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Is Wealth Redistribution Immoral?

February 24, 2011

To some it may be a strange question, but there are many who have pondered this, as I have in the past. We know charity is the freewill giving of resources to the needy. Giving and lending to the poor is commanded by the scriptures but these acts of kindness are still up to the will of the donor. Coercion was not to be imposed on those who chose not to share. To those who refused to work, it is said they would not eat, and families were generally responsible for their own. This is the natural order of things.
Let’s go deeper. The Bible says, “thou shall not steal.” Well what does steal mean? To steal is to confiscate another’s property without their permission. According to the Good Book, thievery prevents passage to the streets of gold because it’s principles protect private property rights. In addition, everyone agrees stealing is wrong. It’s an important concept. Suppose, for example, in a model democracy 51 out of a 100 people voted to confiscate a car from each of the other 49 and give these items to their less fortunate. They would use force if necessary. Would it be morally acceptable to steal property from the minority because they intended to help others? Does being in a majority place one in a position to be godlike and justify actions that are normally criminal?
Some would say yes. Herein lies the difference between a pagan government and our Constitutional republic. In a pagan state, the king or government is as god and whatever the state decides, is sanctioned. Democracies can also be oppressive when the majority takes advantage of the minority by passing unjust laws, regardless of established moral standards.
Our republic was founded on biblical principles contained in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution that recognize our unalienable rights as coming from God and not the state. The right to own property was protected along with the right to life and liberty. Rights of minorities are also protected, however, unprincipled politicians have neglected the Constitution and gathered support to seize property from citizens for redistribution to others, including foreign nations. This is tyrannical and contrary to the notion of liberty itself, not to mention the Bill of Rights. Citizens who think they can hide behind popular opinion and promote redistribution of wealth through coercion are endorsing unrighteousness and a form of Marxian extortion.

To covet is to earnestly desire or lust after something possessed by others, like money. When people vote for candidates who support the taxing of one group in order to redistribute to themselves, they are coveting their neighbor’s property. This is decidedly evil in the sight of God, regardless of who condones it, and it breaks the last of the ten commandments.
John K. Rooney

Tri Cities Liberty Alliance
Petersburg, VA
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  1. Jackie Lee permalink
    February 24, 2011 8:01 pm

    When did wealth become a “distribution” thing anyway? There are always “have’s” and have not’s”. In countries like (Cuba and Soviet Union prior to the break up) the haves were government officials and the “have not’s” were everyone else. It’s happening in North Korea today. What we need to understand is the term “Corporatism” where government rules and regulations only benefit the major corporations and squeeze out small business owners. Another staggering statistic is comparing the “Lower Class” in America to the Lower Class” in other countries. On average, someone who is “Lower Class” by our standards has a television, car, place to live, cell phone, some form of entertainment system, and running water. Compare that to someone who is “Lower Class” in Cuba. There’s a reason people in other countries are willing to risk their lives traveling 90 miles through a rough ocean in a homemade raft or walk across a vast desert to come here.

  2. February 25, 2011 5:27 pm

    Good points Jackie. Giant corporations starting with international banks have no national loyalty, but instead push for an all powerful international government. It’s the power and control they lust for, and redistribution of wealth is a way to control more of humanities assets through statists middlemen, who in turn, are controlled by these same giant corporate interests.

  3. Michael Joswiak permalink
    March 24, 2012 12:40 pm

    There are certain extremely wealthy individuals who make their BILLIONS from companies whose policies are to limit most of their basic employees to part-time status. Even when employees request to work full time,( unless they are hired as managers ), full time work is refused them as a company policy. This is to maximize profits of those already worth multi-millions, if not billions. Wealth “re-distribution” is a moral issue of GREED! And greed is as much, or more of a sin as sexual immorality, because it affects those who are trying to do the right thing, such as earn more for their families. We’re not talking about small businesses, who are trying to gain footing for themselves against multi-national corporations,but some of the largest companies in the USA, who are taking advantage of working class Americans!

  4. March 24, 2012 10:45 pm

    Michael – There are other reasons besides greed why many companies try to hire on a part-time basis and these boil down to an artificially high cost of labor. When the cost of hiring help is too high, guess what? Companies that want to stay in business outsource production to places like China where labor prices are cheaper. If you’ve ever been in business, you know the hurdles that hinder the hiring of Americans on a full time basis. Excessive government regulations, cost of being a tax collector, compliance costs, unemployment insurance, FICA taxes, Workman’s comp payments, license fees and other impediments raise the cost of hiring employees and most of these requirements originate from the government. Solution: cut government regulations, taxes and give freedom a chance.

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