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Green Environmentalism is a Power Grab

May 6, 2011
Written by Sue Long
Green Environmentalism should more accurately be called “A Power Grab.”

Almost all of those who promote “Green Environment” are well meaning good citizens. However, the power-hungry who have instigated the movement have other designs.

If a power-hungry person wants to control others, how can they go about it? They can’t just spell out their plan in plain terms, as others wouldn’t allow them to do that. It must be presented in a form that people will think it’s a good idea. So they mix in some good things along with the ones that are designed to take away the other’s freedoms.

So it is with the power-hungry promoters behind the Green Environment movement. Of course, any sensible person wants clean air and water. So that issue has been used to mislead good people into promoting programs that clearly are destructive to our economy, hamper the production of energy sources and limit every aspect of our daily life. .

By accepting scare tactics based on false statistics and premises, many have been sold a bill-of-goods, totally unaware of the harm that results. The rationale is that it is all necessary to “Save the Planet.”

Yet, scientific evidence abounds that Green Environmentalism is badly flawed. First it was Global Cooling, which was the battle cry some years back. But then, global temperatures began to rise, as they will do cyclically. So, then it was Global Warming until that wouldn‘t work when global temperatures started going down. Now it is Climate Change which will cover just about anything the powers-that-be want it to be.

By all means we need to be good stewards of the world we live in. But, to buy into draconian measures that destroy our freedoms based on a false premise serves neither humans nor nature.

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