but Obama.

Some of the reasoning behind the poll numbers is that the President’s approval rating on the economy is at an all-time low, and surveys indicate that the economy will be the top issue this election. In a Gallup poll last week, Obama’s approval rating on the economy stood at only 26 percent, while 71 percent disapproved of his performance.

According to Gallup, both Republican and Democrat respondents maintained strict party allegiance, though for the Democrats, it was more consistent in that they choose Obama regardless of who was named the GOP candidate. As for Republicans, however, there was some variation, depending on the candidate. The strongest Republican support — 92 percent — was for Mitt Romney, while only 82 percent opted for Ron Paul. Paul’s lower numbers can almost certainly be attributed to the mainstream media’s disregard of him as a legitimate Republican contender, including a virtual media black-out of him that prompted even liberal comedian Jon Stewart to call the media’s reporting into question.

Still, the new Gallup poll indicates that no GOP candidate can truly be ruled out, as Independents seem to lean in favor of Paul, Perry, and Romney against Obama. When Obama is measured against Bachmann, however, Independents opt for Obama.

ABC News notes that history shows that these numbers may well change over the course of the next year:

At this point in 1999, George W. Bush was crushing Al Gore in a Gallup match-up, but then barely beat him on election day. Bob Dole was in a dead heat with Bill Clinton in August 1995 before Clinton later beat him by eight points more than a year later. And, in the summer of 1979, Jimmy Carter was tied with Ronald Reagan before getting walloped at the ballot box in 1980.

President Obama’s overall job-approval rating sits at around 40 percent. Gallup reports on the significance of that figure:

This is below the rating that any of the six incumbent presidents re-elected since Eisenhower has had at the time of the presidential election. However, in August of the year before they were re-elected, Ronald Reagan (43%) and Bill Clinton (46%) were both below 50%.

What is ironic about that figure, however, is that more Americans say they would vote for President Obama, as shown in the polls against each Republican candidate, than say they approve of his job performance. Gallup believes that such a situation is possibly a “reflection of the continuing lack of a strong front-runner on the Republican side.”

Today’s Rasmussen Report Daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows that a mere 21 percent of voters strongly approve of Obama’s performance, while 44 percent strongly disapprove. According to Rasmussen, “the president trails a Generic Republican candidate by five percentage points,” and leads Congressman Ron Paul by a single digit, 39 to 38 percent. Against Sarah Palin, Obama leads by double digits. Rasmussen Report does not have current figures polling the President against Perry, Romney, or Bachmann, but should have those numbers by the end of the day.

Overall, Rasmussen shows 44 percent of voters somewhat approve of the President’s performance, while 56 percent somewhat disapprove.

Still, 2012 election numbers may be influenced by a variety of factors, including the possible addition of new GOP candidates: Some speculate that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and former New York Governor George Pataki may all soon join the fray.


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  1. August 25, 2011 1:56 pm

    Dear Fellow Citizens of America:
    Concerning new citizens under new “amnesty bill.”
    How can anyone believe it’s okay for illegals to receive social security for time not worked in the states; receive a larger social security check than those of us who worked in the states; or, to become a citizen without going through the process legally.
    It seems to me; our government respects people who didn’t earn their social security more than those of us who did.
    NOTE: There is information out there that social security is drying up, so how can our government pay social security to new citizens? Maybe the government is lying to us; it want be the first time.
    Now as for the mexican who says he wants to become a Catholic priest; maybe he should be allowed his mission (government could keep an eye on him if they’re concerned). If others can prove their life is at stake; then they should be alowed entry and citizenship (government can keep an eye on these people as well).

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