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Shut it Down

April 8, 2011

I was once acquainted with a fine Christian woman who had an enlarged abdomen as if in late pregnancy.  She informed me that the distension was actually a benign tumor that had grown over time because she failed to have it removed when it was small.  Outside of a miracle, only a serious operation could rid her of the infirmity.      

Like this woman’s condition, our government has become great with a growth called socialism, which is absorbing the very life of the nation.  Its tentacles have reached into every home and so many of us have developed a dependence on this foreign body.  If ignored, the growth will eventually kill the host.  What to do?  I believe the most powerful solution is to allow the government to shut down, by not feeding it.

 Washington has no will to eliminate Marxist agencies and pull troops out of unconstitutional wars.  Allowing the government to shut down will force Congress to examine and eliminate wasteful bureaucracies and make the cuts necessary to save the country.  The federal government was created by the states, not to take care of us, police the world or become everybody’s nanny.  It was created with limited and defined powers and its greed for more control and power has landed DC into its current financial mess.  Citizens will adjust and learn to rely more on families and hard work instead of the government teat.  Spouses will choose to get along instead of replacing the breadwinner with government subsidies.  We will be forced to learn to trust God instead of collectivism.  Americans need the government to undergo this “operation.”  We can set back the advancement of socialism more than 60 years; furthermore, I believe this is exactly what the globalists fear.  Check out for more information about cutting the government, restoring liberty and sound economics.   

John K Rooney  

Tri-Cities Liberty Alliance

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