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Don’t Be a Military Worshipping Bootlicker

May 12, 2011
Like most of us, I honor the military for being in a place where they may risk all to defend the country, but when does national defense cross the line in conducting brutal wars of aggression?  Have we crossed the line already or can we as Americans even perceive when this happens?  What did German citizens think about the invasion of France during World War II?  I’ll tell you; many erroneously thought God was with them because Poland and France fell so quickly.
Praying Hitler
God gave to Israel an eye for an eye, but have you ever considered that an eye for an eye could be merciful?  We lost 3000 souls on 9-11-2001 and we are still taking vengeance on people in three different countries who had virtually nothing to do with the Sept. 11 attacks.  Even though the “official version” of 9-11 is flawed beyond credibility, we still are not satisfied with the price of 6000 eyes or even over 1.5-2 million eyes already put out as a result of US conflict.  Our globalist commandeers want millions of more souls to pay the price.  Not only do the bloodthirsty collectivists who have taken over America’s military (Project for a New American Century) push for a greater regional conflagration, I hear some plain folks crying out to kill them all and let God sort them out.  What, kill a billion brown people because someone thinks they don’t like us?  Should they like us, considering the ease with which we bomb, shoot and torture them?
Is it politically healthy to worship the military?  I think military worship is a very dangerous mindset that is programmed into us by manipulators on the false right.  They appeal to our pride, evoking a tear in the eye, and convince decent Christians that the murder of multitudes of foreigners under false pretenses is clean.   The Ten Commandments still stands and God will judge us by those words that say, “Thou shall not kill.”  That means we are commanded not to murder and the military or government is forbidden to take the place of God by overriding His commandments.  Some justify killing because of oil, but God has also commanded us not to covet what belongs to others.  Our money even reminds us, “In God we trust.”
Fallujah Untold Story – “Every person walking, talking or breathing was assumed to be an enemy combatant (target).”

The Constitution has provision for the “common defense” and to defend against invasion, but never to invade the homeland of others with whom we are at peace.  The founding fathers were not perfect, but most feared God and His judgment.  They also were wary of a giant standing army because its purpose is generally for invasion.  Do we assume God’s judgment will not come upon us for murdering so many innocent Muslims, like the judgment that came upon the house of King Saul for the slaying of the Gibeonites, who had a pact with Israel.  Yes, God cares for Muslims and He just might be in the process of exacting His punishment upon us.  In recent years, our military and CIA mercenaries have not killed in defense of America.  They have killed for political reasons at the command of globalists in the Council on Foreign Relations like Petraeus, McChrystal and Gates who control our “defense” department for the benefit of New World Order interests.
Gates – Notice Council on Foreign Relations on the wall?
Janet Napolitano – Head of Homeland Gestapo (Dept. of Homeland Security)
We worship an out of control armed forces at our own peril.  When the globalists turn the military against us, will our beloved soldiers shoot American citizens?  I once asked a Sergent Major this very question at a prayer breakfast and he replied he would do whatever he was commanded, without question.  He would totally disregard his oath to the Constitution.  Many honorable, lower level personnel might refuse such an order, but a majority of officers may consider pulling the trigger and using the flawed Nuremberg defense of the Nazi criminals.  They are programmed to eliminate the bad guy and when they are told you are the bad guy, you become the target.
I talked with an Iraq War veteran recently and he boasted how he loved to kill them.  The young lady at the next booth also spoke with glee at the hope she would someday go there to shoot some “bad guys.”  She had developed a thirst for blood by playing violent video games.  “Bad guy” is a relative term.  To the Pakistanis, Afghans or Iraqis, we are the bad guys because we are the violent, invading force.  Would we not think the same if the tables were turned? It’s not just the Democrats who embrace a culture of death, Republican leftists also love to shed innocent blood, through war.  Be assured, God’s judgment is coming.  Please pray for national repentance and log onto for more information. While there, search for “General Wesley Clark” and listen to his shocking admission, that the Mid-East wars were planned many years ago.
John K Rooney
Tri-Cities Liberty Alliance
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