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April 5, 2011
 Gen. Carter Ham in Charge of Operation Odyssey Dawn in Libya 
America’s involvement in the Libyan Civil War is an impeachable offense for the president.  Only Congress has power to declare war, but Obama bypassed the representatives of the people and deferred to the UN for consent.  Here is a letter printed recently in the Progress Index: 
There is no need for a bicameral legislature, we have a dictator who can start a war of aggression against a nation that has been at peace with us.  There is no need for a Constitution that gives the Congress the power to declare war, not the executive branch.  We have a dictator-in-chief who can arbitrarily declare war and attack another country that has not conducted aggressive acts against us.  And again, why do we have a Congress, when the United Nations decides for us whether we go to war or not.  It took only a day for the UN to declare an act of war against Libya for the globalist forces to strike Libyan targets.  Instead of obtaining a declaration of war from Congress, we got the declaration of war from our presidential dictator, who received his orders from world government headquarters, the UN.  This is the same UN that is trying to foist the fraudulent, global carbon dioxide tax scheme upon the world.    
Let’s go further, what good is the press that is controlled by the Counsel on Foreign Relations?  They are all cheer-leading for the war and few, if any journalists with the big news agencies has even questioned whether it is Constitutional or legal to conduct this war.  Even neoconservative Republican shills who criticize our dictator for the slightest gaff, are spouting propaganda in favor of the illegal action.  Claiming to hold the banner of conservatism, they raise the standard of global empire, topped with an eagle.  An Americanized repeat of past fascist movements. 
It was the liberals shouting out warnings of dictatorship as President Bush made his signing statements and deceitfully pushed his pre-emptive war in Iraq.  A war that brought the right to die to over a million Iraqis and left a legacy of victims (US and Iraqi) suffering from the horrors of depleted uranium.  Bush set a precedent with pre-emptive war, Obama is taking it a step further by not even asking for Congressional approval.  Now, these liberals are silent because they trust their sock puppet’s “good intentions” to free the Libyan people.  Trust me, he is only following the orders of the globalist corporate elite, just like W.
Many of us love to be the armchair warrior, vicariously expressing our manhood with each Tomahawk missile strike.  Here is the modern-day gladiatorial event for the new Roman Empire and we want to see destruction and carnage.  Good thing there is the tea party, who supports the Constitution and sound Biblical principles.  Where is the tea party?  I sure hope someone sounds the alarm, because if you haven’t noticed, our government is operating like a fascist dictatorship.  JKR
Liberty Meeting scheduled for this coming Thursday 7PM at the Demolition Coffeehouse.  We will feature the Bill of Rights and study what protections are found in the first ten Amendments of the Constitution.  We’ll also talk about the upcoming tax day rally on April 18th in Richmond.  Please consider coming by and hanging out with TCLA activists.  Find out how you can make a difference.  Click on the link for more information.
Socialized medicine director dies while waiting for an operation.  Margaret Hutchon a former National Health Service Director had her scheduled stomach operations cancelled four times.  Another British woman dies from cancer after being refused treatment because she admitted she paid privately for medication to prolong her life.  Because of this, she was refused free health care.  A Swedish sufferer of MS was refused an expensive medicine because of its high price.  He was also prohibited from buying the medication himself because it would set a bad precedent and violate the principle of equal access to medical care for all.  What would they do, send in a SWAT team and double tap him in the chest if he bought his own drugs?  Click on the link for other horror stories of socialized medicine.

What a trillion dollars looks like on pallets ($100 bills). Click to expand.
10 TRILLION DOLLARS IN BAILOUT MONEY was provided by the Federal Reserve and much of these funds went to foreign banks.  Just recently, the Fed revealed by Supreme Court order, another series of emergency bailouts amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars and, at times, up to 70% went to offshore banks.  One bank, Arab Banking Corp. (partly owned by Muammar Kaddafi’s Central Bank) received bailout money and now we are dropping bombs on them.  The Bank of China also received funds along with Morgan Stanley.  Many of these loans charged virtually zero interest.  Congressman Ron Paul is planning a hearing regarding the foreign bailouts.
$4 Trillion in cuts over ten years proposed by GOP Paul Ryan – It sounds like a lot, but it’s still comes way short of what is really needed.  the plan also leaves intact gigantic socialist programs and our military empire that spends over a trillion dollars a year to be the world’s policeman (conqueror).  The proposal is a glimmer of light though, because it does show that someone is starting to take the budget issue with some seriousness.  Now, we should push to get some really meaningful cuts and dismantle the socialist framework that threatens to one day merge the US into a totalitarian global government.  Search under “cut government” for information about effectively cutting the government.
Al Qaeda: pawns of CIA insurrection from Libya to Yeman – Webster Tarpley pours out information about the complex mix of players in the Libyan conflict including the al Qaeda fighters who are now being helped by US forces and materials.  He points to a London Telegraph report of an al Hasidi, who sent al Qaeda fighters into Afghanistan to fight coalition forces and himself was captured there as a combatant.  Now he is our ally along with the al Qaeda forces he controls in Libya.
Al Qaeda’s Dark Secret Exposed:
European Commission announced it plans to ban all cars from city centers in 2050.  This will apply to all cities in Europe and it is intended to cut CO2 emissions by 60%.  Of course we know that the whole CO2 issue is a hoax and carbon dioxide is actually good for plants and wildlife, but the globalists are still pushing the scam in order to sell their version of a high-tech tyranny for the masses.  The ban is part of the “Planned-Opolis” agenda of New World Order socialism.
In 2009 Gaddafi proposed nationalizing Libyan oil.  This is what Iran did in the early 1950’s that provoked western powers.  Shortly thereafter, our CIA conducted acts of terrorism in Iran and overthrew their executive Mosaddeq.



Inflation and rising prices

Published: April 1, 2011

To the Editor:

We have heard the word inflation misused so often we just assume it to mean rising prices. But actually, inflation is the cause of rising prices. Inflation is an increase or inflation of money in the market place.

When government wants to spend money it doesn’t have, there are options as to how to come up with it. One is to float bonds; another is to borrow the money at the price of paying interest.

A third, in America at the federal level, is to print more money. That is the equivalent of me just taking my checkbook and writing in a deposit of however much I happen to want without making a deposit and the bank honoring it. Of course, I’m not able to do that – but our government does by putting more money in circulation. The result is the inevitable law of supply and demand. When there are fewer dollars vying for goods and services, prices go down; when there is more purchasing power, prices go up.

Right now we are facing a huge national debt, and we hear much about it being passed on to our children and grandchildren. And, certainly that is a concern. But it is wishful thinking that the effects won’t be felt before then. The printing presses are presently going full speed ahead to pay for what has been legislated and that is inevitably causing prices to rise. The results are more gradual and therefore more easily tolerated.

When gasoline prices go up quickly and dramatically, as they are now, people are, rightly so, concerned and eager to take corrective measures. But, when prices go up a little here and a little there, the tendency is to overlook it. Consider the automatic acceptance of “cost of living increases” as being inevitable. Why should that be? The reason for it is the inflation of our currency. We have only to look back in time at prices in years past to see the results. Just think of when a loaf of bread cost fifteen cents and a new car a few hundred. Of course, income was much less then, but inflation results in a loss in buying power along the way, and is detrimental to people on fixed incomes and the retired. If you are saving now for your retirement years, consider, at the present rate of rising prices, what will that money buy then?

Inflation is a hidden tax that we pay daily. And, run-away inflation is the hallmark of a collapsed economy.

Sue Long

North, Va.


A retroactive veto

Published: March 30, 2011


To the Editor:

The Defense of Marriage Act was passed by overwhelming bipartisan majorities in the House (342-67) and Senate (85-14) and signed into law by then-President Clinton, but President Obama by his declaration that this duly-enacted law is “unconstitutional,” has in effect created a retroactive veto canceling out this bipartisan law.

Where does the president get the authority to enact such a retroactive veto? Is this grounds for impeachment?

Dawna Lee

Mechanicsville, Va.


Collective bargaining in the public sector

Published: March 22, 2011


To the Editor:

Remember when President Obama introduced his “Stimulus Plan” that was supposed to create jobs and ease the stress on our economy? Did it do either of these? The true purpose of this plan, however, was to save the jobs of those who are members of public sector unions and create more funding for his re-election campaign through their union dues – with the emphasis on the latter. Where does the money come from that pays the salaries and dues of these people? Answer: your tax dollars. Do the union members know exactly where their Union dues are going? They should follow the money.

Currently, the various news media has been covering the dilemmas of several states that are out of money and can’t meet the salaries and benefits demanded by these unions. Therefore, the governors of these states have to make some serious budget cuts to balance their budgets. Public sector personnel make significantly more money and get more benefits than private sector personnel, yet they balk when asked to sacrifice in a budget crisis. These Public sector unions continue stating that the governor in Wisconsin is taking away their collective bargaining rights.

In reality, collective bargaining in the public sector is actually a conspiracy to steal money from taxpayers. I’m sure that there are many public sector union members out there that would take issue with this, but truth is just truth. In times of crises, we are all in it together, but these unions seem to believe that they are exempt.

Gary Allen

Colonial Heights

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